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  1. FICO 9 apparently thinks I can do no wrong. 850s every month per Penfed, while FICO 8s vary from 844-850, depending on "number of accounts with [statement] balances."
  2. Perhaps a bit more reliable and nuanced discussion of this: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2018/05/another-credit-freeze-target-nctue-com/#more-43713 Krebs says: "I was able to successfully place a freeze on my NCTUE report by calling their 800-number — 1-866-349-5355. The message said the NCTUE might charge a fee for placing or lifting the freeze, in accordance with state freeze laws"
  3. Weird, I don't recall Chase ever asking me to update income. They did ask when I first opened an account. Perhaps it's because I stated I was retired. OTOH, now that I'm retired my income varies all over the map. We're all different and get put in whatever boxes they think best describes their portfolio. It's not merely because you're retired. I am also and I have a notice on one of my Chase accounts (current line $25000): Update your income. Including your income on your account profile may qualify you for a credit line increase. Soft request, not required. Ha! Chase is not about to give me a CLI. I don't want one truly. I know Chase and at these levels on an an existing account Chase wants to see a real need for this. If I were the UW on my account, the decision would be easy: "No! Use more of your available line and then we can revisit the issue." You know it's sad when over the years I've learned to "think like an underwriter." LOL! Many times even harsher.
  4. While they can serve a writ on the bank thanks to Federal law the bank is REQUIRED to determine that the funds in the account are not exempt (which yours are) prior to freezing it or seizing the money. It is important to note that only 2 months worth of benefits are exempt from levy. The good news is the majority of people on disability are living month to month and do not have any excess money. As long as there is less than the equivalent of 2 months of benefits in the account and no co-mingled funds your money is safe. Yes, it is my understanding that what CreditsucksNot has pointed out is accurate. My only suggestion here is to look into your state's statues to see exactly what other assets you have, if any, may be protected. I live in Florida and all retirement accounts--not just Social Security--but pensions, annuities, etc are protected. In addition, homes have generous protection again seizure. There are reasons why "certain persons" with judgments against them have moved to Florida.
  5. OP - why are you using the Vantage 3.0 score (not a FICO score) which is what Chase Journey provides? You don't need any "debt" to achieve and maintain a very high FICO score. To me, debt is defined as not paying in full before the due date, thus carrying a balance. I've never carried a balance in my life and my FICO 08s are in the 844-850 range; for some reason always 850 for the FICO 09. The largest FICO drop I ever had was back in the days when I played the game of letting 1 card report some amount on the statement date (I can't be bothered with that anymore). One month I accidentally paid off all cards before the statement was issued. My FICO score dropped--IIRC--over 30 points.
  6. From Alliant: Beginning in Q4 2017, credit scores will be available for members that have frozen their credit The "credit scores" to which they refer are clearly marked as Vantage 3.0. I joined Alliant many years ago because they're a great hub account. Even then, they pulled Equifax FICO (do not recall version) merely for opening an account. I asked the CSR at that time about the credit pull and she confirmed it was a FICO pull, not the free score they offered. They now use Transunion FICO 09, at least they did for me a while ago.
  7. It seems every card in my roster of 8 has changed its online interface at some point in the recent past--and not for the better! I hate when they do that. I think we all must have missed passage of the Full Employment Act for Graphic Designers.
  8. Penfed stopped allowing people to PC? Yes. I've called them twice about this. I don't know when this policy was implemented. Believe me, if I could PC I would.
  9. Yes, the FICO website does offer auto-enhanced credit scores, one from each of the 3 major CRAs. I don't know if they are exactly the versions of what the dealers pull these days, but I'd bet that since they are true FICO scores, are auto-enhanced, they would either match what the dealers would pull, or, lacking that, would be the most accurate indication of what a dealer would pull one could get outside of actually going to a dealership.
  10. No more "offers" for me I'm afraid, at least not on CC. I'm in a "spot" with Penfed. I've had the account since 2006, have never asked for a CLI, but have taken whatever offers for this that came my way. For quite a while now I'm been at $50,000. It's on that unfortunate card, the Platinum Rewards Visa that gives cash back (actually "points") at a rate under 1% now that the points have been devalued. Can't PC at PenFed any longer. Would have to apply for another card, take whatever I'm given from the card I have, end up with two PenFed cards. No, I don't want that. In any case, there are no guarantees I would end up with the same total credit lines. Yes, I have an 850 FICO 09 per Penfed, but I likely do not have enough spending on their card for them to warrant total CC lines, at least these days, of $50,000. I seem to get that Penfed is a bit less generous with credit lines than in the past. That's okay. I'll continue to put a couple purchases on PenFed every few months to keep it alive, basically keep the card for window dressing and age.
  11. Yup. I get about $50 per six months knocked off by paying the entire invoice at once. The reduced amount does not entirely reflect savings on billing costs. Apparently insurance companies have found a significant correlation between paying invoices in full and fewer claims. Source: my insurance agent.
  12. I got that same notice from Amex, same reason. My FICO per their letter was 848. Same general letter from Chase! Same reason. I don't recall what the Chase APR change entails, don't care. I PIF.
  13. Beachgal

    Chase CC

    Guys - I cannot believe that no one has chimed in to say that except for the Slate card, Chase's "free credit score" is not a FICO score. From Chase: "Get your VantageScore® 3.0 credit score powered by TransUnion®. It's free." The last time I checked, Discover does provide a true FICO score (Experian FICO 8) and one does not have to hold their card.
  14. "Exciting times ahead for the Amazon loss prevention team. Salamanders will try to exploit it." They may have a more difficult time than they imagine. Today's Times has an article on Amazon Go--it's a bit more comprehensive. "Actual shoplifting is not easy at Amazon Go. With permission from Amazon, I tried to trick the store’s camera system by wrapping a shopping bag around a $4.35 four-pack of vanilla soda while it was still on a shelf, tucking it under my arm and walking out of the store. Amazon charged me for it." "Amazon’s technology can see and identify every item in the store, without attaching a special chip to every can of soup and bag of trail mix." https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/21/technology/inside-amazon-go-a-store-of-the-future.html?ref=todayspaper
  15. "Chase Credit Journey offers a free FICO score & credit report. VantageScore® 3.0 credit by TransUnion" No. A mutually exclusive statement. Chase Credit Journey is NOT a FICO score. Yes, it is a VantageScore. Please don't confuse the two.
  16. The banner ad that greeted me on this site today was...CRIME SCENE CLEANUP. Really?
  17. Is there a specific reason you're not applying for the Chase Amazon card which also gives the same 5%?
  18. Yes, my understanding also. What I'm curious about is why other credit issuers don't request this info. With me, the only one who does so is Barclay (question arises every time I log in, since forever) saying they use the info for consideration of CLIs. Not interested, so I've always skipped this question and have had no comment from Barclay. If they press the issue, yes, I'll give them what they want. I have 7 cards and a bank LOC and only two of those issuers have relatively recent info on my income. The others go back 8-18 years with no income updates from me. Perhaps some creditors use indirect means of estimating income, but I wonder if this is precise enough information to satisfy the regs.
  19. Does the Experian service also include the other FICO scores, such as FICO 9, the auto-enhanced and mortgage scores that MyFICO provides?
  20. I totally believe this. The author could have used a more precise term than "platinum" to refer to a supposedly high status card. AFAIK, there are some "platinum" cards that are suitable for rebuilders, no?
  21. If you are ordering online, be certain to have your Pupillary Distance measurement as you will be asked. It is not always on your prescription because that measurement is normally the responsibility of the optician, not the optometrist or ophthalmologist. Yes it is important. You may get mysterious headaches if not correct. I got mine by just asking the optometrist who then took a measurement. Supposedly you can determine the PD measurement yourself, but that is not for me. Yes, 39 Dollar Glasses and Zenni Optical are both good.
  22. OP - You can get current auto-enhanced scores (for both FICO 8 and FICO 9) from MyFico plus all the usual other scores, such as mortgage and bankcard-enhanced. From one bureau it is 19.95 and from all three bureaus it is 59 and change or thereabouts. Yes, it is a bit pricey but these scores are what most auto lenders will be looking for. You just need a one-time pull so you know where you stand, not ongoing credit monitoring from this particular site. The auto-enhanced FICO scores on MyFico range from 250-900.
  23. https://www.costco.com/Japanese-Wagyu-Boneless-Ribeye-Roast%2C-12-lbs.product.100311435.html No, I have never tried it from this source, but I tend to believe it's the real deal. These specially-raised beef live a very good life until...the end. They get daily massages, listen to soothing music and are fed beer to help with the marbling.
  24. You need to update. My Alliant Savings shows Current Annual Percentage Yield 1.05 %. Best I've seen for day-to-day savings. For better rates you need to go to CDs. I have no knowledge of this or any product from Alliant connected to Synchrony. I would not tolerate this. I'm not a masochist.
  25. Another vote for Uber! Having lived in NYC all my adult life, I believe I am well-qualified to compare the taxi drivers there to Uber--the latter I started using quite recently. NYC taxi drivers are just something you put up with. I have many tales to tell. I'm now in the Tampa Bay area and do drive, but on my trips to a retinal surgeon some 20 miles away I use Uber because the drops used in my eyes render my vision way too blurry for me to drive safely. So far, I've gotten a teacher who drives part-time; an off-duty police officer; a local business owner; a newbie to the area who is evaluating job offers. All of them say what they value in Uber is the freedom to drive on their own schedules without having to commit to specific time slots. I ignore Uber's policy of no tipping. Sorry, it's in my DNA. Oh yes, fares are ultra reasonable. Way below the local taxis here.

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