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  1. frokey

    How Long Should I Wait Between Credit Apps?

    Thanks Zanshiro! I'll take a look now
  2. frokey

    How Long Should I Wait Between Credit Apps?

    Thanks PotO! I’m not military, so how would I qualify for an account?
  3. frokey

    How Long Should I Wait Between Credit Apps?

    Thanks muso! Just got a score boost from clearing off an old collection, so hopefully I won't have as hard a time getting approval. Can only afford 3 figures right now on a secured though.
  4. frokey

    How Long Should I Wait Between Credit Apps?

    Thanks ccn3! Any preference between the two, or specific recommendations?
  5. Hi all! Trying to rebuild credit and I currently have no revolving accounts, which according to CS and CK is greatly affecting my score (low 600's). I applied for a CapOne Platinum back in January (the 10th I think), but was declined. At the time, I had no checking account which I now have thanks to the advice and suggestions from you guys Anyway, I'm wondering how long I should wait before trying again with another card, and whether I should do multiple apps at a time. Also not opposed to store cards (which may be easier to get approved for) or secured cards. I'll try my best to answer any questions you guys might have. As always, thanks for your help!!
  6. frokey

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Hey guys! Thanks so much for all of the advice. I just setup an account with Renasant without a hitch!
  7. frokey

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Thanks tmcgill!!!
  8. frokey

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Thanks Whall!
  9. frokey

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Hey Tmcgill! Thanks for replying. I'm in Byram, MS right outside of Jackson. I think I looked at Chime, but it seemed like they only accept direct deposit which I don't have with my employer. Am I wrong about that? As far as second chance accounts go, it seems like Wells Fargo has a pretty good one with the only restriction being no mobile deposits.
  10. frokey

    Should I pay OC or CA?

    Thanks a lot Glacier! That's what I needed to know!
  11. Hey all! I've been without a checking account for a few years after having my accounts seized by the state tax dept. I didn't reach out to explain or work out payment agreements as I should have, and my accounts (at the time with Regions) were subsequently closed with balances. Since then, I've been operating off of a long held savings account with a local credit union and an AMEX Bluebird account. I started to see how problematic it was not having a checking account when I went through the difficult (but successful) process of purchasing a home at the end of October 2018, and then again in January 2019 when I tried applying (unsuccessfully) for a credit card. It had been so long since I applied for one, I didn't realize they even asked the question of having a checking account. Not saying that was the sole factor (sitting on about a 615 score), but I'm sure it didn't help to not have one. Anyway, I've tried to obtain a checking account with my credit union, but they said I'd need to clear up the old account with Regions first. I have a UTM (Uniform Transfer to Minor) savings account with BancorpSouth for some benefits my daughter receives (a story for another post). The old Regions accounts were an issue with trying to open that account too, but I spoke with the branch manager and she approved it on recommendation from a good friend of mine who also works for them in another division. In addition, I have my mortgage with BancorpSouth which was established about a month after I opened the savings. My question is, does having those two accounts (mortgage and savings) make it easier or more likely for me to be able to open a checking account there? Or am I basically looking at second chance accounts right now? I'm also willing to go the longer route of making payment arrangements with Regions to at least show that it's been paid. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as much background information as I could.
  12. frokey

    Should I pay OC or CA?

    I have a few baddies on my report that I'd like to take care of to help improve my scores. Two small ones (right at $200 combined) are from Credit Collection Service on behalf of Progressive, and Diversified Consultants on behalf of Comcast. There's one other large one (over $1k) from TBF Financial, but I'm thinking about leaving it alone because of its age (opened in 2013, date of status: 11/2013, on record until: Dec. 2018 - from Experian) My question is should I reach out to the original creditors to pay/settle, or should I communicate with the collection agencies?
  13. frokey

    Best Cards for Rebuilding Credit

    I'll try to pull or obtain a copy of my report as soon as possible and report back. The score my bank used at the time(September) was a 621 which was very close to the the CS/CK numbers. I'm aware of the following: 3 charge-offs from 2015 3 collections totalling around $1320 (oldest and largest opened in 2013) 1 auto loan in good standing (since Aug. '16) 1 mortgage loan in good standing (since Oct. '18). I settled a couple of accounts in lead up to the home purchase and need to make sure those are reflected correctly on the reports. As I said in the original post, I currently have no active revolving credit accounts. Good idea whipster. I'll reach out today.
  14. I'll keep this brief and to the point, but PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask for more details! I just purchased a home at the end of October, so I'd been holding off on any unnecessary activity until that was done. I currently have no credit cards, store or otherwise. What are some good card options with good approval odds? Currently sitting at 617 (TU) and 623(EQ). These are CK numbers. Thanks!!
  15. frokey

    Need Help Starting Over

    Cool! The last one (CITI/CBNA) is just closed but had no negative marks. Should I seek to remove it as well? Absolutely! Just want to do things in the right order. But I'm open to ALL advice!

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