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  1. Letter from Citi saying that I may have incorrectly received a message stating I didn't qualify for their card due to a system error and that I may still pre-qualify for a Citi card. Go figure lol
  2. Hey all! My washing machine just went out, so I need to get a new one. I have the money, but since I’m trying to rebuild my credit, I was wondering if I should try for one of those 12/24 month interest free deals at one of my local appliance stores to add another positive line. What do you think?
  3. Hey everybody! I recently paid an old CA directly to the OC. How long should I expect to wait before the payment is reflected on my reports? (Official reports and monitoring services: CK, CS, etc.) P.S. On a totally different note, I just got approved for a CapOne Platinum with a $1K limit and no annual fee in response to a pre-approval letter. I had just applied about a month ago and was denied, so I almost didn't pull the trigger. It's my first card in a looong time, so I'm pretty excited about it even with the crappy APR lol. Where do we post approvals on here to maybe help someone else? Thanks again!
  4. Update: I called and was able to pay it directly to them. Thanks again for your guidance!
  5. Thanks Centex! It's the remaining balance of an unpaid premium and nothing to do with any losses. I'm about to try and login to see what happens. The collection letter is at home, so I'll have to wait until this evening to look at that.
  6. Quick question... I've got an old Progressive bill that's been passed off to collections. I'm ready to pay it, but I'm wondering if I should reach out directly to Progressive or go through the collector. It's currently on my credit report...
  7. Thanks Zanshiro! I'll take a look now
  8. Thanks PotO! I’m not military, so how would I qualify for an account?
  9. Thanks muso! Just got a score boost from clearing off an old collection, so hopefully I won't have as hard a time getting approval. Can only afford 3 figures right now on a secured though.
  10. Thanks ccn3! Any preference between the two, or specific recommendations?
  11. Hi all! Trying to rebuild credit and I currently have no revolving accounts, which according to CS and CK is greatly affecting my score (low 600's). I applied for a CapOne Platinum back in January (the 10th I think), but was declined. At the time, I had no checking account which I now have thanks to the advice and suggestions from you guys Anyway, I'm wondering how long I should wait before trying again with another card, and whether I should do multiple apps at a time. Also not opposed to store cards (which may be easier to get approved for) or secured cards. I'll try my best to answer any questions you guys might have. As always, thanks for your help!!
  12. Hey guys! Thanks so much for all of the advice. I just setup an account with Renasant without a hitch!
  13. Hey Tmcgill! Thanks for replying. I'm in Byram, MS right outside of Jackson. I think I looked at Chime, but it seemed like they only accept direct deposit which I don't have with my employer. Am I wrong about that? As far as second chance accounts go, it seems like Wells Fargo has a pretty good one with the only restriction being no mobile deposits.

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