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  1. It seems like my transmission is going. Im going to have it looked at this week. On top of this I have almost every dash light on, need brakes and tires. Im not sure if its worth fixing at 110 miles. I dont know what to do. Would a score of 590 get me into a cheap new ford or chevy? My trade in might be worth $1000 if im lucky. Has anyone got any suggestions or feedback? How much would I need to put down? My score is bad due to some lates and delinquencies.
  2. still no card or letter. I wonder if they are waiting to print the new designed card? wishful thinking!
  3. I know. I have read about how they close cards. How long did it take to receive your card?
  4. Still have not received anything. I called and all they tell me is they dont see an account for me in the system yet and that my app is still processing because further info is needed and that I will be hearing from them shortly. I called two times and they seem very perplexed that I have not heard anything yet. That is coming from the new accounts department. Can they tell me if I was declined over the phone?
  5. lol. who gives a beep about the name. so I guess the 2 week notice is not good. oh well.
  6. I just applied for the Total Rewards card. The App said I can expect a reply by mail within 2 weeks. Is that genuinely good or bad? Im excited to get this card :(
  7. I typically always pay on time but missed a payment on discover. Since this is rare event for me I called up and asked them if they could remove it, and was told they never remove late fees and could not help me as it was my fault. I think the fee was $34! Anyone have any luck in getting discover to remove a late fee?
  8. I am overlimit about 1500$ with my chase southwest card. I was wondering if I must pay the minimum due plus the over-limit amount? Or can I pay the minimum?
  9. Thanks! I just noticed that..... Ill be paying alot more then I had expected then.
  10. I wont be charged an outrageous rate on the overlimit amount?
  11. I have had no loving from them in years. They lowered me many times. I rather not call . I typically go over the limit with them all the time but I have not carried a balance in months. This month is tight.
  12. Im currently over the limit by 900$ on my discover card. I plan on making a payment of 500$. My statement says the min payment is 60$, which I find is odd since im over my limit. I just want to make sure that if I am not hit with any extra fees by not bringing the account below the limit. Is this ok? I have been paying this card in full for the past 4 months.
  13. The only way to stop it is to close the account so they can not get access to it anymore.
  14. I have started doing that with my Discover cards. When do Chase/Citi report? I understand BOA view, but I dont think closing an account is justified based on my account history and that I have always had high utl(but no AA). They had all year to close my account if they wanted. Why not lower my credit to 500$ and take it from there? That is a small risk for someone that is profitable(swipe fees and carried a balance for a few months).
  15. After speaking with BOA, they did indeed close the account. They did not like my high ult. Nothing has changed for me. I carry low BT offers....CS even said Ive been a great customer since 2007 and mostly paid in full with no lates. I also explained I do 30k a month on Amazon/ebay and alot of cards I do PIF but they are not reported as such because I use them so fast they do not get the chance to get reported with 0 balance. I dont know if the answer was No already but after the rep heard that She said she can not reopen the account at this time. I dont know if my wording had any effect on the
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