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  1. spence

    Is this legal?

    I had signed a credit card agreement, but after his "nutcase" evaluation and overbilling, I submitted a dispute with the credit card company. He refused to correspond wtih the credit card company ref the dispute, so the credit card company took the disputed amount back from his savings account. (Naturally this angered him, but he billed me for items he never did such as appointments we never made! He ruled my ex should have custody because he could provide each child with their own bathroom and this would be very good for the children's self-esteem. I'm not kidding, he really put this in his evaluation!) Psychologist then contacted the court as the judge had ordered the evaluation, and I was stuck with half of the bill. I'm not trying to get out of the bill, I've been paying him every month except this one time I was late!
  2. During our divorce, I was ordered to pay half of the bill for the court ordered psychologist for the children. I've been making payments on it--as court ordered, but the psychologist wanted his money all at once. Judge said no, I was to make monthly payments. The psychologist was very upset with this court order. The court order was through our divorce--the psychologist NEVER sued me in court, and never got a judgement. I was late on last month's payment--by three weeks! Today, I got a letter that the psychologist is going to report my late payment to the credit reporting agencies for being three weeks late? He should be happy I've been making these payments and am almost done! Can he report this late payment??? I don't believe he can, as he has not obtained a judgment and was not a "party" to the divorce.
  3. Until the courts are responsible for their actions, child support shouldn't be reported. I'm living proof of this. My exhusband paid for some of our childrens' orthodontic treatment, $3,000. My exhusband knew I was in the process of buying a home and decided to get revenge by preventing my purchase of the home. When my exhusband submitted the bills, for me to pay my share, he signed UNDER THREAT OF PERJURY that he had not been reimbursed by our insurance companies. In fact, he had received more than $3,000 towards the childrens' orthodontic work, but decided to not tell the court about the money and just keep it! He wanted me to pay my share, and be able to keep the extra insurance money! I asked for a hearing and disputed the medical bills. By law, the court could not take action against me until a judge decided if I owed any money. My exhusband asked the child support unit to take enforcement action, (he didn't want to wait for the hearing!) and incredibly they did. The child support unit told me I had 30 days to pay my share of the orthodontic bills or they would report me to a credit reporting agency. They did start garnishing my check! I immediately filed a motion with the Circuit Judge, who advised me no collection action could be taken against me since no judge had said I owed the money. He was surprised when I disclosed that extensive action had already occurred. He immediately signed a court order to stop the garnishment and credit reporting. After I served this order on the child support unit, they seized my taxes and wanted to suspend my driver's license!! I went back to court but the court didn't want to take any action until both sides could be heard--several months in the future!! I wouldn't be able to work without a driver's license! I finally went to my exhusband's attorney and explained the truth to him, and what I intended to do if enforcement action continued. We finally stipulated to stopping enforcement action since my exhusband's attorney agreed that I wasn't responsible at this time for the medical expenses! We are finally set for court in two weeks. I'm asking for sanctions (money) from my exhusband as I had to pay attorney fees; motion fees; lost work, etc. Yes, my exhusband is thrilled at what he caused. No action can be taken against the child support unit for what they did. However, I am still adamant that he will reimburse me for my expenses for what he did! As for the house, I lost it because no mortgage company wanted to loan me money when I was facing enforcement action! As for owing for the orthodontic expenses, my exhusband has continued to keep the insurance money; I'm paying the orthodontic bills now and he's asking for me to reimburse him! The child support unit refuses to admit their mistake or apologize. They will be in court with us, and I will put the child support unit boss on the stand and have him explain what occurred and why they decided to collect money from me without a court order--which is illegal. This is a prime example why child support should not be reported to a credit reporting agency. I'm now renting an apartment until this matter is settled.
  4. spence


    I'm buying a house that was for sale by owner. I tried using a realtor, but never found a house I liked that I could afford. Driving home each day I found a house I liked for sale by owner. The owners didn't want to pay a realtor and they weren't very good selling it. It had been for sale for a long time. Finally I checked into the house and the owners were so desperate to sell I got an excellent price! They were trying to buy a house they wanted but nobody would accept their purchase offer since they still had this home. It's important to do research. It's a small town and the city manager, a friend of mine, knew the whole history on the house. I also had it inspected and the inspector (another friend) told me it was a great deal. It's certainly harder dealing with the for sale by owner homeowners. With a realtor you see just the house and get down to business. I had to deal with the homeowner being nostalgic, wanting to talk about leaving, etc. It's even harder if they're unaware of how the selling process works. I had to explain many things in the purchase/buying process to them. (I've bought and sold several homes before). Make sure you have your own attorney review everything before signing anything.
  5. I'm also interested in this topic. I've been preapproved and applied for the mortgage, but I told the mortgage broker that some of the costs were "Garbage" fees (I didn't use that term). He agreed to "negotiate" to have some removed. What fees are necessary? I'm in Michigan. I realize the flood cert, appraisal, taxes, recording fees, title insurance are legitimate. I'm questioning things like "document preparation fee". $350 seems a lot to print forms off the computer since the lender already has loan fee, etc. The seller has already agreed to pay for all documents required at closing, except for my mortgage documents.
  6. You might Get a copy of all BK's filed on the erroneous date from the court and send it to them to prove you didn't file a BK that date. Don't tell them that you really filed a BK on another date.
  7. I'd be talking to the hospital and asking them why they're going after you? Maybe they think you are the actual father since some wives have different names than their husband and kids, etc. If you didn't sign for him, you haven't had any court action, and no other special circumstances, you don't owe on him. My kids have a stepmom, she's not responsible for any medical bills of our kids and doesn't even have to let my kids use her insurance. UNLESS she signs at the hospital that she agrees to pay. When I take the kids to the hospital, I refuse to sign the forms as my exhusband is responbile for most of the bills. Hospital doesnt care, they know they can go after both parents. REMEMBER--you are not this child's father and you are not responsible for any expenses of this child.
  8. I have HH, but didn't get the letter. Wouldn't tell them anyways.
  9. When Stepson was taken to doctor/hospital, whatever, who signed the forms? If you took him, you may have inadvertently signed that you were responsible. However if you did agree to it, your liability would only be for that particular bill. In Michigan, you don't owe for your stepson's medical bills, except as above, or if the judge has granted you custody and or executor status (such as wife was ill, or unable to care for him, etc.)but that would be a rare situation.
  10. Blanche, My state does all the things you mentioned. However, I don't agree with credit reporting since the courts make so many mistakes in reporting people. In my case, I was reported for back child support--except there was one problem--I DIDN'T OWE THE MONEY. The child support office refused to stop the credit reporting, insisting they were right. I had to get an several emergency court orders from the judge--who stated I couldn't be reported to a credit reporting agency since I didn't owe the money. DUH! Stupid child support office actually reported me because my exhusband stated I owed him back child support and asked them to report me. Should have checked their records! I'm still in court over this matter--someone owes me for all the motions I had to pay for to stop this stupidity. Funny thing is, my exhusband owes me money, but they don't go after him! (We both have to pay child support to each other. Court can't figure out how to take the difference out of just one person!)
  11. I wondered if your BK was over 7 years old. I'm disputing my BK due to errors in it. I'm slowly getting the IIB accounts off too. I don't think it matters much whether you attack the IIB first or BK. Someone else will chime in I'm sure and give more advice. Many have had the BK removed just by being a pain and regularly disputing it.
  12. When was the BK filed?
  13. My son was rejected for the military==at age 15--he never signed up! Someone he must have gotten on someone's list. I constantly get preapproved home equity loans--I rent.
  14. Thanks for all the posts. I usually give people a chance after getting out of prison, but it's obvious he will do it again. He admitted to me he did it, but it wasn't his fault????? I couldn't wait to get him out of the office. I just wanted to find out what happened to people's credit in a situation like that.
  15. He's full of it. The question isn't "can he" but "will he"? Depends on how bad they want their money, and how much money and trouble they are willing to go through to keep the charge off on the account. Send a letter to Chase, asking for PFD. Stay off the phone. Get the offers in writing. Once you pay, it's even harder to get off!!!! Employees at Chase are in training to work for Experian. I'm disputing a 120+ late with them. They have me 120 days late paying zero, that's right, I'm late to pay them nothing. Just sent an ITS

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