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  1. That sounds like a secured version of it. Mine was an unsecured. Interesting.
  2. I thought I would bring this old thread back rather than start a new one.... I have an OpenSky that I got back in March and have increased the limit on with more money over that time ($3K limit now). I couldn't get approved for any other secured cards or decent cards so I just received a Surge card. $500 unsecured, the fees sucks, but for someone like me, I was just looking for something that reported to all 3 major CRA. To me that's what matters in fixing my credit, at this point. In a couple years I'm sure I'll cancel it, and the limit so low I'll hardly use it. I'm also the kinda guy that always pays in full prior to even my statement being cut. Does anyone have any tips on when and how to best ask for a CLI on this card? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I did the $3K max and proceeded to run $2,500 up on it last billing cycle and I paid it off in full, as I plan to each month.
  4. I have zero open lines of credit right now except for a new OpenSky secured CC from Capital Bank that I opened last month. My first OK payment just reported this month. I'm in the middle of fixing my credit. I still have 4 collections and thankfully I have several closed accounts that had perfect payment history still reporting. My question, it looks like OpenSky allows you to have multiple secured credit cards with them. Would it be a good idea, considering my circumstance, to open a second account with them just to have 2 open lines of credit both reporting OK? These don't report as secured on my reports but since they are from the same bank, would there be zero point? Thanks!
  5. Actually, I read multiple places online that you can increase it by adding to your security deposit up to the $3,000 max.
  6. OpenSky approved me no problem. I'm going to do the max $3,000 so it helps me as much as possible. Thanks!
  7. I looked at Discover and they say their secured card is for building, not rebuilding credit. Also, I had a card with them that went into default 5 years ago as well. Never had a WF. Maybe I just need to wait another couple years 😕
  8. I applied for a Capital One secured yesterday after making this post, and was denied. I don't think I'll even bother with the B of A secured if it's harder to get. Maybe the Wells Fargo secured?
  9. I just reopened a checking account with B of A and would like to apply for my first secured CC with them. However, on my CRs I still have my old credit card from them over 5 years ago showing that I had to walk away from. What are the chances they will approve me for a secured card after this amount of time still having a Derogatory Collection/Chargeoff showing for them? I was going to try and go for $2,500 secured so they feel warm and fuzzy about it. Are they like what I read about Capital One being, where they will give you a second chance no problem? Or are my chances so slim that I shouldn't waste the inquiry? Thanks!
  10. They did this for me over a month ago via phone. I received the confirmation letter it was gone from all reports in less than a week.
  11. It was of course by snail mail and using the template that's been on this site for 10+ years that I've used in the past.
  12. It doesn't show charged off but shows "in collection" and is being reported by a 3rd party CA. It was 5 years ago that I walked away from it losing my job. Do you think that may still qualify me? For that matter, Discover offers a secured card too. It does show charged off and Discover is the one still reporting it. 5 years old just like the CapOne tho, think they would have me back? I also found that Citi offers a secured card so I was thinking about calling them to apply for the unsecured and doing their secured if I'm denied.
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