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  1. I live in Texas and my house was assessed @ 460K. My tax rate is 2%, so my yearly taxes are $9200. The 20% Homestead Exemption brings the value down to 368K with taxes of $7400, a yearly tax savings of $1800. I was able to do the exemption online.
  2. 25K to 31K on my Hilton Hhonors card and 7K to 9K on Double Cash card with a $3900 balance reporting at the 0% intro. The cards have different logins.
  3. This isn't true if it is a conventional loan unless something has changed in the last 2 years. We live in Texas and our mortgage is just in my wife's name. My credit, income, & debts were not used but my name is on the title.
  4. If it is US Bank or a credit union card through Elan Financial they report the end of the month balance instead of the statement date balance.
  5. Not sure about the Experian FICO but my Equifax 08 FICO is 817 and Transunion 08 is 775. I think Experian is around 775. Utilization at 9%.
  6. I just got an an instant approval of 23500. 0% intro interest rate for 6 months and then 9.24%.
  7. I used online chat to close my Hilton HHonors card and reallocate the limit to my BCP just this week. They kept $500 on the Hilton but the entire process was completed in 5 minutes and the new limit showed up immediately on my BCP but both cards were over 13 months old.
  8. In Austin, Tx that 500K home would cost you at least 530K in 6 months.
  9. Banks: Amex (3) Barclay (2) BOA (2) Cap 1 (2) Citi (2) Chase (3) Discover (1) U S Bank (1) Wells Fargo (1) Credit Unions: RBFCU (1) A+ (1) Store: Synchrony (4) DFS (Dell) (1) Shell (1)
  10. RBFCU has a BT offer on both new & existing cards for 8 months at 0% and no bt fee.
  11. This is true. When Score Watch updated to EQ 08 from 04 I was notified by email about the change and given a free credit report. My Equifax score increased from 741 to 785 with the change to 08.
  12. Within the last 6 months I cancelled 2 Cap 1 cards when the annual fee was due. The annual fee on my last Cap 1 card is due this month so I decided to try the EO since the card is over 12 years old. They upgraded the card to a Quicksilver and waived the annual fee for this year and increased the CL from $1500 to $10K. I'll try again next year on the annual fee.
  13. You mean you didn't pay back the $1500 advance the next day with all your winnings?

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