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  1. In that type of scenario I would walk and say I'll come back Monday morning when you can get Cap One on the phone (I also expect it's BS). I don't have a problem with them running multiple lenders over a few days - think I read anything in the 14 day window is normally considered a single hard inquiry...
  2. Thanks Marv...we're looking at Jeep products and they seem to have some good incentives which will help too. Haven't purchased a NEW vehicle in years so hoping it goes well lol.
  3. I've been researching used and new vehicles over the past few months while also waiting for some credit cleanup to fall off reports (going good so far). To get some sort of ideas as to what we'd qualify for I've been using the Cap One pre-qualification website. I just re-did it again (since our last approval had expired), and now I'm finally seeing rates in the mid 7's on a new vehicle. For us that's a pretty decent rate, considering our last financed vehicle was over 11% (on a used vehicle) 3 1/2 years ago. I know it's still high but I don't think we're quite breaking 600 yet (haven't checked true FICO scores recently). We plan to purchase in the next 60 days so if anything scores should possibly go a bit higher...just wondering how accurate the Cap One pre-quals are? When we go to purchase I'll apply at a local CU and then also let the dealer finance us (just see who can get us the best rate). Just wondering if I can rely on the Cap One rate as a high water mark? If so it makes the vehicles we're looking at more affordable. Thanks!
  4. swallman

    Whose credit score will be used?

    Well that's a good question...I doubt she would be able to qualify for the loan just based on her income, so I assume either I need to be primary or at least secondary?
  5. So we're going to be shopping for a new (used) vehicle in the next couple of months...currently my wife has a credit score (fako) that appears to be about 40-50 points higher than mine. However, I make over double her income so would need to be included for financing. I'm working on getting my score up as well but hers still might be higher... How does that normally work for financing? Will they go by highest score, lowest? Or can she just put the loan in her name but include my income somehow? We can document all income (W2's). Thanks.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been on the board for a number of years but haven't needed to do anything for years...unfortunately I fell into some bad habits and have a number of misc. open collections on my CR. Nothing major from a $$ wise that I can't pay, just got lazy. So, what's the best approach to get them handled and get my scores higher? In the past Pay to Delete used to be an option but it doesn't sound like that much anymore? If I just pay them outright, will it be a significant improvement to my scores? (Although it would be nice to not get random phone calls from misc. agencies LOL)
  7. swallman

    Looking for suggestions...

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone...I did find a vehicle that would work out for us (and priced at $ 11,983). Just waiting for the check to arrive!
  8. swallman

    Looking for suggestions...

    That is what a salesperson suggested to me at another dealership actually...basically as long as there is no prepayment penalty pay off the loan ASAP correct ?
  9. Just totalled my Mazda CX-7 last week (went off road in snow and rolled it over)... So now have a settlement of approx. $ 12,000 from insurance. Looking at a 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac w/110,000 miles (have an older Sport Trac and like them) but look to be about $ 2,000 short. Credit is crap (don't even want to pull scores), but mortgage and car payments always on time, just lots of lates on credit cars and high utilization. So from what I've been told most banks won't finance a couple thousand dollars...so do I pay like 50% down and try to finance the rest (and use the rest of the cash to apply to higher interest CC debt that we have) ? Will a lender take me ? Best to work through dealer or otherwise ? Thanks in advance...
  10. swallman

    Help with Citicard

    I got transferred to someone in "Escalation", but he wouldn't allow me to talk to anyone above him.
  11. swallman

    Help with Citicard

    BUMP...any ideas out there ?? Thanks.
  12. swallman

    Help with Citicard

    About a year ago I signed up for a payment arrangement with Citicard (fixed payments each month, 9.9% interest, payoff in 48 months, due on the 8th). They initially setup 12 months of automatic payments. I didn't realize this and missed the December payment. When I found out in early January, I made 2 payments to get current. Last week on the 8th I realized my payment was due. I called customer service to make a payment over the phone and she said since I was past their "cutoff" time of 5 PM EST (it was about 5:30), the only way to make sure a payment posted on time to keep my payment arrangement in place was to use my debit card (which I did). The payment on my statement shows a date of 2/8. Today however, I received a letter from Citicard indicating that my payment arrangement had been terminated. I called to ask why and they said it was because my payment was posted AFTER 5 PM (even though it shows posted on the 8th). I think it's a bunch of BS that the payment shows posted on the 8th but they didn't consider it on-time. Anyone know who else I can contact at Citicard or any suggestions ? I went as high as the person on the phone said I could go to get it reinstated.
  13. swallman

    Back again (sigh)...

    Hi everyone (this feels a bit like the start of an AA meeting), Just wanted to say hello - I spent some time on here some time ago (5+ years), learning how to fix my credit, understanding sub-prime mortgages, etc. Had managed to get our scores back nice and high and then went through another bad credit card "binge", getting a lot of debt that we really couldn't afford. Now I'm back again, needing to re-learn what I need to do to clean up our reports again, so I'm sure I'll have some questions as I move forward. Starting out re-reading PsychDoc's "Credit Repair" info. Look forward to chatting with some of you...
  14. swallman

    Which accounts to close ??

    We just took out a home equity line of credit against our house so that we can pay down some of our debt and lower our payments (and also do some work on our home). At closing the bank assumed that we wanted to close ALL of our credit card accounts (which we obviously don't want to do). However, we think we'd like to get rid of some of our accounts and were wondering what kind of an affect this will have on our FICO's ?? Here's a list of what we've got: Emerge Visa $ 4410 Cap1 500 Cap1 500 Cap1 1500 Home Depot 1000 Menards 2000 Target 1000 (upgrading in July to $ 6500 VISA) US Bank VISA 15000 (account already closed however) Best Buy (account already closed) Citibank 1000 Amex Gold unlimited Orchard Bank 300 Most of these cards were very close to 100% utilization. We're thinking of getting rid of the 500 Cap 1 accounts, Orchard Bank and Emerge (high interest rate). Good idea, bad idea ?? I know you don't want to close really old accounts. Cap1 and Orchard are 2-3 years old. Emerge Visa is probably older (but got purchased from FNANB, so not really 100% sure on the age of that account). Suggestions ?? Thanks in advance!
  15. swallman

    Upgrade to Target Visa!

    So am I! I've had my Target store card for a year with perfect payment history and the only thing I can get a is pitiful $100 CLI in November. Nothing since. I have no clue I was selected. We have very high util. % and scores are low-mid 600's. Definitely not the greatest credit file (lots of lates in the past). Our file is very thick however... Maybe you'll get a letter in the next few days yet. Just got ours today... GOOD LUCK!

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