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  1. Even with high interest the general trend should be that a little more goes to principal each month. Try putting your loan info into an amortization schedule. That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect each month. Just google "auto loan amortization schedule" and you will get a few of them to try. If your actual numbers are not similar to what the schedules give you then maybe there are some taxes or fees coming into play. I just looked up American Credit Acceptance and it looks like they do simple interest (most car loans) and precomputed interest. So you would need to see what kind of contract you have.
  2. Looks like REI might have it. It is probably the schrader valve. https://www.rei.com/product/115112/co-op-cycles-schrader-tube-700-x-23-25-28-32-35-43?CAWELAID=120217890004023140&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=41874614298&CATCI=pla-827636549179&cm_mmc=PLA_Google&product_id=1151120002&ad_type=pla_with_promotion&channel=online&partition_id=827636549179&target_id=pla-827636549179&brand_flag=&adgroup_id=41874614298&campaign_id=762164050&location_physical=9010433&cid=182301970950&network=g&network_type=search&device_type=c&merchant_id=1209243&gclid=CjwKCAjw8J32BRBCEiwApQEKgWJUIehttESSjSPtoaTC1OPgAVzOLI1O0m0-BL9hGxUB2DtO2Gt-DRoCyhEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds https://www.rei.com/product/115040/co-op-cycles-presta-tube-700-x-23-25-28-32-35-43?CAWELAID=120217890004023120&CAGPSPN=pla&CAAGID=41874614298&CATCI=pla-558140003692&cm_mmc=PLA_Google&product_id=1150400001&ad_type=pla_with_promotion&channel=online&partition_id=558140003692&target_id=pla-558140003692&brand_flag=&adgroup_id=41874614298&campaign_id=762164050&location_physical=9010433&cid=182301970950&network=g&network_type=search&device_type=c&merchant_id=1209243&gclid=CjwKCAjw8J32BRBCEiwApQEKgegzcSQuSwxZX4WfbhJMKdMArwc_mul4wgt0sdEPFgyJcK-SEpP-6BoCbAgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. I know this is a couple of months old but I had a similar experience and went with Toyota. This was 2013 so it has been a while but they had a conquest program at the time. If you had made 12 on time payments on your current loan and had at least a 580 they would finance you at 0% for 60 months or 2.9% at 72 months. I was just over 1 year post Chapter 7 and qualified on a Camry. I don't think every Toyota qualified. I know it was the Camry and RAV4 but I don't know which other vehicles qualified. It had to be a new car and you had to trade in your current car. This was Southeast Toyota Finance. I don't know if they are still doing anything like that or not but could be worth looking into.
  4. TI are everywhere because that is what the schools have been using forever. I remember using the TI-82 and 83 in school. My son uses an 84 plus. All the textbooks are setup for TI. The HP are probably just as good. They could be better. You just don't hear much about any other brand since TI somehow managed to take over the graphing calculator industry by getting in with the schools. The IR port is nice if you have something to transfer it to and need that ability. I guess you could print to an IR printer but what would you need to print from your calculator? I remember connecting our TI calculators with a cable and transferring stupid games and "study" sheets.
  5. I bought a house from a parent. I did not use a realtor and didn't need one. I went through a local broker so I don't have any lender recommendations. The loan was taken over by Wells Fargo about 6 months ago but they were not the original lender. Edited: I did't realize this post was a couple of weeks old and appears to be dead.
  6. Which model are you looking for? The new 2018 9.7 is $30 off (299) at Best Buy. Its not significant but covers the tax on the 32gb model. Wont quite cover it on the 128gb model If your tax is 8% but comes close. Maybe you can find an online retailer that will match Best Buy. If you have a microcenter near you they have the 10.5 Pro for $499. That $150 off. In store pickup only though. No idea if you could do better buying in Japan. Also not sure if that would impact getting warranty work done over here if something goes wrong. That might not be an issue but Id check. Ive got the 10.5 Pro. My wife has the new 9.7. The Pro is significantly better even though its a little older but the new 9.7 is still very nice and the pencil support was a good move by Apple.
  7. Fuzion is make by Bridgestone. I had a set on a car a while back and they were terrible. Similar to the tire you posted, the reviews were pretty good. They lasted about 20k miles before having to be replaced (and that was a stretch) and that was with regular rotations. Those 20k miles were not enjoyable but the money was spent. I do like Bridgestone/Firestone tires and have them on my van and suv but I wouldn't buy their Fuzion brand again. The tire being out of round, the wheel not being properly balanced, or a bent wheel would all be items I'd check.
  8. That sounds like a possible wheel/tire balancing issue. Flat spots typically would be noticeable at slower speeds too. An out of balance tire might not be noticeable until you reach a higher speed. Flat spots after 10 days would probably resolve themselves after driving a while. Unless they were a softer, performance type tire.
  9. Unless you are trying to get out of the deal, I'd call the credit union and explain the situation if you haven't already. They may only need proof that the title has been applied for. See Marv's response above.
  10. I would suggest talking to your attorney about the possibility of doing a ride-through. You just keep paying the monthly payment and they will leave you alone. At some point you end up paying it off or you just surrender it when you are able to get a new car. The debt has already been discharged so there is no additional penalty to your credit. Not all lenders will allow it.
  11. A lot of times the cargurus site form doesn't seem to yield a response. I typically look through the listing and figure out who the dealer is. Most of the listings will have that information. If not, it is usually not that hard to find. Then I contact them directly. With the exception of carmax, most of the dealerships around here still negotiate.
  12. Yes, you can refinance a paid off car. You get the cash and they become the lien holder on the title and it becomes just like any car loan. A credit union is probably the best option. Definitely verity with your credit union that they will do it before making your bid though.
  13. Your 3 year/ 36k mile bumper to bumper has probably expired (a Jeep dealership can confirm) but you are still covered by the 5 year / 100k mike power train warranty.
  14. If its a Jeep you would be looking for a Mopar protection plan. You can add them to new or used vehicles. You would go to your local Jeep dealership to buy it. There are also some dealerships that will sell it to you online if you do a google search you will find them. Here is some info on when you can add a plan: New Vehicle plans can be purchased anytime within 4 years and 48,000 miles of the vehicle's warranty start date (the date the vehicle was delivered to its original owner). Surcharges may apply after 1 year or 12,000 miles. Certified Pre-Owned plans can be purchased on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® or Alfa Romeo vehicles with an active, Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty and an odometer that reads less than 75,000 miles. Lifetime plans for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles must be purchased within 4 years and 48,000 miles of the vehicle's warranty start date (the date the vehicle was delivered to its original owner). Traditional Pre-Owned Vehicle plans can be purchased on vehicles that are no more than 10 model years old and with an odometer that reads less than 125,000 miles. Your dealer will complete a Vehicle Inspection to ensure the vehicle is eligible for coverage.
  15. What is the year and model? You may be able to buy an extended service contract through the original manufacturer. Those are typically the only extended warranties that cou can count on. The 3rd party companies are A big gamble. I had a 3rd party on a Nissan back in 2002 and the company went out of business. Luckily the dealership honored it but it was a mess.

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