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  1. I would definitely suggest shooting your shot. Treat them good and they'll treat you better.
  2. Wrapped up 2021 with some decent approvals in the last 2 weeks Penfed Sig Visa-$10K Penfed Gold-$7500 Petal-$2100 Boa Secured Card-$300 Aiming for AMEX and maybe another Navy Fed card in 2022. I'm good on credit for a while outside of CLIs on current cards. I also need to cancel the low limit cards as well.
  3. From what I've read the card usually graduates after the 5th statement, of course YMMV. Best advice, as stated, call and find out what's going on. They'll probably give you the spill that they do a soft pull on your credit every month and then determine if they're going to graduate you. I have the same card and we'll see next month if my card graduates after my 5th statement.
  4. I would leave it is as is and apply for another card with NFCU which should render you with a higher limit and then close the secured card.
  5. This thread reminds me that I honestly need to pay them off and close them out.
  6. I went to Chase yesterday to inquire about their 2nd chance checking account Chase Access Checking and was told that they have done away with it. I was little disappointed, but I ended up going across the street to TCF instead. The banker at Chase offered me a prepaid card.
  7. APPROVING BANK - Prestige Financial BUREAU PULLED - TU CREDIT SCORE - 580 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE - IL NEW/USED - Used YEAR OF VEHICLE - 2010 MILEAGE - 30,900 RETAIL/LEASE - $16,000 AMOUNT OF LOAN - $18,000 TERM CONTRACTED - 72 months APR/LEASE RATE -20% MONTHLY PAYMENT - $449 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Only bank that would touch me with my 2nd chapter 7(the first one falls off in February 2014). I'm pretty happy with the car and I'll shoot for a refi in the next year or so.
  8. Not the case with CarMax. Congrats OP on the car!
  9. Cashiers Check is as good as cash, but leaves a paper trail.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing.
  11. I was daily as of yesterday, but got switched this morning.
  12. Thank you as I was approved for a $300 CL. This works coming off a chapter 7 that was just discharged in November.
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