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  1. Unfortunately, I am now a member of the group I used to mock: those on a fixed income. Time to get out the rubber gloves to protect my hands from all that scrubbing.
  2. Thank you. This is very helpful. The cabinets are the pre-made ones that I bought from Loew's. I am hoping that I don't have to replace them.
  3. Last month I bought a dishwasher from Lowe's to replace the old one which I also purchased and had installed from Lowe's several years ago. Dishwasher was delivered on Nov. 11 and my plumbers came the next day to install. Unfortunately they said they could not pull out the old one because it was attached to the countertop with some kind of metal plate. They were afraid to try to remove it without damaging the countertop. They suggested that I contact whoever installed the dishwasher for help. I went into the store and discussed my problem with the customer service guy w
  4. Hi, I am an independent contractor. One of the companies that I do work for owed me a check in December. They asked for my patience as they were having financial problems. I agreed to wait. I am still waiting. However, when I received my 1099 from them, they included the amount they owed me. They said that because they have a December date on the check, it is included in my 2017 earnings .They just haven't mailed it out. I don't like it that now I have to pay taxes on money I haven't received. Thoughts? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I currently have Time Warner/Spectrum and they suck. They just raised my rates from $59.99 to $64.99. For 20 mbps! And to add insult to injury, when I do a test internet speed diagnosis it comes out at 9. I would love to dump them but I don't know where else to go. Ideas? Thanks!
  6. Yes, I do taste the names. Thanks for the link. I will look into this.
  7. For as long as I can remember, I have associated certain names/words with food. For example, everytime I hear the name "Douglas" I automatically think of pork chops. "Grace" is applesauce, "James - scrambled eggs, "budget" - chocolate chip cookie dough. Anybody else has strange little quirks?
  8. Thanks to all (especially Tigz!) I have Google Chrome back and running.
  9. Thanks for all of your helpful comments Yes, I did try to reinstall from Google's website, but it didn't work. Uninstalling sounds like a great idea. I have Windows Vista, so any help uninstalling Chrome would be much appreciated. I completely agree with your comments about my brother's friend!
  10. Hi, I have been using Google Chrome for quite a few months and really like it. Lately I had been having problems with my PC, slow to download etc., so I took my computer to my brother's friend for cleanup. The guy found a lot of viruses and cleaned up my pc. Unfortunately, he doesn't like Google Chrome and he seems to have disabled it (if such a thing is possible). He installed Firefox. While Firefox is ok, I like Google Chrome. I tried to open GC up on my computer and its a no go. I tried reinstalling GC and nothing. All my computer does is freeze. Then today I signed up
  11. The only common thread to both of these fraudulent charges is that I had used the Discover card at Lowes and the Chase card at Home Depot a week or two before they appeared on my accounts.
  12. I think I am cursed!I In July I discovered 2 fraudulent charges on my Discover statement. After much back and forth, I convinced Discover that I was not the person who charged $48 of Skype credit. My card was closed and I receive a new card. I thought the excitement was over with. Today, I received a fraud alert email from Chase. They asked if I had authorized a purchase of $398 to MIO Global. I had not, and luckily Chase had declined the transaction. I called them and my card was closed and a new card will be issued. So, what are the odds that I would have fraudulent activity on t
  13. Update: got letter from Discover, they finally agreed I did not authorize this charge. Case closed. Life goes on... Today I get an email notification from Chase wanting to know if I used my card for Mio Global in the amount of $398.00. I didn't and luckily, they declined the charge and will be closing my account and sending me a new card. WHAT IS GOING ON? It's scary that two of my accounts are being used fraudulently. Earlier this year I did not my renew my subscription to a large company that supposedly protects against identity theft. Maybe I should have.
  14. Update: Just got off phone with Discover - they shut down my card number and will be issuing me a new card. They will also investigate and re-credit my account the amount of the charges. Seems like the transaction took place in the Netherlands. When Customer Service sent me the notice that the charge was valid, they sent me a copy of the printed transaction. Under "Country" they had "LU". (I live in upstate NY). It also had the wrong expiration date for the card. I had also contacted Worldpay earlier today. They wrote back and said they just do the processing and that I need to talk to
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