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  1. Our bankruptcy was dismissed in July, and the majority of the accounts have already charged off- I'm not sure if they charged off during the bankruptcy or immediately after, but within a week of the dismissal, I started getting letters from CA's. I've contacted the OC's but they won't deal with me because the accounts have already charged off. Our date of last payment was 12/10 with the BK filed before anything was past due and the SOL clock tolled while the BK was pending, so essentially our date of first delinquency was 1/11, but the SOL didn't start until 7/19 when the BK was dismissed. Since the accounts are within the SOL, I'm not sure whether I should DV them or not. I keep going in circles- obviously I don't want to attempt to settle with a CA if they can't validate, but if they can validate, will DV'ing them push them into filing a suit?
  2. I found the sign up on their site. THANK YOU so much. I was so confused.
  3. I used to use privacy guard and it looks like they only allow one pull every 90 days now. I've searched previous posts and founds lots of mentioned of Credit Keeper, MPM, True Credit, etc, but it looks like most of those either allow unlimited pulls for only one bureau or only allow 1 pull a month. Are there any other options aside from Credit Check Total at $29.95 a month that allow pulls from all 3 bureaus once a day? It seems like I should have been able to answer this by searching posts but I really couldn't find an answer. I'm sorry!
  4. I just assumed that it would pass. How terribly short sighted of me. Thanks for the reality check, I will definitely be re-thinking my plan. The BK was dismissed last Tuesday and the calls have started. Most are from collection agencies already.
  5. Thanks for the answers and advice! We do have funds to settle all of my husband's accounts. Moving all of our funds to Delaware won't protect against that garnishment 25%. For my creditors, we probably will just walk and save the money.
  6. We filed a chapter 7 in 12/10. We are above median but easily passed the means test. Unfortunately, the Ransom decision (http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-907.pdf) was handed down post-filing but pre-341 meeting and then and there we lost 1K off our means test. Our case was officially dismissed this week. We have decided against filing a new Chapter 7, we are walking away from my debt and we are going to attempt to settle my husband's. We are both employed and are in NC which is currently a no garnishment state but there is legislature pending that will allow garnishment after November (http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Sessions/2011/Bills/House/PDF/H30v1.pdf). Anyone that sues me prior to November will not be able to garnish me. The reason we are starting with his creditors instead of mine is because 1) his debt is considerably lower and 2) his wages are considerably higher so a garnishment of his income would hurt much more. Eventually we would like to settle with mine too, but right now we only have the funds to focus on one or the other. I have a few questions: The bankruptcy dismissal process drug on for months. We have not paid our creditors since 11/10. They have technically been barred from activity due to the bankruptcy stay, however, many of the accounts are being listed as charged off on our credit reports. Since they have been unable to contact me during this time, I don't know if they really are charged off, or simply reporting that way instead of IIB. Is there a way for me to determine the true status of these accounts or do I just have to wait for them to start calling and sending letters? We have moved and changed our phone number since the last contact we had with the creditors. I would like to avoid them contacting us at work or contacting friends and relatives. Is it possible for me to send them a letter giving our current address and phone number or do they not care since OC's aren't subject to the FDCPA? In NC, I believe we have a state statute that does govern OC collection activities, but I haven't been able to find that spelled out clearly. Does the SOL reset with the dismissal of the bankruptcy or is the date of last payment of 11/10 still valid? I did some credit repair years ago but it was all way past the SOL and strictly with CA's so this is a whole different ballgame. I appreciate any information!
  7. We are in the middle of a chapter 7 filing that is going to be dismissed due to losing the ownership expense on our means test. We could convert to a 13, but are exploring the option of letting it be dismissed and trying to clean up our situation by ourselves. The cause for our financial trouble was a house purchased in 07 that cost us around $40K in repairs over the 3 years that we lived there. We have vacated the house. We owe 81K and there's no hope for selling it for that, the house next door sold for 50K about 6 months ago. We have not paid Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb and expect the BK to be dismissed within the next few weeks. I'm afraid that due to the location and condition of the house a foreclosure is going to drag on and on. We aren't concerned with our credit at this point, it's completely ruined anyway. Would like to get rid of the house and take care of any deficiency if possible. If that's in any way possible, that's a better solution for us then 5 years in a Chapter 13 would be. Once the BK is dismissed, should I contact them and explore a DIL potential? I searched for Citi/DIL and only got 3 results- does anyone have any experience with whether they are willing to consider that option and/or a short sale? Should I wait for them to start sending me letters again? We are in NC.
  8. We also have a "bad house" that we have walked away from. No advice, just support.
  9. the same thing recently happened to my DH with a regular providian plat. marketing calls before he even knew if he was approved or not. gotta love providian!
  10. congrats! can I get a link to the card you applied for? I would love a carnival card through chase but did not know it existed.
  11. congrats! that's a good starting limit from WM. They give frequent CLI's.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I already have a BT which has been processed, so I hope they don't do the same to me. Like, oh say, lowering the CL to the BT balance and closing the account.
  13. It took about 24 hours per application for me to receive the decision from patelco. good luck!
  14. I've had it just over a year. I was low 600's when approved.

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