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  1. So one mortgage broker has told me he can get it done. This is a 20 year @ 3.75. I saw the closing cost seems a bit high. What do you think? The only Bank related fees are: Zero Points Underwriting ~ $795 Credit Report ~ estimated at $26.48 with updates showing monthly mortgages are paid, etc. Actual invoice amount will be paid. Flood Cert ~ $10 standard Tax Service Fee ~ 85 standard _____________________ $916.48 Total Appraisal ~ $375 Paid directly to the Appraiser Title & Attorney Fees ~ $2034 (You could do some shopping around for many of these fees) Government Recording Fees ~ $70 standard Transfer Taxes ~ $456 standard Initial Escrow Deposit ~ $884 Your current bank should be holding an escrow account for you at this time, whatever remains in that account must be returned to you by them within a month. Per Diem Interest ~ $484.05 This is an estimated amount that you’ll pay the new bank from the day the loan closes & funds until the when the 1st payment is due. For example if you close on May 15th you 1st payment won’t be due until July 1st.
  2. Backstory: We moved to Texas in 2010 (military), and dispite our best efforts of selling we were never able to get rid of the home we still have in Georgia so we have been renting it out. Nov of last year I tried to refi it with BofA, 2 weeks before closing they killed the refi and said that due to that huge judgement they just got nailed with, they had to sell over a million loans and mine was one of them (and the final kicker, when I got the letter stating my loan was being transferred, it said any loan that was going through a refi would continue). Now Green Tree owns my loan. So now I've been calling and applying all over the place trying to get this house refied, we are 6 years into a 30 year loan @ 7.25%. I've been getting pretty much a different denial from each company, ranging monthly DTI too high (something about since we claim the rental income as a loss on our taxes it is causing DTI issues, I have no idea what this means, I just filled out the forms on turbo tax as it told me to), to LTV was too high (even though we've been trying to do a HARP 2.0). The few that could do something for us wanted us to bring $13k or more to closing. The DTI denials really kill me, we have no lates, nothing deragatory on our reports (just high util), never had a problem making the payments and I get denied for high DTI that will go down because the payment will be reduced. So now I just have no idea where to go next. Here is a little info, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction. Scores: mine 680 hers 710 Annual income combined: $132000 (includes $13800 annual rental income from property) Monthly debt: $3974 (includes mortgage of home we have here in TX, not the one in GA we are trying to refi) Est home value: $158000 Mortgage owed: $151786 Property had seller paid PMI We're looking to lower the interest rate and either do a 25 or 20 year loan. Honestly we'd even do a 30 if it would get the rate lowered. Current payment with escrow is $1345.
  3. Actually no, my limit with Kay WAS $22,800 3 years ago... then when I got the other two cards over 2 years ago, they split my limit up to $7600 each. So before you tell me to search or "Sigh" at my post, just to get your post count up with some meaningless dribble, take a look at who has been on this board 5 YEARS longer than you! When I say they hit me with a CLD, I mean they hit me with a CLD. I had done all the searching and saw all the posts, what I have an issue with is that they had already split my limits ONCE BEFORE!
  4. So I pull my credit this morning and find that JB, Jared, and Kay hit me with a CLD. Instead of $7600 each they dropped it to $2533 each... anyone else get hit with a CLD from them? I haven't recieved anything in the mail.... It really ticks me off, that dropped my ratio from 35% to almost 48%
  5. APPROVING BANK : Services Credit Union BUREAU PULLED: Equifax CREDIT SCORE: 682 (their score) CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE GA NEW/USED Used YEAR OF VEHICLE 20069 MILEAGE 51760 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN 24000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE: 100% Financing TERM CONTRACTED 72 months APR/LEASE RATE 6.59% MONTHLY PAYMENT 437 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Went to the dealership with my 2005 Trailblazer that I owed $16413 on. Price of the 2006 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast was 16988. They gave me $10k for the trade, rolled the rest. Got a great rate on a car that I love and plan on keeping for a long time, and a payment that is $60 lower that what I was making on the Trailblazer.
  6. Try State Farm Bank. They gave me a 3 year 10k loan for a 74 Corvette @ 7%.
  7. CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 03/24/10, 03/23/10, 03/22/10, 03/21/10, 03/20/10, 03/19/10, 02/28/10, 01/31/10, 12/31/09, 11/30/09 I got chopped on the 18th. I love how they also chopped all the pulls from Feb but 1 as well.
  8. You really do need to pull your report from MyFico.com. The FAKO's are + or - 100 points, not reliable at all.
  9. Can you post a screenshot? Distance diagnosis requires good images. I'll have to wait till I get off work. I can't upload pics to a site from my gov. pc.
  10. This is weird. I dropped 3 INQ off my USAA-CCMP since yesterday, but when I look at my MPM Inquiries, they are still on there after pulling a new report. Anyone else get something like this?
  11. So what you are saying is you are no longer paying rent, but your mortgage isn't reporting? I'd put other and put zero for what you are paying because technically you haven't made your first payment yet and you aren't renting either.
  12. If I've done my math right from my previous back door look, pulling 2 a day (3 a day on the 14th of every month due to TrueCredit) I should be Inq free on EQ on 22 April, but thats only if I don't get chopped.... which I have been before on the 30th or 31st of every month. I wasn't chopped at the end of Feb. though.
  13. So it looks like I'm standing @ 87 right now(21 Hard & 66 Soft), one of my old softs dropped off today. I've got 3 more softs to drop before it hits the first hard.
  14. ANDERA 03/01/10 PRM-AT&T WIRELESS 05/22/09 PRM-BERKLEY CAPITAL CORP 07/31/09 PRM-BLS FUNDING CORPORATION 08/12/09 AR-CAPITAL ONE 02/02/10 PRM-CAPITAL ONE - RTPM 01/07/10 ND-CHOICEPOINT, INC ::0568027182 08/28/08 CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS 11/25/09, 10/21/09, 08/12/09 Q-SPACE 12/31/09 AR-CITIBANK SD 01/21/10 AR-CITI CARDS CBSD 01/29/10 AR-CITI CARDS CBSDNA 03/05/10 AR-CITIFINANCIAL 02/02/10 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 03/09/10, 03/08/10, 03/07/10, 03/05/10, 03/04/10, 03/03/10, 03/02/10, 03/01/10, 02/28/10, 02/27/10, 02/26/10, 02/25/10, 02/24/10, 02/23/10, 02/22/10, 02/21/10, 02/20/10, 02/19/10, 02/18/10, 02/17/10, 02/16/10, 02/15/10, 02/14/10, 02/13/10, 02/12/10, 02/11/10, 02/10/10, 02/09/10, 02/08/10, 02/07/10, 02/06/10, 02/05/10, 02/04/10, 02/03/10, 02/02/10, 02/01/10, 01/31/10, 12/31/09, 11/30/09, 10/31/09 PRM-DIRECT LENDING SOURCE INC 03/01/10 PRM-ELITE 10/05/09 PRM-EMPIRE EQUITY GROUP INC DBA 09/17/09 PRM-EMPIRE EQUITY GROUP INC DBA 08/05/09 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 01/22/10, 01/19/10, 12/02/09, 07/15/09, 02/12/09 EQUIFAX 03/09/10, 03/02/10, 01/19/10, 12/02/09 ND-EQUIFAX 03/09/10, 03/02/10, 12/02/09, 02/12/09 ND-EQUIFAX 03/02/10, 12/02/09, 02/12/09 ND-EQUIFAX 01/19/10 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 01/25/10, 01/20/10, 12/17/09, 07/16/09, 02/26/09 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 02/01/10, 11/11/09, 11/11/09, 11/02/09, 11/02/09, 11/02/09, 10/23/09, 10/22/09, 10/21/09, 10/21/09 FAIR ISAAC 03/01/10, 02/18/10, 01/28/10, 12/21/09, 11/18/09, 10/27/09, 09/14/09, 08/11/09, 07/20/09, 06/12/09 AR-FIA CSNA 09/15/09 AR-FIA CSNA 05/05/09 FIRST ADVANTAGE CREDCO/ 01/01/10 PRM-FIRST OHIO BANC & LENDING, INC 07/31/09, 03/27/09 PRM-FIRST PREMIER BANK PROMO 05/06/09 PRM-FIRST PRIORITY MORTGAGE, INC. 04/01/09 PRM-FIRST UNIVERSAL LENDING, LLC 09/14/09 ND-HSBC BANK 01/21/10, 12/18/09 AR-HOUSEHOLD BANK 01/15/10 PRM-MID-ATLANTIC FINANCIAL SVCS 08/07/09 AR-NAVY FCU 02/23/10 NAVY FCU 04/10/09 PRM-OXFORD LENDING GROUP, LLC 07/31/09 PRM-PREMIER MORTGAGE FUNDING INC 08/05/09 PRM-RESIDENTIAL LENDING CORP 07/31/09 PRM-RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE CENTER 09/17/09 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 03/09/10 TRUELINK 02/14/10, 01/14/10, 12/15/09, 11/15/09, 10/15/09, 09/13/09, 08/14/09, 07/15/09, 06/15/09 DTC-WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL 12/16/09 The above plus my 19 Hards puts me @ 84 right?
  15. Keep a tape recorder around for those moments, it could go a long way in filing a hostile work environment lawsuit.
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