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  1. The letter that was sent on 02/12/2010 after I sent the validation letter. Please contact us if you would like to receive a payment history of payments that have posted to this account since our company purchased this account. If you wish to dispute this account please send written documentation describing the nature of your dispute and any information or materials that may be helpful to our investigation so this dispute may be investigated in a timely manner. Please send all documentation related to disputes to the following address PRA Disputes Department, 140 Corporate blvd. Norfolk VA 23502 If you wish to dispute this account due to identity theft or fraud, please follow the attach instructions for filing disputes due to identity theft or fraud. Please note that if we receive no information on documentation describing the details of your dispute by 03/04/2010. We may terminate the investigation related to this account due to lack of clarification of the nature of the dispute.
  2. Portfolio Recovery Assoc. updated EQ credit report balance from $1442 to $1444 on 03/12/2010
  3. What should I do next, this is a letter that was received today from Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC. In our previous letter to you, we requested that you send our company additional information pertaining to the account referenced above so that the Disputes Department could complete the investigation of the alleged dispute. To date, we have not received this information and cannot complete the investigation. Since we have not received this information, we are termination the disputes investigation pertaining to this account and our company will no longer treat this account as a disputed account. The account is being returned to the collection floor and our representatives will be instructed to pursue the outstanding balance due on this account. Please contact us if you should have any questions about your account. Sincerely, Disputes Department
  4. Yes, this is a good one. I have just started using this one around the first of the mouth.
  5. Yes, DV sent to Portfolio and dispute with CRA's! I will be sending out DV LTR #2 to Portfolio and give them 15 days to respond on tomorrow.
  6. Looking over my new credit report from Equifax and Portfolio Recovery is showing verified!
  7. I sent a Validation Letter to Portfolio on 02/3/2010 CMRRR and I In the mail today 02/22/10 was a letter from Portfolio Recovery The following information is being provided in responce to you recent communication concering the account ref. above. Account # 6480 and its proceeds were sold, assigned and transferd by BOA to Portfolio on 3/27/2008. At this time of the sale, the Seller provided an electronic file of its business records concerning this account. According to the Sellers (BOA) records, there was due and paybale from Dwayne (my full name) to the seller in the sum of $1273.27 with respect to the account, as of 3/27/2008, there being no known un-credited payments, counterclaims, or offsets against this account at the date of its sale. Here is a summary of additional information listed in the electronic file for the account: Original creditor's Name : BOA Account holder name provided by seller : (my full name) Account holder last 4 digits of SS# : XXXX Date Account opened provided by saller: 02/25/2003 Balance at date of PRA purchase: $1273.24 Interest Accrued since the date of purchases: 0.00 Last payment to PRA $165.80 ( I have never made any payments to them.) Cost and other Fees: 0.00 Total Payment due as of date of letter: $1439.04 ( If the payment was made, you dont add it to the bal due!) Please contact us if you would like to receive a payment history of payments that have been posted to this account since our company purchased this account. What should my next step be?
  8. I need help with this issue. I sent dispute letters to EX because some accounts was in my CR file that did not belong to me to 06/18/2007 EX did send a return letter requesting that I send them a copy of my DL and Pay stub to verify my identity on 06/23/2007. Letter was sent on 07/10/07 by certified mail and was received at the address that was on the letter on 07/17/2007. its been well over 30days from the time that the last letter was received but no credit report. WHAT SHOULD I DO. So If i was reading correctly that thay must delete all items from my EX report because its well pat 30days. Do anyone have a letter that i can send to have them delete all the information from my credit file. I would like to send the letter next day on tomorrow. thanks
  9. I am in the first stages for repairing my credit and i have disputed some items on my report. I have received 2 CR back (TU & EX) and still waiting in EQ. I reviewed TU and EX CR very carefully and notice I have RJM ACQ LLC COLLECTION on TU it was deleted, and EX has it as Verified. So something is not wrong with this picture. What should I do about this, can someone please help with this. Thanks in Advance

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