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  1. I recently disputed an error on two trade lines with Experian, one for a Cap One card and one for a Credit One card. Both of these showed ND from the date of CO 2012 to present. The lines were both paid off in full in 2013. Now I am seeing an additional CO added for Jan 2016 when I placed the dispute. I disputed that CO with Equifax and they sent me a letter stating they would not dispute it further. Will that additional CO reset the timeline to age off the tradeline? Should I dispute it with the CC company itself? The mark dropped my score about 20 points.
  2. My 20 year old is in need of his own vehicle. He needs it basically for commute to work and school next year. He has no credit yet so I'm wondering what our options are. I'd really rather not co-sign for him, as I have two vehicle loans in my name already. We are thinking he should get something used under $5000. He doesn't have down payment money, but he does have income of about $1000 a month gross from a P/T job at a grocery store. Are there banks or credit unions that work with new credit buyers? If not, do I need to cosign? My credit is 680 ish but like I said, I have two car loans as is (one for my 17 year old step son).
  3. Thanks all. I was finally able to nail down a refi on my Cruze. 4.79% for 60 months with RateGenius - lender is Money One FCU. My payment went from $426 to $311 per month. I can't complain!
  4. Yeah, the collections will continue to report until 2017 unless I try to GW them off my reports. All my debt is settled, unfortunately it still shows up on my report. Judgement falls off 2018. 677 was the score given on my denial letter - MyFico shows my score at 652.
  5. have you been late while paying on this vehicle? I went from like 18% to 1.49% with DCU and that's with a 2004 Accord. I think you should give them a shot. Also if you have any current rates, collections that could be holding you back too. I hope you get that refi. Nope. No lates and I've been paying on it for two years. I did have late payments on the auto loan previous to this however, and that may be impacting the decisions.
  6. I purchased a 2013 Chevy Cruze about two years ago with a credit score of 582 and a lot of open issues on my report. I unfortunately got financed through Flagship Credit Acceptance with an interest rate of 15% and a payment of $426 a month. Since then, my report has been cleaned up. I've paid off all collections and bad debt, settled the one judgement I had and my score has went up to about 677 on EQ. I would like to refinance the car to a lower rate but I've got nothing but denials. I've tried Cap One, Open Road, and several other companies. I'm at a loss as to what to do now.. I feel like I'm throwing away money on this loan. :/
  7. Payoff finally posted two days prior to the 30 day reporting timeframe. I'm not sure why the delay but the sales manager claimed it happened all the time. I was not very friendly when filling out GM's satisfaction survey.
  8. When I worked in Commercial Lending, we pulled a rather large merged report on clients that included the three biggies, Innovice as well as things like OFAC standings. The history still only went back 7 years, with the exception of judgements/liens.
  9. If you have Geico Insurance, you can buy 7 year MBI coverage through them at a much cheaper cost than the dealership carries. Of course I think you have to have 15k or less on the vehicle when you add it. Our rates increased about $10 with the coverage.
  10. I traded in my Mazda 3 with a remaining balance of $1850.00 to go towards the down payment on a 13' Chevy Cruze. Dealer took the trade and gave me an additional $1k in incentive cash to go towards the down and "help with financing". A week ago, I logged onto the Mazda's auto loan account with Chase and it still showed a balance due, as well as an increase in the amount of interest due as I traded the car on 2/24 and the last payment was made on 2/13 by me. So I contacted the sales manager (who seemed very concerned after we completed the sale about a survey we would get from GM) and let him know that Chase had not gotten the payoff. He said he'd check on it, and later told me it was taken care of. Today I get a call from Chase demanding payment of course, as I am 26 days past due. I call the dealership again, and he says the check was sent out Friday and I should give it a few days. So my concern is that the late pay may hit my credit if Chase doesn't process the check in time, even though I've notified them of the situation. If so, what is the best way to get the late scrubbed?
  11. APPROVING BANK Flagship Financial BUREAU PULLED TU CREDIT SCORE 588 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE Virginia NEW/USED New YEAR OF VEHICLE 2013 MILEAGE 152 RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN $19000 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE TERM CONTRACTED 72 APR/LEASE RATE 15.33% MONTHLY PAYMENT $426.00 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: I hadn't planned on buying a car until my scores were higher, but my Mazda 3 was on it's last leg. Pretty sure I got the shaft but as my scores improve, I plan on refinancing the car in a few years. Traded in my 3 with 1800 in negative equity to Chase Bank. Dealer gave me 1000.00 in incentive cash and only 2500 for the trade.
  12. If you already have Chase credit products in good standing, they typically do not pull for a DDA or Savings account. - Former Chase employee
  13. http://money.cnn.com/2013/03/11/pf/credit-score/index.html?iid=HP_LN&hpt=hp_t2
  14. I have two collections through Unique that I am about to deal with. Small amounts..$42.00 and $98.00. Should I deal with Unique or contact the libraries themselves? From what I've read, it's very difficult to get the tradelines removed until a year after PIF. Thoughts?
  15. It's not a matter of the money, it's a matter of principal. I was asked to resign my position after three months, despite a history of excellent performance reviews and a great work ethic. It boiled down to the fact that a sales person I worked with didn't like me and griped to management until they asked me to leave. The understanding between management and myself was that I would be eligible for unemployment as it was a "mutual decision". Once I left, they fought me on it for two months. I had to travel out of state to attend unemployment hearings at my expense. Also, my position granted me incentive bonuses for closing loans, which far exceeded the overpayment amount. I was denied receiving the incentives for months of work. So don't assume that I am simply trying to weasle out of repaying THEIR mistake because I have no ethics. I have legitimate greviences. I also find it reprehensable that the company did not even try to contact me prior to sending the debt to collections.

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