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  1. Citi cancelled one of my cards after two years of no usage.
  2. Here's the situation. We have a rental property that has been continuously rented for over 5 years. Rent income $1595, mortgage payment on rental $1450. We also have a primary residence in a not-hot housing market, value $240K, amount owed $190K, mortgage payment $885. Potentially will need to move soon to area where a reasonable house can be had for $100K, we will be able to put $20K down, unlikely to be able to sell primary residence quickly (if we can this question will be moot, but assume we'll still own this house when we are house shopping). Only other debt is a $249/mo car payment, and $85/mo student loan payment. Credit score 850. Cash on hand $30K, plus available Roth IRA of $15K or so but I don't want to touch that. Income in new area unlikely to exceed $65K. That's just for my job; if spouse gets a job right away this question may also be moot, but assume job income of $65K. Been in industry for 20 years so no problems there. I think this is probably pretty hopeless and we're going to have to rent but... are there any lenders who can work with this scenario?
  3. Where are you seeing the 3% in your Chase account? Things you can do --> rewards details --.> scroll down to rewards program details:
  4. I closed a BUNCH last year, but rarely use any but my Citi DC, Amex BCP, Citi Costco, and Discover/Chase Freedom for the rotating 5% though those are hardly worth having both anymore since the categories almost always overlap. My Barclaycards have gotta go -- one was just for a 0% BT that was paid off long again, and one's an LL Bean that hardly ever gets used. I never use my BOA but it's my oldest tradeline so, so far I've resisted closing it. My Fidelity Visa might be a candidate but if the Citi DC ever goes away I'd actually use it... I have a couple CU credit cards that I never use that I really should close. And DH has an Amex Clear, I forget why, but that either needs to be closed or PC'ed. Maybe into a BCE.
  5. Huh. In Amazon it says 5% cash back but the rewards listed in my Chase account still say 3%.
  6. CL is $7K on the Citi Double Cash card that I got in March. I frequently find myself bumping up against that limit (I PIF, we just spend a lot on that card). Tried to do CLI via website, denied because my account has not been open 6 months. Has anyone here had success by calling instead?
  7. Bought a new Kia on Saturday. Accepted dealer financing to get the extra $1250 off the price. Now I need to refinance because they gave me 4.99%. Credit score around 800 with over a decade of credit history. Which open-to-all credit unions currently have the lowest auto loan rates? Bonus question: how much of a jerk will I be if I refi before 3 months? I gather they don't get their kickback if I bail before then.
  8. No go -- they said the Clear can't be changed to BCE. At least they approved the CLI request: $7K --> $15K.
  9. Fine, fine, fine. I'll see if I can PC the clear to the BCE.
  10. Yes, I know. But not until next year.
  11. Situation: I have the Amex TE and my spouse is AU on it. I just got a BCP and would prefer to just have that, BUT we use that TE since it's our Costco membership card. My spouse has a Clear that he doesn't use. I'm wondering if it's possible to change that Clear to his own TE (keeping in mind that it's my Costco membership and he's an add on it) and he can make me an AU on it, so we each only have one Amex and use both. He also hates talking on the phone to CSRs so would prefer to do it via website. Possible?
  12. I changed my Slate to a Freedom last week. Just called and asked and they said no problem, new card is on the way, same account number as the old Slate card.

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