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  1. this one? https://www.eecu.org/ Wanted to make sure, they denied a friend, 706 fico, good income due to bk in 2012.
  2. Limits can be changed. I would always recommend the CU route.
  3. I don't think they know what's going on, says member ID required, not EMP ID... Going to pull the trigger and see what happens, the world wide no fee cash access is beyond awesome. American Philatelic Society - Member ID Required Bellefonte, PA
  4. Checked mine today. No issues, we both have 40k QS cards. I also have a few baby cards there, 10k venture, 15k venture 1 PIF monthly.
  5. I blame the stealerships, I mean dealerships. New cars already have a 2-6% margin, then you get sold all the extras... Some high scores can go 130% LTV. So on a normal 30k new car, you can finance 39k and when you drive off the car is only worth 25k at best... 14k upside down is a great place to start. Living the American dream!
  6. That claims site looks super fishy. Provide info without the website being secured? Website connection is http not https.
  7. I'll pass on the black card... If Amex was as accepted as visa/mc, then they might get some business!
  8. the dealer couldn't approve her. I already asked her to call her mortgage company for a goodwill
  9. I have a friend that just got divorced and needs a car. her fico 8 is 557 recent 30 day late on mortgage 5 medical collectinos, low balances heavy card usuage, 7k maxed out on cc any options for her to lend at?
  10. I hate penfed. haven't used them since they pulled all that crap on me many years back. I"m really ok with 2.75. Just mainly wanted to share the exp with this horbile credit union before anyone else wasted their time.
  11. dunno know it was an hp to join so just did it
  12. They are running ad's 2% lower rate on used cars, 2.5 floor. I'm at 2.75 now, why not.. Pulled EQ 708 score... Day later, declined... collateral not sufficient LMFAO Car is worth 30k easy, I owe 13k on it.... So, I guess some places just don't want to lend.. It's terrible shame, the branch is a mile from my new house.
  13. Got the clear to close Tuesday night 8pm. Title office got it done yesterday, close and funded 8pm. On to the next chapter
  14. Yea, the CD was fine. I'll just be stress free on Wednesday when they hand me the keys.. I feel homeless, I'm in a rental now. I sold my house in May and I want to be a homeowner again!
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