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  1. i agree chriswufgator. she knew i would have the money in as soon as possible. i don't know why she chose to take all of these unnecessary actions. i pay my rent every month & am purchasing the unit from them within the next 30 days so i don't understand what the he** the problem is. i'm not sure what the laws are here in GA but i still think what she did was illegal even though my locks have been changed since last year. there was just no reason for her to come over here until now i guess that's why i didn't rush to get her a key & plus she's never even been in my place at all so i definitely didn't think she would come over like that . the contract was between me and her husband & i haven't even talked to him in months...he plays football too LOL. does anyone know the laws for this in GA?
  2. thanks eastridge. and just to think..i've been so stressed for the past couple of weeks worried about not having my rent in. as far as she knows i still don't have a key and i still have to leave my place unlocked b/c she never did issue me a key after she changed the locks....STANKIN BIT**
  3. thanks you guys for your help i really appreciate your advice. i just didn't think she would do something like that i still can't get over it. and i can't believe how nice i've been to her throughout this dilemma...i should've been a bit** just like she's been.
  4. i guess you're right hurricanefans but by the time we go to court she would've put me out already right? i just don't want to get put out of my place. and i thought the proper procedure to follow when someone is late on rent is to go down to the courthouse & file, then the sherriff is supposed to come by with the papers with the bal & the due date...then if you don't pay you have to get out..
  5. and oh i didn't mean to put that smiley on my last posts cus i dont really feel like that
  6. yeah i know db23. that's just crazy. i guess i didn't call the cops b/c i was already embarrassed that she even did that. if i had called the cops everyone in the building would know what happened & i didn't want to make it bigger than what it already was.
  7. I've been renting to purchase a condo from a couple for the last year and a half. This month my rent didn't get paid on time & she's been calling me EVERYDAY threatening me since the 17th. I live alone w/my 6yr old son but his father plays professional football so he pays the rent directly to the owner through their BofA account every month. Well this month he got cut from the team so he didnt get a check for the month of Aug but went to a new team so he'll have a check around the 1st of Sept. I had no idea my rent wasn't paid so I went about my little life each day as if nothing was wrong. Well I get home on the 17th during the night & my dead bolt & a bunch of wood pieces are laying in front of my door. SOMEONE CALLED A LOCK SMITH ENTERED MY PLACE AND CHANGED MY LOCKS. So I called the owner who told me she had been trying to call me for the past week to tell my she had someone coming by to appraise the unit so they needed to get in. After I called her she realized she had my number programmed in her phone w/the wrong Atlanta area code. Well we all know that when you live in a condominium the building owner & the owner of the unit must have a copy of your key. Well I changed my locks last year b/c I lost my keys but I didn't think to give em a copy. It's 11pm at night so I'm standing there w/my son at the door calling a locksmith to come let me in. Well when he gets to the concierge desk for them to let him up they inform him that no locksmiths are authorized to come to my unit to let me in b/c my rent isn't paid. I called her back to ask her what the h*** is going on and she tells me unless I have her $3000 rent plus the $300 they paid to change the locks..I cant get in. Then she said she needed to think about it for about 30min & call me back. When she finally made up her mind she called the front desk & told them that it was okay for me to call a lock smith to let me in but that they couldnt give me a key, so if I needed to go somewhere I would have to leave my door unlocked. I told her I would try to get her the money myself by that Mon. She called me everday after that threatening me up until today when i finally got $3100 to deposit in her acct. After I deposited the cashiers check I called her around 5:30 to tell her, she called me back 5min later saying there was no deposit! I told her to wait til after midnight it should show. I couldn't believe after all this time I've been a good tenant & now I run into a hard time this month, they try to talk to me like I'm a crackhead or something who never pays their rent on time
  8. thanks db23. and what kinda drink u havin hegemony?
  9. your CL are kinda high for you to only have two CC's. what are your score like and how long have you had credit?
  10. what are u still doing up hegemony. i thought it was your bedtime
  11. what do u mean you're glad it's not you having deja vu what the he** is that supposed to mean?
  12. Do you think i can qualify for a home loan if I'm a 1st time buyer w/those scores?
  13. I know that but it still seems someone would approve me for a new cc. I'm trying to do a balance transfer for my cc's.
  14. Im at my credit limits on 3 of the CC's b/c the limits arent that high. The highest being $2500 and the other two $950. The Capital One CC I'm not at the limit on but it doesnt report the limit.

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