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  1. Glad to see a positive response from Navient. I have been making voluntary payments for a couple years as I can't find my loans or get anyone to assist me. With the amount of payments I have made my loans should have almost been paid off. I'm hoping to find out who to complain to.
  2. Here is the deal. Experian is being a royal pain and really just kinda doing whatever they want. Quickie timeline August 2011 pull credit report (remove all addresses and so on) September 15 2011 send a dispute (these four accounts listed these random dates where they had been verified and yet I had not sent them anything when they had the accounts dated as last verified) Sent CMRRR October 3, 2011 received a request for 'identification'. Claimed they couldn't do the dispute cause they didn't know who I was. October 26th, 2011 - responded with full name, address, ssn and a copy or original dispute - asked the originally disputed items be deleted as they were not investigated within 30 days. Did not send copies of IDs November 10, 2011 - Received response. CRA claims to have updated the accounts I disputed. Yet after comparing the two reports (August 2011 & November 2011) there were ZERO changes. Nothing has been changed. In this letter I also requested the name, address, and telephone number of the credit grantor or other subscriber and proof that I owe the debt (yeah I know a little overboard for a CRA). December 9, 2011 - response received. Nothing was investigated. No new report. They do however, state "Unless you send us relevant information to support your claim, we will not investigate this information again and you will not receive this notice again regarding this particular dispute. Somewhere in the middle of these letters going back and forth one account did magically disappear. I say magically because it was never addressed in any of the CRA letters, but it is no longer reporting on the report I have. I think its time for a procedural request cause they are not playing by the rules. One of the accounts in question I have sent a letter direct to the person who is supposedly furnishing the information requesting proof of the debt and guess what. They ignored the letter, but somehow magically the CRA was able to verify. WTH? So, would appreciate and procedural letter suggestions and/or a contact at Experian to rattle their cage.
  3. If anyone has a contact. I could use one as well. Am trying to get a 30 day removed from during a military out of town exercise. Have tried disputing with credit bureau and no luck.
  4. No canned language. I think it is a stall tactic (personally) as provided name, address, SSN, and had already disputed old/incorrect addresses (which were removed). I really had to send copies of any actual documents as its my understanding they CRA will get an extra 15 day and as it stands now, they are just almost out of time. The letter also references "we couldn't give you a copy of your report, without........."
  5. Sent a dispute off to Experian on September 15th. They responded today stating they couldn't verify Identity and to send copy of ID, Utility Bill and all that fun stuff. Yet, the dispute was created off a credit report which was pulled less than 60 days ago. Not sure how to respond
  6. I have several medical collections on my account which are showing to be scheduled on my credit report for a couple more years. I paid them already directly to the collection agency, but want to get them off my report. I don't think I can use the HIPPA process since they are paid. I have read through all of WhyChat's great information, but am not sure where to start. Thank you, N
  7. I would not send in a copy of my Driver's License. I just provides extraneous information that the CRA doesn't need. I bet you receive a standard reply from at least one of the CRA's that says something about not being able to remove the address as its tied to a Tradeline..
  8. Just a bump..anyone have any suggestions? I have never been told they don't have to respond in writing to my request.
  9. So, my mom has been battling cancer off and on for about a year. She doesn't work and hasn't for 15+ years and we finally got her on SSI and some medical help. However, some of the medical places don't run her medical correctly and there are a few outstanding bills. Recently, she has been getting calls from a weird 800# so, I called them today to find out who they were. They told me who they were and what they wanted..I already sent them the information so, they can file the insurance but if they try to file now its going to be an untimely filing...anyway..my point.. While I was speaking with the rep "Brandon" he told me that he looked through the notes and saw where I was supposed to send them a copy of her medical coupon (done in December 2009) and where I had sent them a verification/validation letter. I said yes, I did send that letter and your company never responded. The company admitted they never responded and stated that the time limit for requesting the information had expired as a client could only ask for that during the initial 30 days of the collection agency having the account and then the only thing the collection agency is required to do is call their client and ask their client (OC) to say the debt is valid. They aren't required to send us (my mom) any sort of answer. I quickly stated that the FDCPA does say they have to send the information when requested and that all collection activity must stop until the requested information is sent. About that time, my son's doctor called and I had to take the call as it was/is more important than this collection agency. I know there has been numerous discussion here about the whole 30 day thing..but I don't believe I have ever heard anyone say anything about a company stating they were required to prove anything after the initial 30 days..
  10. I wanted to chime in with this thread. I taught myself credit repair back in 2003 in order to be able to purchase my family's first house. It tooks about 6 months of hard work to be able to do it, but I was able to get many outdated negatives off the credit report. Since that time credit has taken over my life. My reports still have a few rought spots due to the economy and two lawsuits I am involved in, but overall my credit is in an uphill swing. I have helped multiple friends and family with credit repair. I have given them the FCRA and the FDCPA to read then I have helped them triage their reports and explained different plans of attack with them. I have helped them negotiate with creditors to get negatives off their report. Recently, I have been unable to find work and since I am a numbers person by trade I have started a website to help people navigate the financial world. Mortgage refinances, taxes, credit repair, bookkeeping, business formation, audit assistance and so on...my blog gives real world DIY adviace BUT I am also available for hire. Some people truly do not have the time, or inclination to get in the trenches and learn all the different aspects to attacking the financial life. We hire CPAs to do out taxes because they have studied the laws and they know what's deductible and what's not. They have a vested interest in keeping us out of hot water with the IRS because if we get into hot water they are who has to fix the mess. There are some Credit Repair agencies out there like that, businesses that truly want to help people and not send out blanket disputes. Blanket disputes generally do not work and can cause more problems. If you truly want to find someone to repair your credit then do an online search and then call the company the interview the person who will actually be doing the job. If you can't send am email, fax, or phone call directly to the person who will be writing letters on your behalf, then I would stay far away. But not all businesses want to milk the consumer. Some want to help the consumer.
  11. I am trying to 'quote' equallydivided but not sure I did it correctly. I agree with equallydivided about credit shouldn't be based on what 'might' happen in the future. Only what is happening now and in the past. Secondly, it doesn't show any payment history on the account (that's in a seperate area of the report); it literally just shows the details of the ARM. I am not sure which report will have to get them back out and double-check, but I don't think it was transunion. I was thinking about disputing it because we all know that it won't be verified by the county recorders office and YES, all mortgages are public record whether they are fixed rate or adjustable rate. ARM mortgages have much more information in the public documents, but its public. Here in WA; I can pull the information from the comfort of my home...
  12. I have recently pulled all 3 of my credit reports directly from the credit bureaus and was taken aback by a new section on the credit report. I have an adjustable rate mortgage and all of the details of my adjustable rate mortgage are listed on the credit report - I realize that my mortgage is public record, but I don't believe that the terms of my ARM have anything to do with my credit worthiness as it pertains to paying my bills on time. Of course; the information is displayed prominately on the first page of the report and not buried someplace in the report. Any thoughts on this new area of my credit report?
  13. I pulled my credit and was appalled at what I saw; there seem to be some collections floating around out there that I know nothing about so.... I have also received some not so nice letters; but I not sure where the debt is from so.... (1) If I have a letter from a Collection Agency; I send a Validation letter? And it falls under the FDCPA? (2) If I have a letter from the original creditor (supposedly). I send a verification letter? And it doesn't fall under the FDCPA? Its been awhile since I have had to do any of these so, I am asking for a quick refresher..

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