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  1. I found the original generic letter. This account was paid WAY before anything was reported to my credit, probably several years before. Date L.J Ross & Associates 4 Universal Way Jackson, MI 49202 Re: Collection Account of XXXXX Original creditor name in the amount of XX To Whom It May Concern: I contacted (original creditor) regarding this account. I paid XX directly to them and received a confirmation number for my payment. This letter is to notify you that the account has been paid in full to the original creditor and therefore you must stop all collection activity on this account. This includes, but is not limited to, phone calls, letters or negative reporting to the credit bureaus. Any information that has been previously reported to the credit bureaus could be deleted in its entirety. Should any collection activity continue, I will be forced to take further legal actions to protect my consumer rights and credit rating including filing of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's office, and Federal Trade Commission. Trusting you will govern yourself accordingly. I remain. Very truly yours,
  2. I say generic letter because I can't seem to locate a copy of the letter on my computer, which is super weird. That was my thought as well, send another updated letter to the CA and basically reference the first letter as being sent, but being much more stern in the second letter. However, I'm at a bit of a loss on what content to put into the 2nd letter.
  3. L.J Ross & Associates is reporting a paid tradeline on my credit. They say it is from 2018 and the original creditor was a utility company. It is showing as paid on the credit report. I have contacted the utility company directly and had them verify that I have ZERO past due or charged off accounts. This is a utility company I use fairly regularly getting rental property ready to rent. We may turn power on for a month or two at a time. I am working to get this deleted. I sent a very generic validation letter in October 2022. It was signed for on 10/07/2022. In the meantime I disputed it with the credit reporting agency and it seems to go away. L.J. Ross and Associates has not responded to my request at all. I have received nothing from them. I am not above suing them in court for violation of FCRA, unfortunately my information of the FCRA and FDCPA is probably out of date as I have not been super active in credit building in a long while. About a week ago I received a notification that a new collection account was reporting to my credit, here was L.J. Ross and Associates reporting that same account. I lost almost 200 points. So, I need to get this account off my credit once and for all and let that score come back up on its own. Suggestions?
  4. I looked up the phone number and made a payment over the phone to bring the account current. I, then, disputed with the credit bureaus - but it came back as verified. We worked with our lender and for the time being I am able to stay off the home loan by using a commercial loan product instead of a residential loan product. We are hoping rates come down in the next year and we can refinance as all interest rates suck right now. They have the correct address, the statement(s) just aren't showing up. Since we will be hopefully refinancing within a year, my goal is to get 100% of negative information removed from my report within a year. Other than this card - I have one paid collection from 2018 where I did not pay the collection agency that I hope to get removed. I had rebuilt my score into the high 700s prior to this CITIBANK card debacle, even with the paid collection showing.
  5. Thank you! We have a locking mailbox as I do receive quite a bit of sensitive information via mail. Our mil is checked daily (usually 2x/day because our mail person comes sporadically) and all mail is brought inside immediately. Any and all junk mail is shredded using a HIPAA compliant shredder.
  6. Hello, Honestly, I haven't called Citibank. I did this during Tax Season and I was so focused on getting tax returns done for clients that when the Surface didn't do what I need it to do I boxed it and up didn't think anything about the card. It just didn't cross my mind. I will gladly pay it off and give them a call on the phone. I would like for the whole tradeline to simply disappear. Similar to a pay for delete that someone might do with a collection agency. Costco printed a paper for me. I have spoken with Transunion over the phone and they told me to send a letter their "Special Handling" department. I followed the directions they provided and requested they merge multiple reports that may be located under my SSN.
  7. Hello, After really working hard to rebuild my credit after my husband walked out while I was a SAHM and I was caught up in the mortgage collapse in 2008 - I messed up. I took out a Costco Citibank card, but the card never showed up, neither has a single bill. I purchased a Surface Pro on the card (which doesn't even work correctly). Anyway, I am in a position to pay off the card, but now i have like 6 months of late payments (due to no bill) and honestly the card didn't even cross my mind again. This is tanking my credit and I am in the middle of a large home purchase. How can I pay off the card and get the entire thing deleted including all of the late payments in say the next 15 days? Is there anyway to make this happen? Oh yeah, applying for the card also split my Transunion credit report which I have been trying to correct since I found out in June 2022. I applied for the card around March 2022.
  8. Glad to see a positive response from Navient. I have been making voluntary payments for a couple years as I can't find my loans or get anyone to assist me. With the amount of payments I have made my loans should have almost been paid off. I'm hoping to find out who to complain to.
  9. Here is the deal. Experian is being a royal pain and really just kinda doing whatever they want. Quickie timeline August 2011 pull credit report (remove all addresses and so on) September 15 2011 send a dispute (these four accounts listed these random dates where they had been verified and yet I had not sent them anything when they had the accounts dated as last verified) Sent CMRRR October 3, 2011 received a request for 'identification'. Claimed they couldn't do the dispute cause they didn't know who I was. October 26th, 2011 - responded with full name, address, ssn and a copy or original dispute - asked the originally disputed items be deleted as they were not investigated within 30 days. Did not send copies of IDs November 10, 2011 - Received response. CRA claims to have updated the accounts I disputed. Yet after comparing the two reports (August 2011 & November 2011) there were ZERO changes. Nothing has been changed. In this letter I also requested the name, address, and telephone number of the credit grantor or other subscriber and proof that I owe the debt (yeah I know a little overboard for a CRA). December 9, 2011 - response received. Nothing was investigated. No new report. They do however, state "Unless you send us relevant information to support your claim, we will not investigate this information again and you will not receive this notice again regarding this particular dispute. Somewhere in the middle of these letters going back and forth one account did magically disappear. I say magically because it was never addressed in any of the CRA letters, but it is no longer reporting on the report I have. I think its time for a procedural request cause they are not playing by the rules. One of the accounts in question I have sent a letter direct to the person who is supposedly furnishing the information requesting proof of the debt and guess what. They ignored the letter, but somehow magically the CRA was able to verify. WTH? So, would appreciate and procedural letter suggestions and/or a contact at Experian to rattle their cage.
  10. If anyone has a contact. I could use one as well. Am trying to get a 30 day removed from during a military out of town exercise. Have tried disputing with credit bureau and no luck.
  11. No canned language. I think it is a stall tactic (personally) as provided name, address, SSN, and had already disputed old/incorrect addresses (which were removed). I really had to send copies of any actual documents as its my understanding they CRA will get an extra 15 day and as it stands now, they are just almost out of time. The letter also references "we couldn't give you a copy of your report, without........."
  12. Sent a dispute off to Experian on September 15th. They responded today stating they couldn't verify Identity and to send copy of ID, Utility Bill and all that fun stuff. Yet, the dispute was created off a credit report which was pulled less than 60 days ago. Not sure how to respond
  13. I have several medical collections on my account which are showing to be scheduled on my credit report for a couple more years. I paid them already directly to the collection agency, but want to get them off my report. I don't think I can use the HIPPA process since they are paid. I have read through all of WhyChat's great information, but am not sure where to start. Thank you, N
  14. I would not send in a copy of my Driver's License. I just provides extraneous information that the CRA doesn't need. I bet you receive a standard reply from at least one of the CRA's that says something about not being able to remove the address as its tied to a Tradeline..
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