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  1. Screwed Alert!!!!! Doing and iammagi is 100% Right!!!! You have been dooped sir.. Dking91 I mean.. Stupid spell check
  2. And you need a few store cards to report like Walmart and a few fleet cards
  3. You need some age on those account's... Imo
  4. I heard they don't report.. I saw post about a month ago
  5. What's the name of that American express card? I'm mean as far as product
  6. How did you get Amoazon? As far as l, did you have a few trade lines reporting? Or did you pg?
  7. 13 vendors two fleet cards, two store cards
  8. I heard you fax the app in and leave the pg blank
  9. Can you add the personal list? I wasn't aware there was a list...
  10. Thanx bro on my way... By the way how many vendors do I need reporting before I submit app?
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