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  1. the last month I did not pay - i assumed I had grounds not to pay because he did not fix the mold problem
  2. My landlord is attempting to sue me for damages in a home where I have not lived for what will be 6 years in September. He has a copy of lease that was last signed in 2011. I never signed the lease after that but continued paying rent up until the last months when I was about to move. There was flooding in the basement that led to flooding and caused mold buildup that made myself and my son sick constantly coughing so we moved. We'll be in small claims court and the last time I was in small claims court - they barely let me speak on my own behalf so I'm afraid the same thing will happen and he will ending up getting a judgment against me. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed?
  3. they have a huge sign that says down payments are nonrefundable. that down payment includes the sales tax, will i at least get the sales tax back?
  4. LOL! I thought thats what he meant but.... I wanted to be sure....welp! I think i'll be getting out of the worse deal of my life!
  5. I'm sorry what does "caca" mean. And am I in a position to walk away from the car like I want to?
  6. as far as I know, all i signed was the loan agreement, telling me how much i would be paying and how much i was financed at as well as when payments would begin and how often. That's really it....they are being extremely aggressive about having me come in and REsign...as i mentioned above, the saleswoman offered to come on my lunch break to my job....i also signed documentation for them to start automatic payments which didn't occur, i assume because of them not having the required paperwork.
  7. I made a down payment on a car on the 4th (saturday) and it was supposed to be fixed and cleaned up for the upcoming monday....well that monday came and went and then tuesday they called and said the cost was too much for what I needed done and they offered another car.....i test drove the car tuesday and went in wednesday to pick it up AND sign the documents...the "documents" being the loan agreement.... Yes....the 17k includes the interest....car was a 11k and change....financing made it go up to 17k....
  8. I gave them a down payment, it's nonrefundable. I authorized automatic payments to start on the 17th but I guess because I haven't resigned the documents , they didn't take the 1st payment. So no payments have been made because of the papers not being signed....or me having to resign....I don't get why the date of me signing the documents is holding them up....
  9. I believe it might be, the saleslady has called me everyday even offering to come to my job for me to sign the papers. I almost think they lost my documents because a mixup of dates can't be that serious where they offer to come to my job but that's why I'm here to find out if it is.
  10. Ok, I have poor credit but was financed at a bad credit car lot. The rate is extremely high and I wanted out after I saw how much i was going to have to pay for this 13 year old car but I needed a car and still do. I didn't shop around and that's what I want to do.I happen to get a call from the car lot and they say that I have to resign all of my documents because the saleswoman had them printed for the day before I received the car and that I should have signed them for that day instead of the actual day I drove off the lot. Sounds fishy to me but I'm wondering is this my way to get out of this. If they don't have my signature and I have to resign everything, do I technically have to do this again. Can't I just walk away from it? Down payments are nonrefundable but they are truly getting over...the car is worth 8k on KBB...and because of my credit....i'm financed at 17k....i'm cringing at this as I'm trying to rebuild my credit....
  11. that's actually not true here, I looked over the records for when I missed the court date because they're public and there was no contempt of court for the missed date.
  12. I have a creditor that had a judgment against me and last year they began garnishing my checks. I ended having to leave that job and they were no longer able to garnish my checks. Since then, they have been attempting to collect by trying to get me to come to court. I went to court in September but hadn't started working and then again in November ( found a new job) but I never told them I was working. They asked me to come to court again in December but I never went. They sent me a letter stating I needed to tell them when they would get payment. Now they want me to come to court again and I don't plan on going this time either because I'll have to miss work. So since they garnished me, I assumed thats what they were going to try to do again. In anticipation of that, I figured I'll go ahead and file bankruptcy. I check my credit report and they're not even on there any more!!! Why do they still want me to come to court and the judgment is not even showing on my credit report? The credit report would show that right? Is there a letter that I can send to let them know the statute is up on collecting because I assume thats why it's not on my credit report. I don't want them trying to garnish my checks again. Judgments are for 7 or 10 years? I thought it was 10 years in Indiana.
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