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  1. Just had my credit pulled today for a mortgage - Ex = 585, CS = 612.
  2. I'd try to close it down, too. Paying it down over time is going to incur out-of-this-world interest charges, etc... Is there anybody you can borrow $5,000 from for 30 days (until you get the secured deposit released by WF)? Any chance you have already gone into WF and asked if there is any possible way they can wiggle around things to allow you to pay this off this way (especially given the circumstances?!?!?)
  3. Same here. Go on their site, look at the dates of the last few statements to figure out when your statements have been cutting (not "due"!) .... And then PIF 2-3 days before then. You'll see them pop up on your CRAs within another day or two of the "cut" date.
  4. That's the funny part, Breeze... This one did! Unless I read it wrong, the notices came to his home - but he is alleging he doesn't get mail there. Moreover, even if he did use a PO Box... (as far as his own personal safety, blah blah blah goes) ... those records at the PO aren't private. And on those records, anyone can go in and ask for the real address of the person behind the PO Box address. And as far as I know... that real address is required to get a PO Box.
  5. Yeah, Douginsea, I was thinking the same thing. So it goes to trial - it will be interesting to hear what excuse he had for the bad address (given he lives there!).
  6. MagicianCard


    Congrats, Bob! So exactly how short is your AAOA to still make it to 850?
  7. Wasn't she the one that coined the "Latte factor" 10 years ago? I guess you have to save on coffee to cough up her fee.
  8. I ordered CRA hard copies earlier this week. When they come, will they show better details about the accounts as it relates to the OC's? LVNV just turned up on my reports recently, and they're changing the amounts and acting like they're an open account on my CRAs. I see I'm not alone. I was in such family hell when the original HSBC card went bad, that I don't know when my DOFD really happened. Its probably in 2006 or 2007. Without kicking sleeping giants, how can I find out? (hoping its going to be on the reports - but even then, I would like to know accurately instead of counting on the report for obvious reasons) I also have one item from "Northeast Legal Group" for a supposed unpaid check (they're claiming $160) and I have no idea what that's about (never got mail from them). It would also be from the same time frame.
  9. So is there a way to stop them from just forwarding to another identity they own?
  10. So I was reading through a bunch of WhyChat's stuff today... What is the thought behind sending the first letter to the CA *without* a RR? How long do you wait to send the followup?
  11. Find a CU that will do a secured, IMO. Better yet... find one that will let you put $$ into a secured savings, get an installment loan against that, then use the loan proceeds to dump into the savings as well for security on a credit card. I just did this with $1,000 last month and got $2,000 worth of new tradelines. Small tradelines are still a bummer... so work to get at least $2,500 limits somehow. And lastly... YMMV... but WF reported my Visa to CRAs before I got the statements to pay. (meaning the balances always report!) I did PIFs on my pmts to WF for 2 years and it didn't help my scores until I discovered this and started making the payments (PIF as close to possible) a day or two BEFORE the statement cuts.
  12. Well, good for you. For some folks like me, we're just placing our *little* votes by taking our paltry balances elsewhere. I haven't paid monthly account fees in a very, very, very long time - and I'm not gonna start now.
  13. You probably need to spend a little more time reading here. I'm in the same boat... I've got some charge offs from 2007 that just suck - big time. I was in the middle of a lot of family drama that really took me down back then. I have two major baddies from back then (CO's) ... and if I pay them, there is a big risk of them being reported as 2012 activity instead of 2007! And if that happens, I'm screwed to the wall for these for another 6-7 years. Be careful. Just be sure to read, read, read here... Then you'll better be able to assess what ya gotta do.

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