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  1. Here is the letter I sent them on behalf of the wife: Afni, Inc. 404 Brock Drive PO BOX 3517 Bloomington IL 61702-3517 Natalie Leathernuts 1234 4th st kickass, WA 12/25/2009 *****THIS LETTER WAS SENT CERTIFIED***** Re: Your Inquiry dated 12/07/2009 : your file #026146342-01 To whom it may concern : I received a letter from your office on 12/07/2009 over an alleged debt with Verizon. I have no knowledge of this debt. Natalie Leathernuts was my maiden name. It was legally changed to something else when I was married 18 years ago. Obviously, this account is out of the statue of limitations as outlined by the State of Washington RCW 4.16.080 governing unwritten contracts. What AFNI, Inc is attempting to do is clear, and continued collection activities beyond the SOL. Collection on accounts beyond their legal collection date, or reporting to any consumer credit reporting agency, may be considered extortion and/or fraud. Under Revised Code of Washington, the continued collection activities on the subject account is in violation of state law and is subject to legal action on my part against AFNI, Inc and it’s assignees. This notification is formal notice to you that any filing of any action by you, or your representatives or assigns, is time-barred. This would include reporting to any credit reporting agency on this account. Since this alleged debt is construed to have occurred so far in the distant past I believe it would be in AFNI, Inc’s best interest to send me a letter stating they are closing the account and will cease collection activity. I am sure your legal department will agree. You are not to sell, transfer, assign, or share any information about me or this alleged debt with anyone individual or company. Please note that proof of your receipt of this notice may be used by me or my legal representative in further action. Natalie I, myself have had very good success with them after reading here. Sent them letters, complained to everyone I could think of and then called them. They got aggressive on the phone but once they realize you hold all the cards they fold like a blanket.
  2. Hey wait a minute. Doesn't Sherman own both LVNV and Capital?
  3. Dang. So I got to DV them then?
  4. So about 2 months ago after several rounds of back and forth LVNV sends me a letter stating they are closing the account and will stop all collection activities. It was also deleted from report (zero baddies now ). So yesterday I get a letter from Capital management Services for the same debt listing LVNV as the current creditor. Ain't this a violation? I keep files on everything and send everything certified like I was coached to do here. Is it time to lawyer up or does someone got a good letter they can suggest asking them to settle with me or I will sue (if I can)? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. 750+ credit scores and them b*tches turned me down. Maybe I should call.
  6. aeroman


    Two of the 3 are approved and waiting on third. Kay's actually called my work desk phone to confirm this morning. Nice gal.
  7. aeroman

    BOFA - Weird

    You were just declined AGAIN, after the lengthy phone convo at the branch? How...? You said they approved you? Dunno. Going in to talk to bank manager again. She knows they said yes and then I get the decline letter again.
  8. aeroman

    BOFA - Weird

    Wondering if anyone has contact info for someone high up in BOFA credit department. After telling me yes again I once again get told that I have been declined. Now they pissed me off. Something is fishy.
  9. N.Y.: Debt collector used sex threats, insults, bullying By MICHAEL GORMLEY Associated Press Writer New York's attorney general said Tuesday he is trying to shut down a debt collector whose employees used outrageous tactics in several states, such as threatening to sexually attack one debtor's daughter, berating people as drunks and deadbeats, and bullying others with threats of arrest. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced the lawsuit against the Benning-Smith Group for what he claims are more than 1,000 violations of state and federal law in New York alone. He said his staff has also spoken to people from Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas who claim they were victims. Cuomo said he is chasing more than 850 complaints and is suing at least 13 debt collection companies with separate names operated under the Benning-Smith Group. "They did everything they could to demean and humiliate their targets, stooping so low as to sexually harass and verbally abuse individuals nationwide," Cuomo said. In an answering machine tape that Cuomo provided to The Associated Press, an unidentified collection agent told a New York grandmother of seven in 2006: "You are totally ghetto. ... Learn English; get an education instead of just sitting on your fat derriere all day long." The caller then insulted her pronunciation of "plan" and called her an "uneducated reject. ... Get a real job, get an education and learn to take care of your responsibility like a grown adult would." The call was over a $182 debt that the woman, 50-year-old Dorothy Gilbert, of Rochester, had paid more than a year before. "I know I didn't sleep for a couple of nights," Gilbert told the AP on Tuesday. "What if it was a person who couldn't take that kind of talk? Or someone with a bad heart or mentally imbalanced or very depressed? Then you could be looking at murder." Gilbert said she still keeps the receipt for the paid debt under her mattress, just in case. Cuomo spokesman Richard Bamberger said the office hopes to shut down the operation so it can determine how many states the company operated in. Cuomo is working with the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau, which also received complaints, he said. One collector repeated the name of a consumer's daughter and described sexual attacks he would commit against her unless a debt was paid, Cuomo said. Other collectors called consumers drunks, deadbeats and in one case a low-life piece of trash; one allegedly told a woman he would pay the debt himself if the consumer and her husband would have sex with him, the attorney general said. An attorney for the Benning-Smith Group didn't respond to a request for comment. The company operators didn't respond to requests for comment left at one of the companies, Brady & Caruso in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst. In June, Cuomo obtained a court order shutting down the fraudulent activities of a Buffalo-based collection racket and initiated criminal charges against the owner of that operation. He has shut down two other debt-collection agencies and is suing two others for collection practices and what he said were unkept promises in debt-repayment plans. Cuomo said the Benning-Smith Group operates as Abrams, Burke & Associates; Benning and Smith Acquisitions; Brady and Caruso; DebtPayments.com; Fredericks, Goldstein & Zoe; Graham, Noble & Associates Bookkeeping; Graham, Noble & Associates LLC; Graham, Beagle & Associates LLC; Kingman, Cole and Associates LCC; Marshall and Ziolkowski Enterprise LLC; Marshall Ziolkowski Acquisitions LLC; Lansky, Goldstein, Zoe; OLS Payment Services; and University Debt Collection.
  10. If your wife is going to do that tell her to not take checks.
  11. Anyone can sue on their own. Lots of info here and other places on how to do it.
  12. I file against every CA that contacts me. Don't really have anything that they could collect on anymore, but in the past I instantly went to gloves off. Most never darkened my door again.
  13. aeroman

    BOFA - Weird

    No its thanks to the people on creditboards......................
  14. aeroman

    BOFA - Weird

    Oh and thanks to those that chose to hijack. I realize some are here defending us and I don't include you.
  15. aeroman

    BOFA - Weird

    Well I went in and talked to my branch manager and she put me on the phone with BOFA credit direct. It was about a half hour conversation where they asked a lot of questions more about what I was told by their rep since it is against "policy" to communicate over the phone any reason for denial. Only through mail. I feel wiped clean but afterward I was approved. I will be writing a letter of recommendation for the employees that helped me but I will also be sending a very terse letter to the CEO of BOFA. Nobody with 31 years of clean record with their entity should have to do what I did for credit. I won't go into it now but will post later. oh and 10K approval. Anyone that can help me out with contact info would be much appreciated.

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