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  1. If it were approved through Toyota, even at a high interest rate, the game plan would be to refi the car note with a credit union, in 12-18 months when the credit situation improves. I was more curious if Toyota would approve based on prior history with them notwithstanding the low scores. Maybe Marv has some thoughts?
  2. I'm interested in a pre-owned Camry in the $15-17k range, putting around $2.5k down. My EX score is 527, but I have high utilization. EQ is 420. TU is a split file. Both are lower because of the utilization and CO's, etc. I have a perfect payment history with Toyota, however. In 2006, I leased a Corolla. I financed the same Corolla at the end of lease with Toyota. In 2009, I financed a 4Runner through TFS. How much is the past history with Toyota likely to factor in? EX could hit approximately 580 by the time I am looking to buy (July). Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  3. You have 7+ years on CB. What happened? I was doing well until 2010/2011. Then, I lost my job and couldn't keep afloat so I had to let the cards go. Some of the 420 score is because of utilization. Plus, some of my other accounts are not reporting to EQ. I have: SDFCU First Tech Capital One Macy's Bloomingdale's Local Credit Union I'm looking to add at least 3 more secured cards, pay down balances, and dispute negatives. It's harder than I thought it would be.
  4. 420 is my actual EQ score. I'm working very hard to clear up negatives on my reports.
  5. Yes. I'm a member of DCU and have been since 2009, though, so maybe that will help?
  6. My EQ score is 410 right now. Is there any chance of being approved for the DCU secured card?
  7. They are scum. Save the messages and file an FDCPA suit. They will likely fold fast.
  8. I was looking at the ACC website and found the GNO Federal Credit Union...Looks promising...
  9. I already have one with a $500 limit and I was looking to raise the limit.
  10. Does SDFCU require income verification for its secured Visa?
  11. Is $100K the max that they will go on the secured?
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