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  1. so i guess thats it for REAL business credit huh???
  2. i am trying to apply for another keybank card for my other business but cant find the application on the site. Does anyone have the link
  3. the only cc i was ever able to get was keybank. Is there any other biz cards like keybank out there???
  4. Will these new credit card rules be applied to business cards and how will they effect us getting credit cards in the future for our business. I do have a key business card but want another one.
  5. https://www.barclaycardus.com/app/japply/lp...amp;legacy=true i was looking around for any new business credit cards and found this. Has anyone ever tried to apply for this before? I want to get a paper application so i dont have to fill out my ssn number. I dont want it going on my personal credit
  6. do i have to be in texas and is there a app on the website i can look at
  7. where is the link to that pdf app so i can send it in
  8. i just applied for them on line and got this Report Code #: 28 Your application has been received, but further processing is required at this time. We will contact you within 30 days via U.S. mail regarding our decision. For additional information, contact Customer Service at 1-877-969-3265 (Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday) . Thank you for requesting The Home Depot Business Rewards MasterCard® Is there anything i can do when i call them monday to make sure they dont reject me????
  9. is this a credit card or just credit with amazon
  10. To find out more about the Wright Express Purchasing Card, click here to request more information or simply call 1-866-558-5982. I thought I actually found an online application for download only a while back. Will check at the office tomorrow and post a link if I find it. did you find that app
  11. i found it online but when i went to web page i didnt see a link for online app or a pdf app (which i perfer). Have you ever tried getting a biz card with them before???
  12. can i get chase without a pg and how easy is that and US Bank Skypass VISA to get
  13. http://www.wrightexpress.com/MasterCard/mc-onecard.html i cant find a application for it though. Can someone see if i missed anything
  14. I am so happy, even thought i only got approved for 1k (asked for 3k) nobody else besides office depot and staples would give me credit without a pg. Does anyone else know of any banks like key
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