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  1. BRBiz Well, if you have that many entities in one state isn't that "going crazy with entities?" In comparision I was suggesting 2-3 total entities you could be dealing with easily more than 5 based on your example. BTW, if you would ever decide to build credit on those other entities in all in NH? Good Luck you will be facing DNB scrutiny and problems. I gave a suggestion. Good Luck Dconawa
  2. Hello Everybody, If you have these accounts with Lowe's Home Depot etc. and you pay off the balances, how does the tradeline benefit? Are they making interest on your account? What benefit is it for them to extend you credit when you are paying off the balance? they are not making any money with you. They may be selling some products or services but they want to make money on the lending side as well. You have to be diligent enough to know what your limit on spending is and to bait them and hook them and then reel them in. Good Luck dconawa
  3. Hello BRBiz, May Make a suggestion or two here regarding this topic. You are heading down a path that could effect your business negatively in the future. If NH taxes are high for businesses with income of $50K and higher, then your structure needs to be setup to where you can legally keep that income below that threshold of $50K. Operate the NH hampshire corp as usual but have another corp or LLC that provides various services to that NH corp in another less taxing state such as Nevada or Wyoming. Good Luck. dconawa
  4. Hello Allisson0605, Each of these states requires a different strategy. Delaware is is best for companies that will be going public. Nevada because of the No Usury Laws. Good Luck dconawa
  5. Hello Abussart and everyone, I have a strategy that I used to purchase my 188 year old corporation. Send a PM and I can go over the strategy and let you know which state is the ONLY state that will allow you to keep your past years. Good Luck Dconawa
  6. Hello Archoninitiative, If you send me a message I will introduce you to a strategy that will help you find a shelf corporation from any state. Plus, show you which state is the ONLY state that will allow you to keep your past years incorporation date. Good Luck dconawa
  7. Hello everyone, I am glad to see someone post a different experience with D & B. I too think that the creditbuilder is good if you want to build credit faster. This is a very big example of how business credit experiences are so different for everyone's businesses. People say things like .... "Creditbuilder and D & B will not allow you to add loans/financing to your report." Why not? have you tried? My point is this, don't listen to want ANYBODY says on here or should I say don't etch it in stone as gospel when it comes to business credit. Experience it for yourself. Good Luck to everybody!
  8. Hello bfmanhaes, You will need to become bank/tax compliant or bankable. However, your structure and how you structure will determine how you are protected. Setting up numerous LLCs to own each potential property can and will be disasterous to your income and the state fees would eat you alive. There is a better way using just one LLC and Trusts. Good Luck
  9. Hello Blackcard, I am also a real estate investor. You will definitely have to improve your credit (personal), but don't let that stop you. If you can find a cash heavy partner or a credit strong partner to propel your investment career. Good Luck. David
  10. Hello KARMA2678, First, what the previous posts were stating is pretty true however, you are going to have to try this out for yourself. I have found out some things that were true and not true on Creditboards. Keep a journal of what you find out in the process and build on that. I took over a dissolved Corporation that was originally established in 1825 (the year), so it can be done. As one of the post stated "What good is that unless your credit file is from 1825?" I paid the fees and moved the corporation to a "better" state that is friendlier to aged corporations and entities. Very few people know how to do this and that is why people want to charge you. And they deserve to get paid for the service. It is a somewhat tedious process and must be followed precisely. In addition, if you do find a company (aged) then there is a particular way to take over the company without disrupting the years that you have owned the company. One more thing, yes you can get a credit file setup with your company for FREE. But using a creditbuilder and paying for it has some definite benefits. Remember this is a venture you will have to figure out and document because you may find out somethings that the rest of us don't know, at least that is how it worked for me. Good luck David
  11. Get a landline or dedicated cell phone line (however, they may not accept the cell phone) Listed in 411 directory. Good Luck!
  12. Hello Brndnh721093456782654, How can you talk about something that you have never used? If you are saying that I am a DNB Sales Rep then you are so far from the truth and this proves my point even more. For me to communicate with you is useless. Your under skilled in the building of real business credit. Stick with dept stores and retail credit cards, don't try to step with the Big Dogs you're a flea. Good Luck.
  13. Hello Brndnh721, Have you used DNB CreditBuilder before?
  14. Hello wingy03, Nobody on this board cares about a random, isolated case. If you have seen it done then do it yourself then talk about it. Because other than what you can show and prove it really does not matter. I can tell you it USED to be that way with some credit cards because I had them ..... not any more. Here is my bet with you ... You WILL NOT get one business credit card (Mastercard/Visa) without some type of personal guarantee. NOT EVEN ONE! The game has changed and you will be responsible personally for the credit. I posted about this a while ago that the banks will eventually get to the point that you personally sign for all credit lines. That time is here. Now, you (if you are an entrepreneur/business person) establish your own internal banking system where YOUR company earns the interest and fees and you can continually go back to the well to borrow again and again. Good Luck

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