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  1. I’m not aware of any prescreen sites. Makes sense about cards with rewards. Thanks.
  2. MyFICO basically, but I also had a refi on my house recently got my scores there, and credit Karma. All sources have me over 760. Are there any other recommended sources? Opt in? I am not sure what that means. Recent denials? None. But I also haven't applied for much of anything lately. Actually, I did apply for a personal loan, got accepted, but decided against it.
  3. Hi all So it has been a long road. But I have my credit up to a 760+ across all bureaus. All my credit cards are paid off (3 with 10k limit, 2 with 3.5k, 1 3k. Non ever reached over 30% usage). I do have my mortgage on my credit which is in good standing. My credit has been above 720 for 2 years +. But I still get offer for terrible credit cards and vehicles. How do I get to the point where I can get credit cards with super low interest rates below 8-9%? All my offers are in the high teens sometimes 20s.
  4. aaaahhhhh... Ok, I didn't know that was possible. Does that reset the length of credit?
  5. You are right I should have said catastrophically drop..
  6. I already have a mortgage. Not looking to get another at the moment. Just wondering about CLI and how they help and when it is proper to ask for one?
  7. Hi all I was wondering when is it a good time to ask for a credit increase from your credit card company? I know percentage of credit used affects your score. Does getting a credit increase affect your score positively as much as paying down a current balance? ( for example a credit line of 2000 that has a 50% utilization of 1000. Does getting a credit increase to 4000 which brings the utilization to 25% have the same effect if I were to have paid that original 2000 down to 250 or 25%)? Also I am hesitant to add any other credit cards to the my mix fearing a drop in scores. Right n
  8. If I do not like the limit, will I get a hit for immediately canceling?
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