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    The book says I'm from Mars
  1. I use Global Entry, and it's awesome. Took 2 weeks for an approval. Went to MCO for the interview and received my approval email before I could get back in my car. Received the card 2 days later.
  2. E, I hope you live a long and prosperous life.
  3. At least your in the ball park! Technically, you cannot bully anyone without them knowing it (and I'm not saying ANYONE here has done so). The entire point of my comment was the posting of comparative photos of June Shannon and Alana Thompson with that of a character from TMNT... being in poor taste. Time to grow up E!
  4. Ummm... can someone point to where I said anything about weight? The first posting about weight came from Tigz... please address the issue with her, not me.
  5. I might have agreed with you had the topic been about the show, which it's clearly not. Surely you're smart enough to understand the difference.
  6. @ Echo_X: So why is it you feel your posting was warranted or appropriate given your self-reported history of being bullied?
  7. ...It's called The Villages. It's located between Ocala and Leesburg - and it meets your needs. Prices will be more than the surrounding area. Or, you can continue driving further south to Lakeland. It's about 35 miles from Tampa and 50 miles from Orlando.
  8. I'm truly sorry to hear this occurred. NFCU is an awesome CU.
  9. Apple missed the mark on this one.
  10. http://www.skyvue.com/outdoor-tv-compare-SkyVue
  11. I looked at the signage at a local retailer.. 4G is unlimited (up to 3.5 GB) with VM's data only plans, far more than the 2.5 GB I indicated. 4G/3G is throttle after 2.5 GB on cell phone.
  12. Virgin Mobile's Unlimited data plan is limited to 2.5 gigs of "unlimited" 4G data and their data speed can be limited to 256k or below... usually below. Their 3G is horrible.

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