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  1. I went to EXP to see if my new WMT TL was showing and now EXP does not show my business. I went from two different listings to one combined listing, now to no listing. I am going to call tomorrow and see what I can find out.
  2. I totally agree with the above. Also, be considerate of the rest of us. These are some f the reasons, that getting business credit, and increases are getting more difficult. In addition, have you possibly thought of innovative ways to help your business, or maybe another business venture, that would help you with your debt and livelyhood. I don't know what type of business you have, or how much debt you are in but it may be worth a try. Generally talking with them does no good. If your no longer in there good graces then you go to the default department for different terms, etc. But generally it is better to walk away if the overall debt is huge and can't be overcome in a reasonable period of time. Many times they don't litigate and you don't need to file bankruptcy. I have had charge-off with BOA over 20k and it was written off. It depends if they find assets, jobs etc then are more likely to sue. Just figure it all out on paper a short and long term strategy. Be considerate of the rest of us? Oh, please. 99% of business fail. And the overwhelming is not because of the owner fault. Market conditions, and what is done in Washington determines your business success or failure more than any other factor. So lay off the guilt. A business owner whom fails at one business can try, try again. Default rates are built in to the business credit formula and have nothing to do with the difficulty of getting credit. The defaults on vendor credit with many of the majors remains steady. The changing factors is reduced spending and other market conditions that make the companies shore up there accounts. Fail to plan and Plan to Fail. If someone walked up to you and borrowed $20K and said they would pay it back and then didn't, would that not lemonade you off? If that happened everyday several times a day, would you not then also go broke?
  3. Good to hear, but I would still caution others. I received a hard pull that is there until 09/09
  4. You might want to look at your personal report. I filled out an app with Arvest Business and they pulled my personal, even though I did not PG. I called the UW in Oklahoma to complain and the manager was rude and said they can and will do anything necessary to get an account verified, even if you do not PG.
  5. No, it is not possible with business. You have to send payment in snail mail.
  6. 829

    GE Money Bank

    I got $1K without a P/G. The lady I spoke with called my business line to verify we were who I said we were.
  7. 829

    Experian report

    My file was merged without issue.
  8. Did you get the $2/month plan?
  9. Charged 2x for one call. For instance, paying 6.9 cents per minute for someone to call your toll free number then an additional 6.9 cents per minute to forward the call to your phone.
  10. The they bill single or double leg?
  11. Can anyone here suggest a company for a toll free number? It is for business purposes. Thank you.
  12. This is totally dependent on the laws of OP's jurisdiction. OP needs to find out what his/her local govt requires. Look it up on their website or call or walk in and ask. There are areas of the country that allow you to operate a business without a business license?
  13. I would speak to your landlord, because running a business out of your home the correct way is going to either require a rezoning or special-use permit. What physical address did you put on your business license? That will be what you need.

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