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  1. Ok awesome, thank you! Something weird.. I just saw it show back up in the pending transactions! Will let you know if it goes through!
  2. It must’ve been in pending status and they returned it so it’s not anywhere in my records now. I do have an email receipt but it didn’t end up going through
  3. Thank you so much for your reply Why Chat! The date of medical service was 8/27/20 I was active here a long time ago so thankfully I knew not to respond to them but I mostly forgot everything else! I paid with my bank debit/credit card and was able to see the charge in what I thought was the posted transactions but I just checked and it’s gone... So I guess I haven’t paid 😕 Besides following the first guide is there anything I can do to maybe make sure this doesn’t go on my credit or stop what they’re doing and pay the OC or I can’t do much unless it
  4. Hi All! Apologies if this has been asked before but didn’t see anything that fit my situation. I had a $28 medical bill (left over after insurance) and since I don’t like sending checks I tried to pay online however I wasn’t able to login to pay and then I forgot about it.. (dumb & my fault I know) Last week I got a weird call from a CA and I knew what it was right away so I went back to the site for the medical group and was able to pay this amount differently than what I tried before. It said that I didn’t owe anything but I paid anyway hoping it would stop the process but I
  5. So it's a couple months later and I never sent anything to Midland, and they're calling again. To be honest I am a little scared of sending them anything because I don't want them to get a judgement or actually provide validation because we cannot afford to give them $1460. Can I just send a limited C&D letter or should I just send the unkown debt letter and see what happens? Here's my letter, if anyone can review it and let me know if it's ok that would be great! I'm just scared to send it off... LOL Dear Midland Credit Management, After receiving several phone calls at my pl
  6. When I dispute NCO can I put anything on there saying it's a duplicate of another account? I think we got one dunning letter from Midland after they showed up on his CR
  7. No, I just figured they had since NCO and Midland were both for AT&T
  8. Congrats! BTW There's a Target # to call and request a CLI? I was told there was no such thing, is the number posted here somewhere?
  9. My DH got a call from Midland today at work, he told them it was his work and not to call there but they kept going on and on at which point he hung up on them. Midland is on his CR for about $1500, I believe the account (AT&T) was sold to them from NCO in February but NCO is still on his CR although they haven't reported anything since April '08. I've read about Midland and how shady they are and how they've sued over small amounts of money like $300 or something. I didn't want to mess with this one but looks like I need to do something now. I'm not sure what the best course of action is,
  10. I just applied online a few minutes ago (after reading some I know now that I shouldn't have, but I didn't want to get embarrassed in the store LOL), I got approved but I only got $100 GLI..... Should I call and see if they can raise it or should I just wait and buy some stuff and PIF?
  11. If it helps, my husband and I just got financed through VW Credit with 2.5%, both of our Experian and Equifax scores are VERY low 600's.
  12. Just got approved! Thank you so much Marv!!!!!! Now we just need to work out the #'s. Thanks so much again Marv & CB!!!!
  13. Hi Marv! I'm back! Didn't get the R32, it was sold before we could go So now we'd like to try and get this VW Touareg, thanks so much for all your help! Mine and DH's apps are below. Credit Application: (Mine) Your Age? 29 Your Equifax Credit Score? 577 as of Feb, most likely about 30-50 points higher Your Experian Credit Score? 574 (FAKO) Your TransUnion Credit Score? How many years have you been on file with Equifax? 9 How many years have you been on file with Experian? 9 How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? 9 YOUR PREVIOUS AUTOMOTIVE CREDIT HISTORY
  14. DH doesn't remember much, he closed the account and from the statement they sent it looks like they bounced a few things and added some fee's after it was closed. He says he never heard anything about this til now and that as far as he knew it was closed with no negative balance. So no, no proof to contradict it. I've only sent a FOAD letter, they sent back validation and a letter saying if this is wrong send us this back telling us why with proof. The statement they sent is from March 2003, so if that is an actual statement with the right date then they can still legally report it for 11
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