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  1. Hey Marv, I've got a question you might have some insight in to. I got back on my feet about 4 1/2 years back when CFS bought my subprime loan on a new Nissan truck while I was stationed in Hawaii. I refi'd the loan about two years later, then sold it a year ago and paid that loan off. Now I sit with no auto loans, but bought a foreclosure just over a year ago and have racked up better than 40k in revolving and 40k in installments to repair the house. So my scores are very low 600's, and I now need a new vehicle. Even though I have 100% perfect payment history, does the heavy debt load kill my
  2. Same thing happened to me. I was pissed about having to both pay for the shipping to have it sent, when I didn't order it, and then having to pay the return shipping to send back their heavy-flowers box! So I did dispute with Amex, and what did they do? Amex sends me the copy of their Terms and Conditions (FRS) that was submitted by the merchant validating their claim. Apparently, because their website says it's an auto-ship program, they don't have to pay up. I plan to complain to the BBB as well. It was not advertised as an auto-ship program, but rather a "sample... you pay shipping."
  3. The word from the man who built the Costco/Amex co-brand about two weeks ago was "things are going very will with the co-brand, I don't see anything changing any time soon."
  4. Tried that, even after logging off and back then back on to their site. Still thinks you've pulled a report today.
  5. Same problem. This happened to me when EQ had their big "meltdown" they blamed on a power failure. I wonder what their excuse is today.
  6. We tried several angles with Chase, who was acting as the REO for the lender on a bank owned property and they would concede to anything. In the end, the only thing they paid for was the title insurance. Seems to me it depends on two things: how much the bank is losing and which bank or REO you're dealing with. Good luck.
  7. Only Lust would be jumping up and praising Amex. After the cut my limit in half, I dropped my Gold Biz, my Delta, and my Blue Cash. Now the Amex I carry is USAA. Better rates, WAY better customer service, and all from a bank that will likely never ask for a handout in order to turn around and lemonade on their customers. And as to the original poster's query, I'm pretty sure that they pull EQ like all the other GEMB products (I've got 3 of them, and they've all been positive experiences). And as to Lust (who I'm pretty sure looks nothing like the caricature that rides her signature),
  8. Wife applied before we were married, in store Oct 2007: Instant for $2k (But she was also not a member before and opened her membership that day). I applied for mine in April 2008 (already had Delta and Gold Biz) and have been a member since the 80's, and it was a wait (don't recall if it was 10 or 14 or what). Approved about 5 days later when they called to verify information. Both our apps were only one pull each on Ex. Needless to say, they do check usage at both app and when they decide to review your account, because her card was dropped to a 500.00 line since we never use her accoun
  9. Thanks for the answer. I have another question... I received my DD-214 in February, and finish school this month, after which I will become employed by a completely legitimate business owned by my family. What do I need to have to be prepared to provide the lender in order to qualify for VA approval? Does the service-school-employment replace the 2-year requirement?
  10. I'm curious how lenders look at your monthly debt payments. When I look at my reports, the minimum payments are way off. Some show zero or nothing, and others that reflect a zero balance show a hefty payment. For a VA loan, do they go purely off your report? Do they use a percentage of the reported revolving balances?
  11. Same thing happened to my Freedom and Amazon cards last month. Working great, then suddenly declined... "Too many new accounts in the last 12 months." Hmm, you sure didn't say that when you issued them and had the same accounts listed.
  12. Sorry to hijack your thread, but I'm in a similar boat looking at the VA loan option in the spring. I got out in March of this year and while my fiance is wrapping up grad school I'm about to start my masters. How difficult does anyone think it will be trying to get approval with a lapse in income for the year since I got out and with her just finishing her masters?
  13. I lost my Freedom completely. Called on Sunday and they said it was closed on the 16th. A little extra UT, but nothing crazy. And no explanation other than "something reported to use by the bureaus." No AA on my Amazon.com Visa though.
  14. For Corporate Cards that the company orders, unless things have changed in the last few weeks (which I doubt), then they do not factor in your credit much at all. You might have an issue if you'd screwed Amex over in the past, but I've never even heard of that happening. People with liens, bk's, etc. have all gotten those green and gold corporate cards. Cheers
  15. Yep, closed mine after 3+ years of requests to graduate. When I called their "executive" offices (not sure if that's what it's called, found the number a while back somewhere else on the board), they said they're not even considering requests to graduate, nor have they for a while (which I think could mean at least a year). Every time I requested, I got the "you'll be receiving a letter...", which always said they do not entertain requests to graduate. After a while I got fed up and that's when I called to cancel all three HSBC cards. They tried to get me to keep the Orchard Secured, but it's
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