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  1. My husband got back in with Discover 8.5 years after BK with Discover IIB. Citi 9 years (IIB). Amex, still waiting...
  2. I have an 8 year old BK on all of my reports and have Amex and Citi cards, so it is definitely possible. Chase is on my personal blacklist so I haven't tried with them!! The first higher limit cards I received were CU cards (JFCU back when it was "hot" on CB) and also Barclays. When my utilization was higher on some of my cards I could not get the prime approvals-- so I agree that is a good place to start.
  3. I got one at ~8 years as well. Added as AU a few years prior to that...
  4. What is the full name of the card you currently have, exactly as it's presented on the Citi web site? Looks like it now says: Citi Platinum Select/ AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard. There is a note that says: We have reissued a new Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World Elite® MasterCard® with the same account number as your current card. A new card is being mailed and should arrive soon. This replacement card may have been requested by an authorized user(s) on the account or is a new card being issued to you by Citi. If you have not received your new card(s) by the expiration date of your current card, please contact Customer Service at the number on the back of your card.
  5. I just logged into my Citi AAdvantage and saw the message that I would be receiving a World Elite MC in the mail to replace my current card and would need to activate, etc. Have had this card < 3 months.
  6. You bet. Love the car! Financed through a CU. Your posts have made me a believer. 2 years post bk7 and I got a 5.25% rate through JFCU. Very happy.
  7. Okay. Thanks for the responses and input, Marv. I think I have cooled off a little bit now. I will probably just let it be, since I should have been more savvy with what I signed. If I get the opportunity to say something about it I will, but I won't go out of my way since the salesman may not have even known it occured.
  8. Yes. I think I did...even though I was told it was not being used for that purpose. Should I bother writing a letter to the manager/owner or do I just need to get over it?
  9. The salesman is the one who "promised" that my credit definitely would not be pulled. Unfortunately, I filled out and signed some type of application form which is why I asked about credit -- it asked for my SSN. I only filled out the very top which he said was all they needed since it was just for processing the title of my car.
  10. I just purchased a new vehicle through my local Hyundai dealership. I had my own financing in place through JFCU. When I was filling out paperwork there was a form that asked for my SSN. I asked if this was for pulling my credit and told them I did not want my credit pulled and would wait until the financing went through to take delivery of the vehicle. I was assured that it was for vehicle title processing purposes only and that they absolutely were not going to pull my credit. So, today I find out they pulled a hard on Experian for both me and my husband. I am really frustrated at this because they flat out told me they would not. I can understand the dealer's perspective where they need to have assurance that their interests are protected, but I feel the fact that they flat out told me they were not going to pull my credit was wrong. Am I wrong here? It just bothers me that they went behind my back and did it. Should I complain or am I being unreasonable?
  11. I use TC and knocked one inq. of EQ today....
  12. My husband had a JCP card that he had opened about 10+ years ago as well and hadn't used for a loooooong time...basically same situation as you. Anyway, it had some kind of strange limit, like $541. It was the sole survivor of a BK7. We called to see if it was still active and found out it was, so we used it to buy some new bedding when they were having a sale. Paid half when we received the bill and then PIF'd the next month. Our CL went to $800 after then next statement cut. This was about 6 months ago. Bought some dinnerware that was on sale recently PIF'd, requested a CLI online and now it's at $1,500... That's our experience anyway....:-)
  13. Thanks. I was actually pretty surprised....I had been using my card on and off (mostly off) and my husband had been taking advantage of the 0% BT which he just paid off...

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