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  1. You need to know THE AMOUNT of loans that she received in any given year that she used to pay for any of her expenses..........not the scholarships, just the loans, for the moment..........Can you find out this information ? (Important )
  2. Are you the father of her son ? Is she already divorced and if not, is there any "father" currently in the picture ?
  3. Are these funds that were used for her education considered "scholarships" or are they "loans" which must be repaid ?
  4. Just curious.............In what state do you reside ? Also, who pays for her school expenses.......tuition, books, etc. ?
  5. SBA: When speaking with the Bloomies Fraud Dept. this evening, I advised the Bloomies Rep that I wanted to keep the "block" on both the Store card and the Amex card until the investigation was completed. She understood and agreed to my request. I also emptied all allowable information from both the "Profile" and "My Wallet" sections on Bloomingdales website for the present. The longer this continues, the more the Bloomingdales Fraud Rep agrees that it's looking more & more like this is a case of widespread compromise of Bloomingdales website data.
  6. The only update is that my New Bloomingdales Amex card arrived in today's mail.
  7. SBA: Right ! Separate item of interest: Thanks. Never knew that.
  8. SBA: What I gleaned from my conversation with Bloomingdales Fraud Dept.last evening was that it was not altogether impossible that BLOOMINGDALE'S website was "hacked" and their customers information was, in fact, compromised, not that my computer security was breached, but theirs, much like when other vendors security has been compromised in the past.
  9. SBA: Bloomies Fraud Department admitted, as you suggested, that the thief was knowledgeable...........and did, in fact, change BOTH addresses and phone numbers...........in BOTH the "Profile" and "My Wallet" sections of their website. It was only when Bloomies "tested" the addres change & telephone number change, using whatever database they referred to in our call, "badges of fraud" were suspected and the card accounts were Both (Store & Amex) shut down.
  10. There is no other user whatsoever. The WI-Fi isn't even currently turned on, and hasn't been since 2011. It is WEP encrypted and the log history would indicate that it has never been breached.
  11. SBA: In fact, the Fraud Dept. at Bloomies even "reinforced" the fact that law enforcement should be very specific when requesting that particular parcel of information, which they said. was certainly available from Bloomingdales.
  12. Bloomies, according to both Bloomies and law enforcement.
  13. I just got off the phone with the Bloomingdales Fraud Department, again,and, at some point in the conversation, after advising the department that Law Enforcement was going to subpoena not only all of the info on the fraudulent transactions, but also the IP address logged when the password, address change & telephone number change was requested that is tied to the session in which the changes were made. This will allow law enforcement to identify the ISP and further subpoena the ISP for a subscriber identification and physical location of the requesting computer. At that point, the Fraud
  14. I have now filed the police report and completed the Statement of Fraud and sent both items to Bloomingdales Fraud Dept. Now, the only thing I can do is wait.......for new card to arrive.
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