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  1. Thanks for the responses! I'll update as the process continues.
  2. Are there any programs in Georgia? And if so, how do they work?
  3. I was curious if this would work if the lien was discharged in ch7 bankruptcy.
  4. I have since moved but stayed at the residence listed on the contract at least a year after the repo......sure if moving it gets more responses thatd be great...thanks im not sure how to pm...
  5. I dont recall ever recieving any notices from them at all......would there be a way to request them now? If they cant provide documentation would that be sufficient to win in court?
  6. auto was reposessed in 9/2007 and havnt heard a thing from them until today...i was served by the sherrif. i am trying to find out what my options might be before contacting calvary. what is the sol for georgia for auto reposession? any suggestions?
  7. I called and they said they did but didnt ask for SSN of AU so not sure if they really know.
  8. They have reported to all three cra's and im apping for a mortgage next month and just want them to go away.....
  9. Since you messed up today you can pull anytime tommorow. That's my experience with them. If I pull early then the next day I can pull anytime I like. Ymmv
  10. I was chopped again also in Georgia! Any ideas?
  11. correct...your first sign up through edit and they will give you the code....then start pulling!
  12. I'd like the number as well. Thanks
  13. Pm me the address as well.....thanks
  14. Any idea how much I could qualify for with 500 a week income and no other debt. It will be a rd loan.

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