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  1. My main concern are CC's with 0% APR for 6-13 billing cycles.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I also want to us the CC to float me in order to buy inventory so I can sell and payback immediately. Thanks for the heads up. I also want to us the CC to float me in order to buy inventory so I can sell and payback immediately. I didn't know about the CARD act, I will definitely read up on that one.
  3. I'm looking to apply for business CC so I can do BT from my personal CC to keep my utilization low. I was wondering how many applications should I apply for in one day? Which business CC do yo suggsst? I was thinking that if I do multiple applications all the inquires won't show up in the same day.
  4. I'm in the process of getting a HELOC and I want to know if that limit will weigh on what the CCC decides to give for a new CL?
  5. 1 of 3 is open and the other 2 are closed ok thank you
  6. That's not a bad limit...Your income must have been a factor there. I got an ED back in August with a $1,500 Limit with an EX FICO of 674 with a personal income of nearly 30x, reported income (spouse) 50x. Got denied my 61 Day CLI bc my BSP got CLI in July from $7,000 to $12,000. Thanks for the insight, I'm working to clear up some baddies on my report. I had 3 duplicate TL reporting lates Also working on removing a CA
  7. What is the best way to dispute a TL, phone or letter? I have duplicate TL reporting late fees with Cap One card. I called to file a dispute over the phone. Should I follow up with a letter dispute?
  8. I've had my cap one card since 2007 and when my card expired it shows a close account on my CR BUT now I have the lates reporting 3x on my EX. It shows i have 3 negative TL but they're all for the same account. How do I go about getting these removed to reflect the current account?
  9. I'm trying to remove late payments from a TL and get a CO TL removed (this is a duplicate TL on my report; it that affecting my score 2x?) Is the account with the late payments still open and in good status? If so, call their EO office and ask for removal. What is the status of the CO and how long has it been charged off? Was it paid by you or did it go to collections and has a $0 balance? Who are these accounts with? That can make a big difference on how to approach them by knowing this. My captial one account is still open and in good status. I'm a newbie what does "EO" mean? The Bank of America CC is a closed account with a few (30,60,90,120) from 2009 Its actually a CA and shows paid in full. I made a payment plan with the actually company and some how it was sent to a collection agency. The balance is zero and paid in full The CA is with Firstsource Advantage
  10. I'm trying to clean up my CR and I see the a duplicate paid collection. Can you PLEASE advise on me on what I should do??? 1. Does that affect my score 2x? 2. How do I get these removed? I paid a credit repair company to get them removed but they only successfully removed the TL from Equifax. EX and TU both show duplicate TL
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