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  1. i guess the yahoo news folks have never heard of a credit union.....pfft.
  2. but i liked the interest rate that i had at first.... and then they went and changed it on me.... for no reason..... go figure.
  3. Here's the story.... I applied for the card online and was approved based on an eq score of 707..... Later that day when they looked at my trans. report which shows a score of 698 but shows a bankruptcy from 2001 they closed it. This all occured a month ago and much to my suprise what do i find on my true credit report this a.m.? Thats right, the partners first account showing a status of closed with a zero balance and a high limit of 2k? I called and talked to "cynthia" a manager in the credit dept. at partners first and was told " per the FCRA the information can't be removed from your report". At that point i laid the phone in front of my dog, she sniffed it twice and walked out of the room, that let me know that there was no need to continue with the conversation... should i just let it ride or get medievil? opinions please..
  4. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle..... i just checked mine..... went from the 500 thats it's been stuck at for the past 2 yrs up to 1k....... imagine that..
  5. exactly....... that what the new rules should tell the credit card companies.......rate jacking, universal default, double billing, sweeping positive balances ( don't think for one minute that citi is the only one that was/is doing this).....and the list goes on..... restraint is what is needed..
  6. yes.....full disclosure is what it's all about.... when applying for a credit card or an auto loan i think you should tell them about removed derog's also... edit: don't forget to tell them about any "b" you may have experienced.......
  7. The insurance industry claims that lower FICO scores result in higher claims. The reasoning is that people having debt issues are more likely to file false and/or padded claims. They cite a study to support their assertions, one that they paid for. If you ask me it's just another consumer ripoff. They have driving records and CLUE reports that I think are much more likely to predict risk than credit scores. Interesting....I had read that people, with poorer credit scores, used insurance companies more. In essence, if they had a 800 dollar fender bender, where most people might pay out of pocket to get it fixed, the people with ther poorer scores, since they didn't have money (supposedly), they would access their insurance more. not with a 1000 dollar deductible
  8. Op needs to skip on down to his local courthouse and get a " stay of garnishment".......
  9. wow.... so some of you don't mind if the banks abuse people as long as they continue to offer "you" low rates on "your" credit cards.... nice.
  10. they can be kind of slow .... when i applied for my nrewards i got the "review in process" message. I waited 2 days and called and was told that they needed a copy of my utility bill to verify my address... i was like "what"? i just got a 40k car loan from you last month and you don't know my address ..... got the card with a 2500 cl. I thought that kinda low compared to what others on here have reported, but what the heck.....
  11. They pulled my trans. Which is a 708 with a bk from 2001 and 2 year old foreclosure....(She got the house,I got the mortgage)..don't get me started
  12. imagine that.... me with an instant approval...... thanks CB'ers, i owe you guys big time.... does this mean citi may let me in to play?
  13. PWT


    sweet ..... you've gotta the green ...... get you some good gear ... helmet, jacket, gloves etc.... and wear it... sign up for a motorcycle safety course.... be safe and ride defensively...
  14. The banks have not only been tightening their lending standards, but they've been ratejacking the credit card rates. Consumers have been forced to use their cc's just to live, but what are they going to do when they've got to pay for higher gas, food, and higher minimum payments. Nobody forced the consumers to have no emergency funds or even simple savings plans. Those that have planned are still doing just fine. planned for what? $4.00 a gallon gas? so your suggesting that a person who is forced to use his savings and or emergency funds to cover daily expenses will be fine....? lol......
  15. PWT


    user id is the last four of your ss#....... at least mine is...ymmv

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