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  1. My last post says how Afni couldn't validate or investigate I should say without more personal info. Well the other day I recieve a letter from them stating how they validated the account. Oh yeah they sure did validate it.....they put the OC on and the amount and the balance. Hmmmm, isn't that the same info on my CRs which made me start this whole DV process. We'll see what happens now, I'm expecting my green card back shortly.
  2. I got the Juniper Carnival Sea Miles last week, I haven't recieved my card yet. They only gave me a $800. CL. Has anyone had any luck getting a CLI with them and what would be the best way to ask? Upon activation? Thanks in advance.
  3. The 7 year issue begins when the account is first reported for the first time right? I'm asking this because on my Afni account they state placed for collection in2005. That might be so with their company but they are the second CA. So how do you know if a CA reaged an account?
  4. When you have little to few accounts, applying can bump your score assuming you get the card. However, when you have a lot of accounts, applying can decrease your score but watch out for it to rebound.
  5. I don't have any problems with this card at all. I've had it for a long time when it originated as a K-Mart Capital One card. Never, ever had any fees except for the usual over the limit or late fees. They did however started applying a $4.00 member fee per month about 3 years ago, which I don't mind because that's still less than usual annual fees. They haven't started reporting my CL as of yet and that's why I asked for the CLI because my balance was $450. and the CL was $500..So now it's $1000. which helps some.
  6. The only Citi card I applied for was the Platinum Select and I got it. My scores were in the mid to high500's when I applied. I was shocked. And this card reports the CL.
  7. Well the magic number worked for me. They gave me a $500 increase. Now I have a $1000. CL which isn't much but this account is my oldest account from 2001. At least it will help my UT.
  8. Thank you everyone. I think I'll call the number than.
  9. I've had this card since 2001 and Cap One has gradually increased my limit on their own over the years. This card is only a $500. limit and I would like to get that increased especially since they are going to start reporting limits. It shows now my high balance which is over a hundred dollars more than the limit. I had to get an emergancy limit increase once. So of course this will probably affect my score when they do start reporting limits. So I was wondering if they will do a hard pull when asking for a limit increase when using the magic number?
  10. Well my 2nd letter to them consists of making them aware of two of the violations they have and also letting them know that there are more. It also tells them that if they don't validate this debt or remove it withing 10 days then I will file complaints with the AG of IL the FTC, the BBB with NC and IL. We'll see what happens.
  11. This if funny. I was just looking of the letter that Afni sent me and they say that their unable to investigate at this time. They need me to provide to them personal info. What's so funny is that I believe they don't have a chance in hell at winning this one. If they can't investigate this account with the account number posted right on the letter than I don't know what to tell them except for screw you!!!!! Let's see what happens when they recieve my letter.
  12. My suggestion to you is just fight the battle. Yes, it takes time. Pryan can tell ya how long I've been working on this account. For me it's a matter about principle with both the OC and the CA. I will never, ever give those companies a dime!!!!!!!! Just take it one step at a time and don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Look for ANY violations, look for anything that will work for YOU in getting this account off your CRs. Good Luck!!!!!
  13. Pryan....in reference to this subject....It's the CRAs that have to notify you within 5 days right?
  14. Congrats on the limit! What's the typical limit Juniper usually gives? I applied last night for the sea miles card and was instantly approved but for only $800. I don't have any high limit cards so maybe this limit suits my profile. My highest limit cards are $1000. However, one of those is a Citi card so I guess I can't complain.
  15. Well I just applied for the Carnival card online and was approved instantly. It's only $800. CL. I was hoping for at least 2000. Trying to keep it realistic since I don't have any high limit cards.

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