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  1. Thanks for the replies, turns out this only sends me alerts when changes occurs such as new inquiries. It does not include any free credit reports at all, it won't help me with *B* and it just seems completely useless.
  2. I got this letter from Nix Check Cashing informing me of a security breach. The thing is I can't remember ever using them, I used to live in California but that was over ten years ago, so I'm not sure if this is just marketing ploy. I did participate in the free transunion offer thread: Look at what I found! What do you guys think? I already have creditchecktotal which is another experian product. Is this legit or am I setting myself up for future solicitation.
  3. Period........That's all I have to say about that. Good night.
  4. I don't see why everyone is in such a rush to apply for this crappy card.
  5. At one time Hooters was a half decent card, hard pull was most likely transunion B*, and you used to be able to get a pretty decent CL with above average scores. Today's Hooters card is less appealing with lower limits and crappy annual fees. Check the creditpull database and look at the trend of initial CL decline over the last couple years.
  6. $5200 initial limit, this was in 2007 no CLI since, no AF, and will close this account before I would pay a monthly fee
  7. Wow OP, it doesn't seem that you have very many options, unless you're anticipating a spike in income in the near future. Many people have gone back to school and taken out guaranteed student loans in an effort to buy a little more time, but given that it is March you'd probably have to find a school that is on the quarter system or try to keep things afloat until fall. Obviously credit is very important to you otherwise you wouldn't be on this board, but many have recovered from BK, have learned from their mistakes and have rebuilt their scores. Explore all of the possible options...A headache now is better than an aneurysm later.

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