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  1. Have a co-worker who house was awarded to her from a divorce. The house was a VA guaranteed loan through BOA. A quick deed was done and she is now on the deed. The home is still financed in the ex's name and she is beginning to have many issues including maintaining insurance on the home because of the mortgage is not in her name. Can she obtain a mortgage as a first time home buyer although her name is on the deed now? Or what are her other options? The mortgage has been sold to BAC which at this point is hassling her about even accepting payments. Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. my link is in the first post here... Thanks so much Pyran!!!!
  3. I am serioiusly addicted to Maria Wars...my only issue is I have only 10 people my Mafia and continued to get iced...please help. I need more people in my family. Thanks in advance.!
  4. This is beyond insane. Show ID to deposit money into an account. What in the world would my id validate...I am eligible to make deposits. Send your deposits to another bank. Technology is shifting where u can be in your bathrobe and make deposts.
  5. Update: Call first thing this morning and was finally transferred to the right contact. The supervisor stated "We take the privacy act seriously". Provided the details (complaint) and I did receive a follow up call to state the matter would be dealt with. Thanks for everyone's insight.
  6. I am not sure her role at the utility place....If she can see everyone bill, etc. she must have access. I will just call tomorrow.
  7. An ex-employee who left, disgruntled, now works at the city utilites. She calls back to the work-site and discusses employees utilities situations, cutoff, notices, lates, you name it she is running through everyone files. Is this illegal?
  8. So "Absolutely" is an overused word these days.
  9. Yep, you said it! I will go back and look at how I got rid of them. I know one thing they will reage an elephant if they could.
  10. I watched every single show. Although I did not agree with some of the board room firing, Trump really did a good job chosing the Celebrity Apprentice this year. I was more impressed that it wasn't all about the dollars. Good show, for a good cause!!!
  11. The Neighborhood stabilization program funds has been allocated and each state has pretty much has access to the funds right now. The interest rate seems to be higher but you have access to funds to puchased foreclosed home in certain areas. The city which I resides in stated their intent was to "purchase" the homes and lease them out although the program is also intended for individuals to have access to the monies to purchase the home such as down payments and closing costs and you can also receive a loan to fix up the place and will not have to pay the money back if you reside in the home for more than 5 years. This program is income specific.
  12. All time favorite and use it quite often: "Damn, Damn, Damn"! Florida Evans. Good Times!!

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