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  1. I wouldn't cancel them. Looking at your siggy, you have a lot of store cads blended in and the bank cards have low limits as well. It should eventually grow with your other bank cards. Sit for a while with what you have, manage it, and you should see it build over time.
  2. If you must do daily sign up for wallethub. It’s vantage TransUnion but there are a lot of ways to get free updates. Experian even lets you pull a free report once a month (without a score) and you can sort of couple that with your monthly usaa skore All the freebies like credit karma (free weekly tu), credit sesame, nerdwallet, mint, wallethub. Etc will send an alert out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I was setting up the link and I noticed some fine print....Discover says that charges using Apple Pay will show up as Apple Pay.... I thought that was curious as I've used it with Cap1 and it shows the appropriate charges. I had used it with my WF Debit but am glad to take that off Apple Pay now. Anyone else have experience in this?
  4. Reaffirm means what exactly? The arrears were paid in addition to the monthly mortgage payment. I get a monthly statement that I am current. Do I have to sign something directly with the mortgage company. If I leave this be on my report it will fall off on 9/2018 and it won’t look like I have a current mortgage???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. From the Experian Website: I have the AWESOME Select Portfolio Servicing group for my mortgage... I thing they are the greatest..... uh...... no Anyways this is how they are reporting on my actual EXP CR. It reflects properly that there were lates, and the foreclosure started but I preempted that with the bankruptcy. Payments were made by trustee and never late since 2/2012 and I am still making payments though none of this is reflected. AND the report states that this should come off September 2018... Do I dispute or ask SPS to get their crap together (politely of course) to update proper and prompt payments for the last 6 years. Recent balance Not reported Date opened 08/2006 Status Petition for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Type Mortgage Terms 30 Years On record until Sep 2018 Credit limit or original amount $136,000 High balance $0 Monthly payment $0 Recent payment amount Not reported Date of status 03/2012 First reported 05/2009 Responsibility Individual Comment Foreclosure proceedings started.
  6. Wells Fargo probably won't touch you. I tried DCU... too close to BK discharge. USAA and Discovery both approved for secured
  7. more is not always better. in terms of rebuilding, 2-3 secured products is plenty for the first year. eventually, yes, you want 5 cards at least for score purposes. but when you're rebuilding, your score is meaningless. so there's absolutely no reason at all to open a bunch of extra secured products. after the first year, you can apply for unsecured cards and work your way up to 5 cards. ideally you want 2 cards ASAP out of BK. I opened 1 secured and 1 unsecured. my plan was to keep those for 1 year before doing anything. when EQ got cleaned up, that moved my timeline forward and I decided to apply for a third card because it was quality and was going to help me in the long run. but while my plan is to get another 2 cards soon, I'm not in a hurry to get lame products I don't need/won't use (like a no rewards secured card would be). From my original post.... I've received 3K from Cap1 and 7K from USAA Amex (all unsecured). PotO recommended that I accept the Discover Secured card that I was approved for and USAA offered a secured card as well. I would think one year from now the any remaining IIB (just a few) and my BK will fall off. I don't plan on doing a store spree but maybe adding one or two quality cards next year at this time. I just wondered how a couple of secured products would look with low deposits in them (USAA at least accrues interest while they sit on it).
  8. how are all your IIB accounts and BK going to fall off in 2019? discharged BK13 stays for 7 years as do the accounts. (unless you dispute them and are able to get them removed, but that's a different story.) My IIB accounts have already started falling off. I filed in 2012 (early 2012). I was just discharged but am almost at 6 years since filing. The important date is the filed date.
  9. Wasn't trying to start a squeezing a lemon contest about Discover... knew people would chime in. I know I can add money to both secured products. Discy will graduate I don't believe the USAA will. My question pertains to tying up a deposits for an extended period of time. Is there a negative impact to just opening up with the minimal for now to get the card reporting? I think I will be in the 700s by next year with proper CC maintenance. Do the higher limits on Cap1 and USAA counter a lower limit on these two secured cards? uh... wasn't exactly what I typed...... oops.
  10. A little context. - It took about a year after completing payments to chapter 13 to be discharged. Immediately did app run and received 7k USAA Amex... 3K Cap1. Based on PotO's advise, pursued Discover Secured and tried USAA for another card (stated I am max limit for now) but USAA offered up secured option. That will give me 4 cards for now (I tried others and got denied.. mainly too close to BK) Thought I would wait a year until all my IIB (err payment plan as CR Shows) and BK falls off in early 2019. I am also doing a SL Rehab which will be completed by November but should show great age on my reports (from 2004). So I know more is better but I just want to use the secured cards for subscription services and PIF..... and it could tie up significant money...... is it ok to do minimal deposits without long term issues given the better limits on my two unsecured cards or do I just have to bit the bullet and sink money in .. Discover has to be deposited in a couple of weeks. I have over a month for USAA.
  11. I can't say for sure, but I would imagine yes. Also the $200 CL does not hurt you. Finally, if it did report as secured, that wouldn't hurt you either. If i remember correctly, $200 is the smallest deposit you can make. You can go up to $3,500 I think. I had to wait to reapply. Completed this morning. So approved for that. Obviously nothing is reporting yet so just going to lean back for a while and build on these. Discy states up to $2500 with a review at 7 months. Also tried for another card at USAA but got the max CL message with an option for a secured card with them.
  12. BTW, your link shows that it reports as UN-Secured? Is that still the case (post is from 2015). I didn't realize that.

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