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  1. ... or the CSA rep might have banged her kneecap on the corner of her desk [i HATE when that happens], or maybe it was all an act - a twisted tactic really meant to make OP feel bad, turning the emotional tables on him, or something else. We're assuming a direct causal link between OP's rant and the rep crying... I guess that makes for quite a lot of "discussion".
  2. Sorry, the thought did occur to me but it didn't surface enough to include that in my response. We all hope that the eventual tax on the retirement distributions is at a lower rate than that 25% marginal rate you would be subject to now.
  3. The 10% increase in income is taxable income, is it not? If you get $6,000 more a year in taxable income then, assuming you're in a 25% tax bracket, you can expect to pay $1,500 more per year in (federal) taxes (if you don't move to a higher bracket). Your disappointment sounds like me and my wife's discussion when I explained to her, after she graduated from college and entered the workforce (after being a homemaker for 25 years), we would only net roughly 60% of her pay after taxes (federal, state, local, FICA) because it would be filed jointly on top of the wages I was already earning and we were in a 28% (or whatever it was) federal tax bracket with my already established income. Check that 401k disappointment though - consider that the 2% extra to the 401k should reduce your taxable income (if you are within any limits on before-tax contributions) by the amount of your contribution. If you could "afford" it, imagine putting all of your raise into the 401k and then you'd have no extra federal taxes (again, assuming you haven't reached any limit on before-tax contributions).
  4. I have a suspicion that by "rebuild", IT means they are going to restore a standard image they already have containing the standard "build" of OS and company software installs along with whatever OP had added on and restore the user files as needed. No use jumping to conclusions on what they mean by "rebuild".
  5. Depends on the context, indeed: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/stabbed-over-sunburn-slap-587341
  6. http://www.planetfeedback.com/ perhaps?http://www.ripoffreport.com/ ?
  7. I've counted about 18 faces so far but have lost track on whether another is one I've already counted or not.
  8. Oooooh, ther are MUCH worse places than middle of your back where you definitely would be glad your spouse was there instead of only your mother-in-law.
  9. You might get a more useful response in either Business Credit forum or Credit forum.
  10. Oh..... I thought this was a thread about rabbits who wanted to do away with competition from hares.
  11. LOL. Thanks, OC! I felt compelled to try and offset the negative impression I might have given when I went nukyalerr on poor Jimmy Carter and G Dubbya.
  12. Oh, my.... I worked in a coal tar processing plant for a couple of years where the English was quite entertaining. After some storage tanks had been spray painted with graffiti, a guy was sent to clean the "confetti" off them tanks. Another guy missed work because his kids had the "chicken pops" and yet another missed work when his pregnant wife started having "contraptions". The union operators occasionally threatened to file a "greement" on me when I got too hands on. One of the office workers missed work because she had "jewelry" duty. Highly educated they were not but intelligent? They split coal tar into 4 different finished products and cleaned the waste water effluents up to an environmentally safe condition for discharge, and they did it SAFELY - you tell me - intelligent or not? My wife of 28 years holds English as a third language but refers to it as her "turd" language because of her accent. She just completed her M.S. in psychology and is a top-notch therapist having finally found her true niche while I am a lowly B.S. who is only occasionally truly satisfied with his work of 30 years. She's highly intelligent and more educated than I am. Aspects of her "intelligence" exceed mine but other aspects of mine exceed hers. She securely humors my occasional nitpick at her English. Ya know what? You can mangle English pretty badly but for them that has ears it's pretty easy to decipher what's being said. Get over it! Intelligence indeed.
  13. Data point - was the account and had it always been current on the date you filed BK7?
  14. I hate hearing "nuclear" pronounced new-que-ler. That is an accepted pronunciation. At least according to the dictionary. Now shall we go into the proper way to say pecan and tomato? Yeah, I see that and it really chaps my hind-end. My hind-end has been chapped over that ever since I heard Jimmy Carter, a nuclear engineer, say it that way and George Bush kept me raw for many years to come. Since I'm a chemical engineer, I think I'll just start pronouncing chemical with the ch- as in chow and see how people react! P.S.: "React", haha, get it?
  15. Um, it's like, ahem, an interjection.

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