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  1. Thanks for your honest information. I knew I should have followed up more on things, but these people could have been a little more courteous especially for the rates they are getting in the end for such a small debt. By the time this is over, I will have paid 4K on a 2K debt. Hopefully, this will pass and based on amount it may be several lean pay periods until this is resolved. I even thought of bankruptcy to get a clean slate for what they are charging in interest and fees. Since I have no assets except for a older model vehicle.
  2. A finance company sued and then won a default judgement against me in Louisiana. I never got served the final judgement. I filed for a continuance before the hearing due to a last minute change at work, but the court must have denied it. I was actually in communication with them to settle the debt over a consent judgment before the hearing. The court nor did the attorney for the finance company call or write to me. to inform me of the denial. Two weeks later, the finance company then opted to do a employment check and informed my employer of garnishment order they were sending to them and then they called me and left a message to call back. The message they left did not say that they wanted payment today or they would seek the garnishment it was just give us a call. I called back today because I didn't get the message they called until after they were closed. They refused all efforts to avoid the garnishment and wanted payment in full because they had already filed it. After I explained the situation with work, my employer called the finance company and then they discussed my account information beyond just the simple garnishment order with them without my permission. Is any of this permissible?
  3. Well, I never heard back from them. Now my Credit report is showing pinnacle litigation group instead of restart. So I know how they got my work number. Since, I have no known connections to this company. I will try to dispute the hard pull.
  4. I will be keeping an eye on my reports. I will even try disputing the pull. I even checked Google the number they gave me to call back was linked to scams.
  5. Now I just got a phone call at work from the American Courier Service in reference to legal documents that the Pinnacle Litigation Group wants to have me served.
  6. Just got an alert this morning for a collection agency Restart Financial Solutions pulling my report. All my payments are up to date. I have no known accounts with this agency. I checked my report. Could I dispute to remove? The only thing is that it may be some old unreportable debt from more than 7 years ago.
  7. I noticed that too, but thought it meant something about a purchase for members only. Since the next line or specifics also say purchase must be more than 40 dollars. I already email Capital One about this VISA issue.
  8. I got an interesting offer from Capital One on 2 of my credit card accounts to spend more than 40 dollars at Sams and get back 10 dollars as a credit. I got the offer on both cards now here is the fix one of my cards is a VISA card. Sam's doesn't take VISA. Now my other card is a Mastercard so offer will apply. The offer applies in store, so going on line is not an option. I wonder if Capital One did any research on this before sending out the offer.
  9. I recently received 2 preapprovals from Cap 1/Sears Solutions. Funny thing is how they mention that I was selected based on my recent visit, but I hadn't visited a Sears or KMart store in nearly a year. At that time, I did try to bite the bullet on a Sears Card from citi but was turned down. I guess recent is relative to anything in the past year. By no means am I contemplating taking their Preapproval with their toy 400 dollar line that nearly never increases. As I have more now than I can handle on other lines from other issuers. I do have 4 toy cards and a checking through Cap 1.
  10. This week, I logged into check my Walmart Credit Card Balance, and bam I got offerred the upgrade to Discover and a small CLI even after just getting a CLI less than 2 months ago. This goes wonders after getting the card back in 06 and being stuck at 75 dollars for nearly 4 years, and now getting regular CLI from GE on all lines for the past 2 years. Card should arrive next week. It is my first Discover branded card since college when I screwed up my credit in 2002 and let my Discover issued Discover go by the wayside. Patience is what it takes to achieve all. 700 Club here I come.
  11. Logged in this morning and the credit has finally been made available. Now, how ironic is this I also got an email from Customer service this morning to rate my recent contact "for services." Needless to say, my reviews were not that positive, and the only thing that was missing was comments box otherwise I probably would have unloaded my fustration. Barring any future technological emergencies broken TV or computer, I am probably going to close it or sock drawer it once I pay off a promo interest back interest balance of 160 left on my account. Last month I paid off my balance due, but not until after the promo interest expired 10 days prior.
  12. Made an online payment of my balance due on March 1st. And they still have yet to release available credit. Coupled with a ton of back interest from a promo interest purchase that expired before the payment. It shows that I am over my credit limit online. Called Saturday to see if they could release credit and got turned down. They say they are waiting for confirmation the many was deducted from my account. The payment was only 360 dollars.
  13. Statement cut today. The damage is done to the tune of 161 dollars. Now good grief, they have yet to update my limit to reflect the payment that posted last week and was deducted from my checking account the next day. Hopefully, it does not report this to the CRA's because it would seem that I am over my limit by 20 bucks. When my balance is only 161. Limit is 500 and stuck in Plan B hell. At this rate, I don't believe they would have released the available credit in time for my purchase of the new Ipad. So Best Buy you lost some business because, I bought it directly from Apple using my new Apple Visa. At least with this one, I only have to deal with 6 months of back interest if not paid in full and not 18 months.
  14. I had to look it up on the actual paper statement. It looks like it is going cost me about 160 dollars or so. Had I paid 14 days earlier, there would have only been 160 dollars or so on the promo balance left. Luckily, I had paid off the card otherwise I probably would have gone over my limit without that major payment. Any recourse or Goodwill to cut those fees in half since I have paid them off my current balance and my statement hasn't cut yet nor have they charged the interest to my account affecting my available credit.

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