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  1. I would love to join Linkedin, except for that whole "don't ever tell anyone who you work for on social network sites or personal websites, or don't wear our logo in public or overseas" gibberish they told us. Oh well.
  2. In the name of the flying spaghetti monster, I vow that nobody is safe from blockage But please don't, I don't want to lose a friend
  3. You can hide the post like you normally would and then the option should come up that says something like "only show important posts from so-and-so" which I interpreted as something original that they post on their own.
  4. I might be in the minority here, but there's two things that irk me on FB: 1. Food posts/pictures. I don't know why, it's just freaking annoying. 2. The people who are constantly "sharing" other crap from these random profiles that don't belong to a person. Like: so and so shared "uncle sam's misguided childrens" post... And it's usually some ridiculous ecard, or some obnoxious crap like "share this or you love the devil". UGH. Sorry for the off topic. I don't mind the lovey dovey stuff, except when it's so self-righteous that it's obvious that the only reason it was posted was to
  5. Seriously though, who chased away all the normal posters here‽ This place is more and more dead whenever I venture backị
  6. Yup. It's seeing things that shouldn't be there, and not seeing things that should be there. If you have an external SD card, unmount it and remount it. If your media files are on the internal storage, just clear the cashe and you should be dopeshow.
  7. Cruise control circuits usually originate from the transmission, you might have missed a connector, or might still have a leak that is compromising one of your connections. Since you said you had the tranny out, I would definitely start there - just double checking everything and making sure everything is mated, sealed, and connections are tight. I don't think your timing is off. If you didn't crank the engine when everything was off, then you should be just fine. I removed the rockers and overhead cams on my car and as long as everything goes back in the same way and there was no turning
  8. I'll answer truthfully since this is actually relevant to my current status. I am on the verge of being unemployed, because I won’t move with my job to Florida (pukey face). For the last 10ish years I’ve been an electronics technician, for the last 4 with a major defense contractor. I’m far from rich, but I’m not poor either. I have no degree. What I’m finding now, is that nobody wants to hire me without a degree. So I guess it’s time for me to go back to school. I’m probably looking at a potential career change, since I have to learn something new in school anyway. At this point in my l
  9. If I'm not mistaken you can get to this menu roughly the same way in Win7 as XP and older versions: Right click on My Computer, and click on properties. Somewhere on the left should be "System Properties" and in that window select the Advanced tab. In the performance section, click on the settings button, then select adjust for best appearance, or find the individual box pertaining to icons vs thumbnails. This is all assuming that your particular windows explorer view isn't set to icons and IS in fact set to view thumbnails. That setting should be in the upper right hand area of any wi
  10. I haven't set a budget yet, but I will have to operate within reason Jewelry is ok I guess.... but it would have to bear some significance to 11/12/13. A charm bracelet wouldn't be a bad idea, but she doesn't really wear bracelets, and I'd prefer to get her something she'd use or at least see often. Gifts that end up in the closet or in a drawer suck
  11. So, wifey's birthday is on November 12th... and this year it falls on 11/12/13 (duh!) and I want to get her something really unique that would somehow incorporate those dates. I'm starting this search early because my brainstorming abilities are lacking these days and I need some help I'd prefer something she can physically obtain and keep, versus an experience or a trip, but I'm open to all suggestions! Thanks y'allz
  12. I'm an Apple hater as much as the next human, but probably not for the reasons why most do. I absolutely agree that Apple is the Toyota of the gadget world. And along those lines, you'd never catch me buying a Toyota either. Boring, uninspiring, flat... the list goes on. Apple makes a fine phone, it works as described (in most cases), just as Toyota makes a working vehicle; but for me, I guess I need more than just fine. Why drive a Toyota when I can drive a BMW or Maserati? I can't justify that. But even more than that, I don't like being told how I can use my devices. If I buy a produc
  13. I think anytime something breaks it's inconvenient lol, but I get what you mean. The house was built in 1971 and is a flip. We don't even own yard maintenance equipment we'll be buying that stuff next weekend probably. I'm not sure where you live, but summer is winding down. You may want to swing for having someone do your yard for the next few weeks and then buy a mower in the spring. If you do buy one now, make sure you do your winterizing (or whatever it is called) once you have used it for the last time this year. You'd be surprised how many mowers die over the winter. I l
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