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  1. RBFCU Platinum Class Cash Back Rewards $1000 @11.9% Rate Cancelled the Re builders today also Premier and Credit One Thanks but I no longer have to pay the $8.30 a Month Extortion.
  2. Barclay is easy; I got one too out of BK and had 2 cards that were rolled in from them...
  3. Exactly and I also like Zerohedges Spin/Take on the issue...http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-08/housing-recovery-fizzles-new-scheme-emerges-boost-fico-scores-changing-definition
  4. Approved $1000 Guess we all have to start or rebuild some where lol... Got it today after going through the links here. Never had a Discover Card Till Today..
  5. Grats Navy is real cool; hate I had to BK them; but the Lawyer said its all or nothing /shrug...
  6. I would start with the collections that are non government to build some confidence and get educated on this forms on the Debt Validation and State Laws on Collections. Depending on what state you live in they may be noncollectable.. Once you have weighed/educated yourself on the potential risk then go for the gusto on those. That's what I did here many moons ago I shall say. Once I had my confidence up due to education I would look into the collection issues; I have never had a judgement so I'm not familiar with the process. Student Loans; you have to call the department of education and people and see what you can do to work that out. If they are old reporting and you paid off. I would still call them to find out all the info I can get. Remember to write down the info they give you on Your Note Pad PC or Pen and Paper. Then adjust your approach accordingly. It takes time and action; but the sooner you start the sooner it will clear up... Take notes like names and time and suggestions from the folks on the other line; it helps with the thought process to formulate your solutions.
  7. Yep its just a cycle that repeats itself.... The Fixer helper mode will swing in; sooner or later. Then again there still are substantial problems in the financial system and look for news to break over the next few weeks. We are having problems in the Bond/Treasury market big time.
  8. I had tremendous luck with calling Sallie Mae back in 2007 directly; and mentioning this to them. They aren't in the business of messing you up; and if they were retroactive which most forbearance are; then you can easily get them to make the correction. You just need to call them and get it resolved.
  9. Cap $3000 Barclay $2000 Firestone $1000 Credit One and First Premier going going GONE!
  10. seattle


  11. seattle


  12. Another God Send Post from the Greatest People on Earth....
  13. congrats on your wonderful clean report bdk! now do a search on the approvals done with just that pull. get ready for instant approvals! Nice find

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