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  1. Unfortunately I did not do this. As mentioned earlier, I was deeply involved with building a house at the time, all of my free time was being used for this. I usually set up automatic payments so that I can make sure money is in the account to pay the bill, and forget it. I did not possibly think that the bank would cut my automatic payment agreement off and did not even think to look.
  2. Hello- I haven't posted in a while, thanks to the help I received from this outstanding community. Currently I am involved in a CR dispute with my car loan company, and I need some advice. A few months ago I received a call from the loan company notifying me that they've discontinued my automatic drafts from my checking account, due the fact that they didn't have my current address on file. I thought that this was strange, but arranged to pay the amount in arrears immediately. It was then when I inquired and was told that they reported me to the collection agencies. So they unilaterally ended my automatic payment plan because they didn't have a correct address, and because of they didn't get in contact with me they reported me to the agencies. They said that they attempted to contact me, but I have no record of that. And honestly if they did, I was really busy with building a house (I had to assume construction control - another story lol) in addition to my regular job and family concerns. I did not have the time, and did not think that I would have to concern myself with my automatic car loan drafts. This reporting by my car loan company has reduced my score over 40 points. They did this solely due to their ridiculous rule (which the agent mentioned to me on the phone that they are trying to change) - not because of my ability and intent to pay (I can prove the funds were in my account at the time). I need some advice on correspondence to send to the agencies to get this removed from my reports. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you liverichly. Are there any alternative lending sources, that lend funds at perhaps a higher interest rate?
  4. I'm wondering about this also, and what needs to be done in order to get it updated/removed.
  5. Hello- It's been a while since I've been here at Creditboards, but I am so glad that it's still alive and kicking as a valuable resource. I need some advice on obtaining a HELOC. Despite having a ton of equity in my property, good job, and fair-to-good credit (683), I have been rejected twice for HELOCs. Both times I've been told that the aggregate score is ok, but the delinquency on my credit report (I have a foreclosure in 2008) is the cause for rejection. Are there organizations that would take a chance on a HELOC with someone in my situation, perhaps at a higher interest rate? And if not, are there alternative vehicles available to me that I can use for renovation (I prefer not to refinance because my current loan is at 2.875%)? Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you

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