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  1. I guess I will just concentrate on paying down the debt. My FICO scores are in the low 700's across the board (perfect payment history and always paying above the minimum). Will the Discover decline cause AA on my other cards? All my credit lines, I pay way more than minimum (at least twice a month). Yeah, I'm one of those who makes about 2-3 payments on each card a month.
  2. I've been reading a lot on this messageboard about Discover and that it is a relatively easy card to apply for. My FICO score is 705, but I was denied due to: %of balances too high proportion of loan balances too high amount owed is too high length of time accounts have been established I was hoping to use Discover to BT some of my debt. Across all my credit reports, I am using 74% of my available credit. The last time I applied for credit was in 2014 (although I established a new cell service account in 2015) Should I apply for another card elsewhere (like Barclay Ring), although I have a Barclaycard already? Does Discover blacklist? I had an account with them 20 years ago that was charged off
  3. If you order a Chexsystems report more than once a year? I'm a bit paranoid since I hate my purse stolen a few months back.
  4. Today, in the midst of a lot of things, I took out the wrong credit card to pay for a rather large purchase. The card I chose did not have the limit available to make the purchase. I only realized I used the wrong card when the purchase was declined. I ended up paying with the card I was originally gonna use. Will this decline affect that card? It's my oldest card (from my college days, but has low limit). It's paid off, but I don't want to have it be closed or anything of that nature, because of the decline. Card is from BofA.
  5. I forgot to pay my bill and just paid it today. It was 5 days late. I think I will probably get a late charge. I just don't want it to report to CRA.
  6. If you pay your cell phone bill late, does that get reported to the CRA's by the cell company (ATT, Sprint, etc)? I know a late charge can be tacked on. I just worry if it will get reported to CRA.
  7. Today I was at the vet and the bill was bigger than I thought. I charged it through to my Barclay Visa. It was approved but when I went home, I realized some auto charges had also gone through so now I only have $7 avail credit. Will this affect me negatively with Barclay?? I did quickly go and make an online payment to bring the balance down. Current my balance doesn't show the charge yet since it is only an authorization.
  8. I realized that I was getting close to my statement date and my balance was kinda high. I decided to make an extra payment and decided to do it through the Barclay site dated for that day. I didn't realize that I already had a payment scheduled through my BillPay through BofA for the SAME day but different amounts. I have enough money in my bank account to cover both payments but will it cause problems with Barclay itself??
  9. Thanks for the insights. I may get rid of Equifax and/or TU credit monitoring. MyFico is expensive enough already. Do they give you a hard time when you cancel your subscription, or is it just straight "call and cancel"?
  10. To get credit monitoring from Equifax, TU and MyFico all at the same time? Also, will it affect my credit scores? Originally I had credit monitoring from Equifax for the last 8 years. Recently I added TU (just to get the score), and today I added MyFico. Now I have credit monitoring from all three. Also, if I wanted to cancel Equifax credit monitoring, is it problematic to do so? I tend to be a bit of a worrywart when it comes to worrying about identity theft and things of that nature.
  11. Recently I paid down my Barclay Apple Visa and then put a charge on it for a cruise. It seems that the cruise line ran the authorization twice and that has reduced my credit to $0. I talked to a Barclaycard CS agent and they told me that the two cruise line authorizations was the issue. Will this affect my credit score?? My actual card balance does NOT show overlimit, it is just affecting my available credit. Should I do another payment today just in case? Also will this affect any future CLI that I can get with Barclay?
  12. Recently Barclay sent me an email saying I was eligible to upgrade from a regular Apple Visa to an Apple Rewards Visa. Finally did the upgrade on Tues. For those of you who have done the upgrade to the Apple Rewards Visa, did you have trouble logging onto your Barclay account after upgrading but before receiving the new card? Also, did you use continue using your old card until getting the new one (I was told I could do that). Finally, how long does it take for me to get my upgraded Apple Rewards Visa? I'm just worried because I have a scheduled payment that is supposed to post on Monday and I worry that it won't be credited correctly since I can't access my account online.
  13. Thanks! Another question, I also have a GAP card that is a storecard with a 6K limit. Utilization is about 30%. Do you think I can get them to convert it to a GAP Visa, like my Banana Republic VISA?
  14. on my Synchrony Banana Republic Visa? Right now the current CL is $6000. My FICO score are not bad. TU: 683 EQ: 674 EXP: 678 I have no baddies or late pays. Only reason why my scores are not so good is because I have very high utilization. I also just opened a Barclay Apple Visa with $2500 credit. I have a total of 5 Synchrony accts (Banana Visa, Gap, CareCredit, Lenscrafters, and Amazon Storecard). All of my credit limits are at $6000 each. I haven't asked for a CLI in years. The last time I called Banana Visa to get a CLI, they declined me saying I had high utilization. Then, the next billing cycle, they raised my CL by $1000 (can't figure that one out). What is best way to ask for a CLI, push the luv button on the website, or call to talk to a CSR? I am hoping to get a CLI of about $2K
  15. Thanks! I normally don't make a payment before first statement comes out, but I wanted to keep my utilization low. Good move. No downside. Thanks! I normally don't make a payment before first statement comes out, but I wanted to keep my utilization low.

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