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  1. Credit Lock only freezes/un-freezes TU, correct? I was thinking of trying LifeLock as a quick way to freeze/un-freeze all 3 reports but I haven't read many positives about them.
  2. I have the same question. I have a feeling it would be a HP. Apparently the UWs are very finicky about length of time in business so if you call in beware.
  3. Speaking of which, does anyone know of an offer available for Amex Biz Plat? I'm doing an app spree tomorrow (first in 6+ yrs) and the only Amex charge card offer I can find is the standard Biz Gold.
  4. YOUR CREDIT LINE INCREASE OF $7,000 IS COMPLETE First time requesting a Discover CLI... Original CL $8,200 New CL $15,200 + $7,000 Had balance of $763 at time of CLI w/ overall CC util of 1.8%. Seemed to match my highest limit of $15k, and now my highest CL (by $200)!
  5. Thanks re: the $25,000. As for the JetBlue card and PRG, if you don't think I'm risking rejection by applying for them before I've even finished one billing cycle with my new AmEx Delta (?), I'll apply for both. When applying for the twofer, it's charge, then revolver? I thought others have said the opposite, but it's hard to keep all of this straight. Thanks again very much. I guess I've read it both ways myself but have always done charger first then revolver. The reason I was suggesting it this way was since you just opened a recent revolver. There's enough time since the l
  6. S1403STL20FST Only works on individual reports. Takes $4.00 off $19.95 report to make it $15.95 per report. Unknown expiration.
  7. I would prefer another charge card...forces me to pay it off each month!!
  8. I currently have an Amex Zync and would like to convert to a Platinum card. Does a PC mean they will convert without a hard or soft pull?
  9. I've had a US Bank Platinum card for a long time, just wondering if anyone has had experience in doing a PC to another US Bank card (like the Cash + or FlexPerks) without US Bank pulling a hard. I do use this card pretty frequently as it's handy to do a transfer from my US Bank checking accounts before statements cut.
  10. Thanks for your responses, all very informative. 1 other utilization question while we're on the subject. I have an AmEx Charge Card that I use quite frequently and obviously PIF every month. Since it doesn't show a credit limit but does report my balance when the statement cuts, does the charge card balance figure into my utilization %?? Thanks.
  11. Pretty simple question - I am trying to get a card out of "maxed out" territory but I've never really seen any hard proof of what CC companies / scorers consider to be "maxed out"? Is it 90% (that's the only number I've ever heard)? Is there a big gain when you get under 50% utilization? I know that they should be >30% (some say >20%, >25%) for the best possible score. Thanks!
  12. Just to clarify I have the ExxonMobil Mastercard, I know there are several ExxonMobil cards out there.
  13. Just got a surprising letter in the mail that my Citi ExxonMobil Mastercard, which I use frequently, is being closed due to a discontinuation of Citi's relationship with ExxonMobil! They said the account would be closed and I can pay the balance down according to current terms. Several times they noted it was nothing to do with my credit score. Does anyone know if I can convert this card to another Citi credit product without a hard pull? Any help would be appreciated!!
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