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  1. I'll do that now. Thanks for the help
  2. I think I get that one. Thanks Bob Wang
  3. Hmmm... I trying to figure out the graph lol. thanks
  4. That's what I figured. I'm working on getting utilization down now Thanks
  5. Oh and I'm sorry I should have included I have 4 older cards and 2 student loans.
  6. fico is 605. overall average age of accounts is 3 yrs 3 months. high utilization. one 2 yr old medical collection. no other lates of any kind. 2 inquiries. I realize utilization will be the biggie. I was just hoping for a couple of points.
  7. I have two credit cards aged 1 yr 9 mths. Will I see a small increase when the cards reach 2 yrs. Assuming all other info stays the same. Thanks.
  8. Well yes, but I'm wondering if a stipulation of an agreement with a CC is that you can't file for bankruptcy. no. you can still file afterward. I did.
  9. My husband had a judgment for 500.00 His bank account was levied at a time there was only 11.00 dollars in it. I'm sure the creditor was disappointed. Regardless he got the 11.00 back because his only income was social security.
  10. Only if I can hide them in potatoes Canned tastes better I respectfully disagree. The only way canned vegetables are palatable is in soup. LOL.... I liked canned better too George
  11. I wonder when that Isaacs cat left and was replaced by Isaac. lol
  12. If you decide to pay the Capital One judgment the time reported will start from the date filed not the date paid.
  13. Yes. It isn't fascinating. I hate talking to delinquints as much as they hate talking to me. delinquent. But I guess I am one since I filed chapter 7. Before I filed I changed my phone number. So I guess I hated talking to CAs more.
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