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  1. Check your junk mail. I got a follow-up email to from Dover them saying Congratulations! I filled out the info and it said someone would call me 🤣. Not sure what is going on and what the $68 means. Under I hope it’s not my limit. Under the $68 was a button/banner that takes you to a page to submit identity info (name, dob, ssn). You are pre-qualified for a Dover Federal Credit Union . In just a few simple steps, your new card will be on the way. Click “Get Your Card” below to get started. YOUR PRE-QUALIFIED OFFER $68 CREDIT LIMIT*
  2. Can I suggest that you simply run from this CU, and leave them in your dust. Any issue of past fraudulent behavior claims clearly stems solely from their incompetence. No other lender is going to tread in the fog that this CU is apparently lost in. Are they citing these TU query returns as evidence of possible fraud??? A search query on "TU High Risk Fraud Alert Available and Clear" indicates that this is the response they get when there's no suggestion of fraudulent activity. And as far as the "MLA" database return, can I assume that you're not active military (to whom additional credit protections are afforded under the MLA)? (that's the "match" being looked for) "Run, Forest, Run!" Hahahaha! I know right! I guess I’m obsessed with wanting to know and have my name clear as many projects I work on require clearances. This stuff proves more n more why I need to have my own biz but the initial start up money is difficult. Thanks for the laugh this morning I definitely needed that lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Hi Ivy, I also live in the DMV and an HR professional in the federal sector. I don't know what demographic you fall into but after reading this entire thread, I wanted to ask you; Do you believe some form of discrimination came into play in all of this? I may be wrong but I felt some undertones of discrimination in what I read.
  3. She tried to add me on her 1st card and that was 3 years ago. I am good to go now. No need to stir that pot anymore. I can live without them, especially knowing now the age thing is no longer.
  4. Cool I must of missed that info. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. If you are blacklisted from AMEX but your wife slipped through, why on earth would you try to get added as an AU on her AMEX accounts? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. about the same. We each IIB'd in the range of 5-7K
  6. If you are blacklisted from AMEX but your wife slipped through, why on earth would you try to get added as an AU on her AMEX accounts? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Not a pressing issue. I do not plan on calling and messing it up for her. She's in. Just trying to see if I could slip through and get the age unless I am not accurate on my understanding of the age portion.
  7. My wife and I filed BK7 in 2009 and are a year away from the ten year mark. My DW was able to secure a card with them about 3 years ago (Blue cash), however, I am completely blacklisted. I have tried several times over the years but I get the generic response that my accounts were closed Blah, Blah, Blah and no hard pull. My DW decided to go for another card after an offer came in the mail for a the Delta basic card. She again was approved for $2700. She then tried to add me in as the co which was approved initially. I even checked the status a few times and it said approved. A day later all of my old AMEX IIB entries that since have been deleted showed up on all of my reports which I though was great because I thought it would help with age but since then they were removed again. I also received a letter in the mail that the co-applicant application was denied. What is going on??? We both had cards that we IIB'd where she was the main and me the co and vice versa.
  8. It arrives in a a bunch of tiny pieces and you have to put it together before you can use it
  9. Has anyone heard of any info god or bad on Cit Bank and it's high yield savings - 1.35% APY (balances over $250k earn 1.3%)?
  10. I am seriously considering a HELOC for some home improvements and other small debt. Can anyone share their experiences (good and bad) and what to expect?
  11. Any updates on USAA IIB blacklist? It's been over 8 years. Clean report except for BK 7 still showing until 2019
  12. I have a bk discharged Jan 2010. I apped for the simplicity three weeks ago based on the info on the master black list post which suggested at least 7 years post BK and a clean report with no IIB information showing. I was approved instantly for $1800. Nothing negative on reports other than the BK. If I remember correctly I IIB'd them for $2-3K.
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