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  1. I have been running a company for 7 years and as you can imagine it used to be great before the recession and then when the economy fell apart alot of my credit did too. Even though things seem to be better now we have several charge offs and accounts in collection. The old company name really doesn't serve us anymore as we have kind of switched directions so we are thinking about starting a new corp, moving everything into that and then either letting the old one die off or closing it. I am not asking for legal advice but am wondering if anyone else did this and will creditors from the old company try to hassle you as the new corp. Also is there any reason you cannot start a new corp at the same address, under a new name and start over or will there be a problem because the old corp still exits. Likewise will getting new credit be affected by the old company, that is non-PG'd credit, as we really dont need credit at this time but I would like to start clean. We are in New York in case that matters. Any ideas or advice or personal experience (even from people not in NY) would be appreciated.
  2. Has anyone had trouble placing an order through biz.tigerdirect.com with their BillMeLaterBusiness account in the past month ? Each time I try I get different failures on completing the order, no matter what I do, even from different computers. My BMLB account seems fine and my Tiger account is ok, but it seems the cart doesn't go through. I talked to a Tigerdirect salamander but they couldnt help me. Is TD dumping BMLB but hasn't yet worked out the website coding to break the processing ?
  3. Am I understanding this right, you didn't PG and just inc'd this month and got three $6k accounts ?. How did you "universal" them, how did you know how to do this ?. This is really weird, there must be more to this story.
  4. Everytime I see this kind of response I just have to laugh. We accept it and move on.....
  5. I know that BMLB has about 6 companies listed on its website that take the BMLB payment, but is that really it ?. I remember Apple used to take it but I think they are just regular BML now. Does anyone have any other sites that take BMLB ?. I have a big line of credit with them and would love to be able to buy some stuff for my biz but the companies they list offer nothing with the exception of tigerdirect.
  6. When you guys call in for a CLI are you talking to a person or is it some automated system?. If a human, what reason do you give for requestion a CLI ?. I want to try it but would like to have my ducks in a row before I try.
  7. Has anybody called the 24 hour automated number on the back of the card and checked their balance?. When I call it says I have a 0 balance and no payments due but I have $7500 credit of which ALL is avalable to use. I know I am running over $5k on my balance so either this is wrong or elan is starting people off with a new line of credit which I cannot believe is possible ?. Can anyone else confirm this is what they get when they call it in ?
  8. Every time I go into my account to do anything the calls start up again. Usually its just to ask if I need help or have questions, but if I do not return the call I get more calls telling me people are looking either requesting info on my company or there is something "questionable". Its not just calls, we get emails and US mail post cards. The subject matter usually changes over a course of a couple of weeks and then it dies down, until I check my account or update even the smallest thing and BAM, the calls, email and stuff in the regular mail start all over again. This happens EVERY TIME I go into my account, so they have some kind of "trigger" to start hassling you once you do anything. I hate D&B.
  9. I am always skeptical when I hear that someone can GUARANTEE me loans or tradelines like that. I dont know anyone legitimate who can do that, especially when they dont know anything about me, my business or my personal credit. Please forgive me but I am even more skeptical when I see a new member who just joined who claims he has two friends who have done this, when I doubt anyone here even knows one friend who has done this kind of thing. I will assume you are not just some spammer trying to promote this service so lets just look at the facts. Today it is very hard to get credit for a new business and even harder without a personal guarantee. It's possible that CCC will help you with coaching and guidelines on how to build your credit, but to GUARANTEE you credit is unlikely. You would be better off reading the countless threads here on how to do it yourself, for free.
  10. Well, I guess from now on I will assume everything. Sorry for wasting the bytes it took to bring this to the attention of those who do not go into that forum.
  11. So if someone post this in a forum that is not related to business credit we cannot post it again here, where is has a different impact ?. How many people who read the business credit forum automatically go to the general credit forums?. I rarely go to the general credit area and even if I did, would they want to talk about the business aspects of this filing ?.
  12. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091101/ap_on_...roup_bankruptcy "WASHINGTON - After struggling for months to avert bankruptcy, lender CIT Group has filed for Chapter 11 protection in an attempt to restructure its debt while trying to keep badly needed loans flowing to thousands of mid-sized and small businesses." It was supposed to be getting better, not worse !
  13. Yup, just got my letter too. Well, that's another great line of credit just yanked away. This is getting ridiculous, we work so hard to get these lines and in less than a year they are pulling them or lowering limits. I feel sorry for anyone trying to start a business now.
  14. Can you elaborate?. What did they send you. Did they tell you the card will stop working and when, did they give a reason why ?
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