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  1. FYI, deadline is 5/15 to update the Amazon biz account sign-in, it took two trys for it to update for me. - Primary Account Managers The Corporate Accounts Program allowed the use of identical sign-in credentials (e-mail address and password) for both personal and corporate account information. This capability will no longer be an option when the Corporate Accounts Program is concluded on May 15, 2011. Customers with an existing corporate account can continue to place orders and access their corporate account information until May 15. To continue placing orders using this account information after May 15, a new e-mail address and password is required. A Primary Account Manager may get more information and establish a new e-mail address and password for the corporate account information using this online wizard: https://amazon.com/gp/corporate/migration
  2. I checked my Chevron account online statement today to see the total due. I've had this account for years and my account is usually due on the 5th. Today I see they've changed the terms to 14 days, so now my account is a few days past due. I didn't see any notice of this. I opted-out of paper statements because they charge a $10 monthly fee for them. I usually only print out page one of the online statement. Just discovered there was an 'extra page' added to the end of the last statement that said the terms were changing to net 14. Sneaky way for Chevron to get a $10 late fee from many of their business customers who would not have expected two payments due in the same month. I also found out today that Koch Industries is part owner of Chevron, so I'm thinking of getting my gas elsewhere.
  3. Good luck with that Riled, I'll keep watching for my status to switch from '25 days' to 'refund was authorized.' My DH has a part-time job with a school district and they only partially-paid him last month because of the California budget crisis. This is turning into 1983 again for us.
  4. http://www.ftb.ca.gov/online/refund/index.asp
  5. Did anyone who filed their California 2008 return in late January or February get a refund yet? I filed 2/4 and am waiting for a direct deposit refund. FTB website says "Please allow up to 25 business days to receive your refund" for me. (It's only a little refund, but I could sure use it.)
  6. Now $455 was $1,000. I use this Chevron card a lot, oh well. (I was late once on a payment last fall, but less than 30 days late.)
  7. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lend...0,7448026.story "Student loan companies' shares plunge on Obama proposal The president's budget plan calls for direct government funding of student loans, cutting out private industry. By Tiffany Hsu 10:29 PM PST, February 26, 2009 President Obama's proposal for direct government funding of student loans -- cutting out private industry -- sent shares of Sallie Mae, Student Loan Corp., Nelnet Inc. and other college loan companies plunging Thursday. For-profit vocational schools, such as Corinthian Colleges Inc., DeVry Inc. and ITT Educational Services Inc., also saw their stock prices drop. Their students often rely on government-backed loans from private lenders. Currently, students needing funds typically borrow money directly from the government or from banks and other lenders such as Sallie Mae that issue loans subsidized or backed by the government. Obama's budget proposal for the 2010 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, calls for cutting out the middlemen by eliminating subsidies to lenders. The administration believes that the move to the Department of Education's Direct Loan Program could save more than $4 billion a year. Analysts said the proposal was another blow to the nearly $90-billion student loan market. Lenders have struggled recently with a credit crisis and accusations of manipulative policies, spotty disclosure and deceptive practices. In some cases, for example, lenders have pretended to represent schools' financial aid offices. Although some analysts said the proposal might not survive its trip through Congress, it seems to indicate that private student lenders are facing an uphill battle with the new administration. Still, the cost and risk to the government of converting thousands of colleges to the direct-loan program could be enormous, said FBR Capital Markets analyst Matt Snowling. The government might find that it doesn't have the capacity to handle an additional $60 billion a year in student loans. The Obama plan recognizes the need for help. Under the proposal, the Department of Education may use some of the private lenders as loan servicers. The special allowance subsidy paid by the government is the main incentive for lenders to allow students to borrow at all, since the high rate of default makes those loans otherwise unprofitable. Sallie Mae, known officially as SLM Corp., saw shares dive $2.59, or 31%, on Thursday to $5.80. Nelnet Inc.'s stock plummeted $5.83, or 54%, to $4.91. Student Loan Corp., a unit of Citigroup Inc., dropped $11.63, or 22%, to $41.51. Sallie Mae worked closely last year with the government to ensure that students had access to federally backed loans without putting the burden on taxpayers, said Al Lord, SLM's chief executive. The company manages a $169-billion student loan portfolio and services more than 10 million borrowers. "We are committed to delivering and servicing federal student loans, regardless of their funding sources," he said. Student Loan Corp. argued against the Obama proposal, saying that "healthy competition leads to choice, innovation and high standards of service." Nelnet contended that student loan programs should "maintain the benefits of choice and competition, and should not contribute significantly to the national debt." Private companies lent $78 billion to students in the 2007-08 school year, said Mark Rodgers, a Citigroup spokesman. Shares of several owners of private colleges also dropped Thursday, although experts said they were unsure whether Obama's proposal was to blame. Corinthian Colleges Inc. in Santa Ana fell $1.35, or 6.7%, to $18.86. DeVry Inc., which runs DeVry University and DeVry Institute of Technology, was down $2.10, or 3.9%, to $51.30. ITT, which runs ITT Tech institutions around the country, dropped $6.60, or 5.6% to $110.69. But the suggested shift away from government-backed private loans isn't a crippling move, said Lorena Valencia, who runs the financial aid program for ITT Tech in Torrance. Most of the students get loans from Sallie Mae or its competitors, she said, but the school also provides information on direct government loans. "Since we present all the options to students and leave the choice to their discretion, there wouldn't be either a positive or negative impact on the school," Valencia said. The timing is not good for some private lenders who have been hobbled by loan defaults after graduating students fail to find jobs in the worsening economy, said Emily Peters, a personal finance expert for consumer website Credit.com. "Financing for student loans has fallen through the cracks in the last few months, with higher default rates and struggling companies," Peters said. "This is definitely changing the landscape for a whole industry already in flux, though there's still a potentially strong market for private loans.""
  8. I've had good results using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. You can get it at Whole Foods or health food stores. It's in a tincture bottle. It contains some alcohol, as does valerian tincture so you need to dilute it, you don't want to burn their little tongues. I put a few drops on a teaspoon with some water, then carefully drip the water into her mouth. It may take a few tries, try from the side of her mouth. Or put Rescue Remedy drops in her water bowl. Good luck.
  9. Congrats, $19 annual fee ain't bad. I just got a $60 fee for a Cap1 card that's six years old. I called to complain about it, but the Indian cs rep wouldn't remove the fee, or I think that's what she said to me.
  10. Back before the BK law changes, I paid $600. I can't imagine not using a lawyer these days. Stop paying the CC payments and use the money for a good lawyer.I found the BK info on this attorney's website very useful. http://www.moranlaw.net/planning7.htm http://www.moranlaw.net/faq.htm
  11. BK 7 ain't that bad, the stress will lesson, you'll feel a lot better right away. You're wasting your money paying the high interest credit cards every month, health insurance is more important. In a few months, when you can't make the $3K payment, you'll start to get calls, lots of calls from the cc companies, it's grueling when that happens. Those settle for a 'fraction of the debt owed' radio ads are a scam. You need to BK. I'd assume all the equipment will be valued at garage-sale prices, not what you paid for it, so you'll get to keep everything and get a fresh start and just start over again.
  12. "For customers of Bank of America . . . From 12/6/2000 Through 12/31/2007" I just submitted a claim, deadline is May 1, 2009.
  13. I just e-filed with the free TurboTax version last night, haven't gotten an email yet. I wonder if it takes longer if you file with the free version? Here is an IRS PDF that lists the e-file refund dates: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p2043.pdf
  14. It's been over 12 years since my two kitties have past away, I still miss them. If you're open to trying natural remedies, you could try putting a few drops of Bach Flower Rescue remedy in her water to see if this would calm her down.
  15. Wow, I can't believe your deadbeat absentee-landlord is trying to sue you. Search for your address on your county assessor's website. You may be able to find out some details about the property.

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